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Your Blog & Email Content Brainstorming Ideas For August

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My good friend, Ronnie, sent a great brainstorming list of ideas for what to blog about during August – and, because he’s a done-for-you content provider like me, he’s also linked a bunch of ideas that you can use to spark your content creation.

Of course, I’ve also added a bit to this to give you some more ideas. So if you’re planning your content for next month, I hope this is helpful. If it is, then I could be talked into making this a regular feature. #justsayin

August is a time of transitions and is bittersweet.

Summer is wrapping up. The leaves are about to turn colors. It’s back-to-school time. Everything is saying that before we know it, Halloween will be here.

Some ideas for content to help your audience.

  • A mindset shift happens taking your audience from relaxation-mode to the chaos of reality. Help your readers prepare for this shift with mindset tips and training.
  • Routine. Your audience may struggle to adapt to a new routine. Help them to get organized, manage their time, and cope with change.
  • Healthy balance. Inspire and educate your audience how to maintain a healthy work-life balance in their lives.

Here is some content that may help:

Back to School.

Here is some done-for-you content to save you time in publishing your blog posts.

AUG 1 – Girlfriend’s Day

August 1 is Girlfriend’s Day, a day to celebrate your girlfriend and the happiness that she brings to your life.

How can you use this holiday to connect with your audience?

Consider these ideas:

AUG 4 – Single Working Women’s Day

Single Working Women’s Day is August 4, a day to honor and acknowledge the single working women in your life.

Check out these resources for excellent content for your Single Working Women’s Day projects…

AUG 4 – Sisters’ Day

The first Sunday of August – August 4 this year – is Sisters’ Day. If you have a sister, this is a day to celebrate her.

You can connect with your audience on this holiday by encouraging everyone who has a sister to give her a call and let her know that she’s important to you. You could be instrumental in helping some siblings to reconnect and realize how valuable they are to each other!

Post an article about siblings on your blog or Facebook page. Something unusual like “What Frozen Taught Me About Love, Sisterhood, and Snowmen” could generate some interesting conversations in the comments and bring new readers.

Check out these resources for some excellent, ready-made content you can use for your Sisters’ Day ideas…

AUG 6 – Fresh Breath Day

Everyone is concerned about if their breath is fresh. You could join the spirit of this little known holiday by giving your audience some information about how to keep their breath fresh naturally.

Good nutrition directly affects your health, strengthening it, and helps support fresh breath. You could put together an informative product about good nutrition.

Speaking of the breath, another related angle is deep breathing to calm you, bring you clarity of thought, and help you manage your emotions.

Also, your breath – whether it’s fresh or not – is instrumental in meditating.

Here is some done-for-you content you can use:

AUG 8 – Happiness Happens Day

August 8 is Happiness Happens Day. On this day, we can focus on making ourselves and others happy.

Consider what activities bring joy to your life. How can you do more of that?

How can you uplift others around you?

Check out these resources for ready-made content, all related to happiness…

AUG 9 – Book Lovers Day

August 9 is Book Lovers Day, a day to celebrate the joys of reading.

You can easily connect with your audience about books and reading on this holiday. When it comes to books, there are many areas you can focus on.

Related topics include:

  • Read more to know more
  • How to get your kids to read more
  • Speed reading
  • Making time to read

For example, with our busy lifestyles, many people are interested in how to read faster. Use a speed reading article as the basis for your video.

Check out these resources for excellent, ready-made content for your Book Lovers Day program…

AUG 10 – Lazy Day

August 10 is Lazy Day. Celebrate this day to relax.

You can celebrate Lazy Day with your audience by just kicking back and having a fun sharing day in a Facebook Live session. Learning to relax is a valuable tool for self-care.

Another topic that you can mention, however, is that if they’re finding that every day is a lazy day for them, perhaps they would like some techniques to overcome their habit of being lazy.

They might also appreciate some strategies to motivate themselves so that they’ll want to get busy and get something accomplished.

Offer your readers a free article download to get started and encourage them to seek further coaching from you for followup.

Use the resources below for some done-for-you content on these Lazy Day topics…

August 11 – Son and Daughter Day

August 11 is Son and Daughter Day, a day to celebrate our children and tell them how much we love them.

You can easily use this holiday to engage with your audience by talking about positive parenting, increasing their child’s confidence, or making their home routines conducive to raising healthy, happy, and responsible kids.

