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What’s an Internet Marketer’s Home Office Look Like?

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It’s another Expert Briefs, where I ask really smart business owners to answer your burning questions.

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This week I asked our panel of experts a question that I knew would spur me into action. (I needed to clean my office…) 😉

“People oftentimes ask about my home office and how I've set it up. I thought it would be fun to share pics or videos of our offices this week.  

Give us a tour and show us where you work.”


Mark Mason of says:

My home office is centered around my 27″ iMac. About a year ago I got my wife an iMac, and I was so impressed by it that I bought one for myself. In the photo, you can see lots of kid pictures, a shot of Kyle Field (Texas A&M University), my podcasting mic, and some harman/kardon speakers. My printer is in the desk cabinet (not shown) and there is a big leather chair for reading on the other side of the room (behind the camera).

The office is enclosed, which is perfect for podcasting late at night. In the past (in my PC days) I had multiple monitors. But with the iMac I find that the single 27″ monitor is plenty.

If you look closely in front of the monitor, you can see my MasonWorld coffee mug. I have a Keurig single cup coffee maker in the kitchen, and that is probably just as important as my iMac.

Nicole's Notes:
– Coffee is goooood.
– Love the pics of the fam!

Melissa Ingold of Internet Marketing Sweetie sent in this video:

Nicole's Notes from watching this video:

– Melissa is too stinkin' cute. 🙂
– She likes plants, too.
– Light is super important to me, too.

Too Funny!

When Melissa opened her binder in the video, I realized that we're studying and learning from the SAME private newsletter and we didn't even know it.
Click here to check it out.

Scott Tousignant of sent in a video, too:


Nicole's Notes from watching this video:
– Scott is too stinkin' cute, too. 🙂
– There's no dust on that exercise equipment!
– I love seeing how everyone organizes their days. Love your promo calendar!

Alice Seba of Contentrix says:

Well, I have a lovely home office where I have a nice desk, shelves for my books, a filing cabinet, some white boards and other stuff you'd expect in an office. But I never use it and because it's in a bit of disarray, you're not going to see it. 😉

But what you can see in my photo here is my true home office. I don't like paper, don't really care for sitting at a desk and work almost completely virtually. My office is wherever my laptop and/or iPhone goes. Sometimes that's sitting on the couch, sometimes sitting on the bed (snuggling with my toddler and boys) or in a coffee shop. Simply put…wherever.

Nicole's Notes:
– It's funny how some people prefer the separation of work and family and others do fine in an immersion. For me, I prefer to have my office separate so there's a line between work time and mommy time.  I think it's also partly how my brain is wired. I don't have music playing, podcasts going, or any noise normally while I work. I find it easier to focus. You must have a better filter than I do. Mine is malfunctioning. lol!

NicoleNicole Dean of .. here! .. says:

I recorded a video, too.

Things mentioned in the video…

– Note the dust on my keyboard. lol!

– Get a comfy chair. It's hard to work with a messed up back.

– If you want the “Maverick” Poster I have, it's part of this program: Maverick Learning.

– You'll note we all have planning/brainstorming methods. (I have my whiteboard & my weekly action list that you see in this video.)

If you'd like to post photos or videos of your office on your blog, comment here with links so we can check it out.

Also, let me know what you think of these videos. 🙂

Nicole Dean

PS. I have created brandable reports from several of the previous Expert Brief columns that you can use to earn commissions by giving them away.

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  • Nell

    Is your office really that clean on a regular basis? 😉 Loved the tour of your place, Nik. I so HEART the poster about romance pooping on your head. It is so you. LOL


  • The Mom

    Hey Nicole… where’s Eddie? He’s usually laying under your desk. 😉

    And, might I add, if it’s after 5, you would normally see The Mom’s butt plopped in that rocker with a glass of wine. tee hee

  • Scott Tousignant

    Way fun to see pics and videos of our fellow homepreneur’s offices.

    Hey Nik, at what time does that mug of yours get topped up with wine? 😀

    Love the exercise station!

    I do however have a bit of white board envy after seeing your gynormous one 😉

    Certain times throughout my day I will bring my laptop to a different room in the house or outside… like now, when Angie is recording a workout video in our office 😉 I just got the boot!

    • Nicole

      I’m like you, Scott. If I’m going to watch a video or listen to a training audio, I like to be moving – walking or on the bike.

      Although I have to say I enjoy listening to audios in bed or in the bathtub, too. I had some good laughs with Dan Thies about that one day when I told him I took a bath with him! lol.

      I just get antsy sitting at my desk listening to stuff. It feels like a waste of time.

  • Kelly

    That’s so fun Nicole! I love seeing where people work 🙂

    If you want to see some more home offices – we did something like this last year at Sparkplugging:

  • Angie Newton

    Awesome brief this week! I enjoyed seeing the variety. And I’m like you, Nicole, I need to work in quiet to concentrate.

    Would you be able to expand on ideas on how you use the whiteboard? I have one that I just cleaned off and am ready to get more organized.

    Oh and I have to say it was so cool to see your marathon medal. Kev and I are going to be walking the Reggae Marathon half very soon and I’m looking forward to that medal because I worked hard for it. And I LOVE your spin bike. We go to spin classes 3x a week and love it.

    We are looking at turning our garage into a fitness ‘center’ and spin bikes are on the top of the list.

    • Nicole

      Yes, of course. I’d be happy to do that.

      Mine is double sided. So, I roll it out and use the back to make big mind maps. I find I’m more creative making mind maps from my brain to paper and then translating them into the computer – than to try to do them directly in the computer from my brain.

      On the front, I have a big target drawn that says “My Focal Point” which has my main projects underneath.

      Actually this is a really good question and I think I may need to turn this into a separate blog post. Off to think it through on my white board. lol!

    • Nicole

      I’ve got a recumbant exercise bike, too, but nothing beats standing on a spinner. Even 10 minutes and it’s awesome exercise!

      Have fun on your marathon! Looking forward to the pics.

      • Angie Newton

        Oh yea the recumbent bike doesn’t even come close to the workout on a spin bike phew!

        Will definitely be sharing pictures from the marathon and maybe even some video LOL

  • Peggy Baron

    Ooh, I love to see IMers offices! Ahem, mine needs a bit of tidying up before I’ll show it.

    Anyway, your To Do list caught my attention. It looks pretty long! Do you just have things sorted out by Critical, Important, If I Get To It, etc? Or do you group them by areas of your business like EasyPLR, my blog, YummyPLR, etc?

    P.S. I didn’t know you used to live in Oregon! I lived in Tigard, outside of Portland for years. I still miss it too.

    • Nicole

      The list looks long, but it’s all small stuff and it’s done over the course of an entire week.

      For instance this week’s list includes:

      – Quick Pick up office.
      – Record Video of My Office
      – Uploaded Video of Office Onto YouTube (private)
      – Check with Loretta to See if She Can get Draft ready by Wed. with responses in Expert Briefs email account
      – Add/Tweak & Schedule Expert Briefs by Thursday
      – Mention EB in email to lists where appropriate.

      Each of those things was part of a larger task that could have been one line “Post Expert Briefs”. I choose to have them broken down because it’s easier for me – and more rewarding to move items to the “DONE” area. (And, I archive my lists so I can copy/paste procedures in when I need to do something again.)

      Plus, now I have a process after I post the Expert Briefs where my helpers go and grab these posts and we repurpose them in several ways. So, that part is handed off after I’m done.

      That’s the snapshot of it. I change things all the time, but it’s working well – especially when I email my action list to my accountability partners during the week and they ask about the items that aren’t done yet — and why they aren’t.

      I love Tigard! We lived in Beaverton (almost in Tigard) & Hillsboro over the course of 8 years. 🙂

  • Peggy Baron

    P.S. I forgot to mention I get the same private newsletter you and Melissa do! I recognized his mug immediately. 🙂

  • Lexi Rodrigo

    Thanks for putting this together, Nik! I feel so much better about my clutter now. Or rather, my children’s clutter that always manages to invade my working space.


  • Lain Ehmann

    Love love LOVE this. My office is such a pit right now I’m not showing anyone anything! 😉 But after I pick up a make a few runs to the Goodwill drop off… EVERYONE needs to see my wrestling mat!
    PS that rock is DEFINITELY from the moon.

  • Christina Lemmey

    Great videos Nicole! Thanks for sharing. My hubby has been giving me the evil eye lately because of all the clutter in my office. Considering how much online banking etc I do, we are just inundated with papers! Plus kids’ stuff because they use the desktop in here and God forbid they put their stuff away 😉

    • Nicole

      The kids are the WORST as far as paperwork.

      Mine have their own desk. If I let them use mine — not good.

      Can you set up a small desk somewhere that’s for their stuff?

  • Rick Wilson

    Nice post, Nicole!

    It’s kool to see how others “hunker down” in their home work space.

    Here’s MY “thrown together” temporary setup while I try to do some condo/house hunting this winter:

    Home Office

    Have Fun!

    Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel 😎

    • Nicole

      For “thrown together” — that kinda rocks.

    • Alice Seba

      Have you got a whole crew working in there or what? Who needs so many screens…LOL. 😉

      • Melissa Ingold

        LOL! I don’t think I could handle more than one screen myself. It can be distracting enough looking at one, let alone having multiple screens 😀

      • Rick Wilson

        Nah … NO “crew”. LOL Only have the desktop w/2 displays and my notebook.

        The room isn’t all that big. The two 23″ displays are mainly for a few reasons.

        1 – While I’m trying to learn Photoshop & other software, it’s nice to have one screen for the software and the other screen to put up the tutorials.

        2 – I also do daytrading 3 mornings a week. Variety, ya know?? heh heh

        3 – On the weekends, I can put up streaming football games on one screen while I tinker away on some other stuff on the other screen. 😉

        PLUS, the extra real estate is there when I need it. Convenience factor.

        My trusty notebook is obviously for the portability.

        NEXT addition is one of those small refrigerators! LOL

        Have Fun!

        Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel 😎

  • Melissa Ingold

    Everyone else’s office makes mine look sad, LOL!

    I don’t always work at my desk though, cause I like to snuggle in bed with my laptop too 😀

    I’m starting to wonder if maybe I should move everything back downstairs to my “real” office, just to make the separation between work/home. Like Nicole, I really need to step away from work to focus on family. I have a hard time making them work together. But we’ll see!

    • Nicole

      If I need to write – like a whole report or ebook, I’ll take my laptop outside or in my bed. I’ve considered getting a hotel room and sequestering myself there until it’s finished on bigger projects that I’m really procrastinating. (Jimmy taught me that. lol!)

      If only I could find a laptop that worked in the shower. That’s still where I do my best thinking.

      • Melissa Ingld

        Ugh! You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to spend a weekend in a hotel room to do nothing but work without interruptions, lol!

        Order room service. Take short breaks and use the hotel’s exercise room and pool.

        Sounds so nice 🙂

  • Ronnie Nijmeh

    That was awesome! It was fun to see everyone’s office. One day when I clean mine, I’ll make a video too! haha 🙂

  • Web Design Houston

    I like Melisa’s type of Home Office. It think plants can help relieve stress and the light that would make clear out your eyes from too much exposure to computer.

  • Bill Millikin

    Thanx for this series, Nicole. It reminds that fancy space isn’t required, just comfortable space that feels good to work in. Each of these videos seems to make the office space appear an extension of the owner’s personality and life.

    My space is a large table for me to work and to hold up my clutter (mostly paper), with bookshelves around and behind, and a decent chair that feels like home.

    Thanx, again..

    • Nicole

      “Each of these videos seems to make the office space appear an extension of the owner’s personality and life.”

      Exactly. 🙂

      • Angie Dixon

        I’ll third you on the personality thing. I was sitting here reading this and thought, “I wish I knew where those pics I took of my office are, but I’m too lazy to take more right now.”

        First, I have two monitors, but the one on the left (they’re both 21″ LCD) is rotated vertical. I spend most of my time writing, so that way I can see the whole page, or a whole web page. It is major cool.

        Second, about a year ago I painted my office walls kind of a light dark orange (I know, but I mean, it’s a light shade of dark orange, like an orange–not like clown hair), with dark red trim on the baseboards and window facings. I have always had a band of wallpaper border around the top, that has been painted over before, so that is electric blue, as is the inside of the door (the outside of the door is orange).

        For artwork, I have 8 x 10s of WPA posters, and fruit crate labels, scattered around the walls.

        It is super-awesome, as my daughter says.

        But it is definitely *my* office; no one else could make that wild color scheme work. Of course, as you may remember, Nicole, “I am the Angie Dixon Who…” (another funny me thing from my website).

        Some of these offices would work for me, but I do need something that is bright and fun and accomodates clutter well. I don’t have a closet.

  • Laura

    I have the exact same desk, Nicole! In fact, I have two of them across from each other. The only problem is it creates a little bit of wasted space in the corner because it’s not a true corner desk, but I shoved a speaker behind one of them and the other I have against a flat wall instead of in a corner.

    They’re big desks but I manage to stuff them pretty full!

  • Rhonda


    Love the fact that you have an exercise bicycle in your office! It’s a great way for work at home moms to stay fit…plus you can multi-task exercising while watching those online videos. (:

  • Michael in the UK

    Hey, the idea of videoing our littl offices is really cool. Nobody has done that. it’s inspired me to do a video of myself for the Internet and get over my inhibitions!
    I’ll look for that straw!!!
    I just have a laptop, one website i’m preparing for 2011 and a mountain of paperwork that i’ve collected over 20 years.

  • Rhonda

    Okay, Nicole…I finally did my very first video ever! I look quite silly because I was soooo nervous! Anyway, I’m showing off my home office here: Video of My Home Office

  • Alyssa

    I love peeking into people’s offices. 🙂

  • Alyssa

    I decided to craft a post on my home office – – looks like I need to get some plants, but I’m thinking I have a black thumb. Recommendations for a newbie? My home office post:

  • Melissa Ingold

    I thought I would share my other office space, which is even more cozy and comfortable. It’s a great place for writing and snuggling with kiddos 🙂

  • Laura

    I had to do a video too. It was fun! It’s on my blog: Affiliate Marketer’s Home Office (video)

  • elsadra

    I prefer Mark Mason’s Home Office… its very interesting for me to condition my online work…

  • Lynn Brown

    Great post Nicole. My home office at times may look like a paper mill exploded but generally I have to have it organized I would go crazy. This is a great idea that I would like to share with my clients -hope you don’t mind Nicole that I make up a similar post – I will certainly add a link back to this post – as there are a lot of great ideas and input.

  • Kathy

    Hi Nicole:
    It’s my first time to your blog. So happy I’ve found it!

    Here’s my office. It looks so bare compared to everyone elses. Sadly, I think this is a direct reflection of the amount of work I’m getting done. ahhhh.

    don’t know if we can emed:

    or here’s a simple link:

    • Nicole

      How awesome is that?! I love this video.

      As for your blog – cool concept – great look – love the humor!

      The reason you might be having difficulty blogging is because the topic is so narrow. I think I’d add some blog posts about handling stress. Obviously your clients give you quite a bit of that. 😉

      Come back soon!

      • Kathy

        What a great idea! It seems so obvious, but really never occurred to me. Amazing what a second, fresh mind can see. thanks!! I’ll add some stress topics to the now rapidly filling cork board!

  • tinagleisner

    What a great idea to not only take photos of your home office, but to do a video tour as that’s when you really get a sense out of the environment you’ve created and you love of mementos of your life was very evident throughout the tour. Thanks

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