Check out these resources to create great parenting content for Son and Daughter Day…

AUG 12 – International Youth Day

August 12 is International Youth Day, a day to celebrate young people and their positive contribution to our society. People all across the world recognize this holiday.

Our youth is our future – for the community we live in and the world!

You can connect with your audience today by setting a positive example and volunteering to help some youths in your community. If you have teenagers, take them with you to encourage them to give a helping hand to someone else and demonstrate the importance of helping others.

Make a video with the highlights of your volunteer day and post it on your blog or social media pages.

Offer a free download to your list members for an affirmation that encourages others to help out in their community.

Check out these done-for-you blog posts you can use for your International Youth Day activities…

AUG 15 – Relaxation Day

August 15 is Relaxation Day. Naturally, this holiday encourages you to relax and let your stress melt away.

Relaxation topics like these would be welcome today:

  • The many mental and physical benefits of taking time to relax
  • How to relax
  • How to beat stress
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Deep breathing

Check out these resources for your Relaxation Day program…

AUG 16 – Tell A Joke Day

August 16 is Tell A Joke Day, because everyone loves to laugh!

In fact, laughing is good for you too – both mentally and physically. We all should take advantage of the lighter side of life and laugh often. It would benefit us to make time in our busy lives to laugh each day.

You’ll find plenty of ready-made resources below for your Tell A Joke Day activities…

AUG 21 – National Senior Citizens Day

August 21 is National Senior Citizens Day.

You can connect with your audience members of any age today by talking about:

  • Tips on aging
  • Self-care for caregivers
  • Relationships with grandparents
  • Tips for seniors who date

Remember – not all Senior Citizens are “old.” Many of them live active, vibrant lives. Some have taken advantage of their wisdom from many years in the workplace to offer consulting. Others give much to their community.

Today would be a great day to interview one of these seniors on Facebook live.

Whatever program you’d like to plan for Senior Citizens Day, you’ll find some excellent done-for-you content for it in these resources below…

AUG 22 – Be An Angel Day

August 22 is Be An Angel Day. This holiday encourages us to help those less fortunate than ourselves, to lend a helping hand to those who need it.

You can engage with your audience and Be An Angel to help out those who need it by having a Question and Answer session in your specialty.

You can do it live or have folks send in their most pressing questions and record a session with you reading the questions and answering them.

Check our these resources to help you create content for Be An Angel Day…

AUG 25 – Kiss And Make Up Day

August 25 is Kiss and Make Up Day.

This holiday isn’t just for romantic relationships, although it certainly applies to them. It’s also about forgiving others who have wronged you, whether at home, work, or elsewhere (including yourself, if necessary).

This holiday gives you a chance to engage with your audience over an excellent way for them to set themselves free from many of their burdens: by learning to forgive.

Related topics include:

  • Forgiving yourself for past mistakes
  • Forgiving others
  • Letting go of the past so you can move forward
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Consider these ways you can use this holiday to connect:

Post an inspirational graphic about forgiveness on your website, blog, or social media pages, inviting your readers to the webinar.

Whatever program you decide on for your Kiss and Make Up Day activities, these resources below can provide some excellent, done-for-you content…

AUG 26 – National Dog Appreciation Day

August 26 is National Dog Appreciation Day.

Dogs are the BEST! They offer companionship, can strengthen our health, are loyal, and show unconditional love.

How can you celebrate this holiday with your audience?

Consider these ideas:

  • Start this Dog Appreciation Day project ahead of time and spearhead a collection for a local no-kill animal shelter or dog rescue.
  • You could donate a percentage of your proceeds for a month or for a particular product. Having a charity project like this often spurs sales of the product.
  • On Dog Appreciation Day, take a picture or film a video of you giving a check to the shelter of all the donated funds.
  • For some extra publicity for your business, contact the media about your project, so they can be there for the donation.

Whatever your ideas are for your Dog Appreciation Day, check out these resources for excellent dog-related content…

AUG 26 – Women’s Equality Day

August 26 is Women’s Equality Day. On this day, we honor women and have activities to support their importance in all realms of our society.

Even though the Women’s Movement has come a long way, obviously we still have a long ways to go.

Check out these resources you can use for your Women’s Equality Day program…

AUG 27 – Global Forgiveness Day

August 27 is Global Forgiveness Day, a day to put the past in the past and forgive those who have wronged you – even yourself if you need to.

Have a webinar based on forgiveness. For example, you could use the slide deck presentation, “Forgiveness – A Step by Step Plan for Freedom,” for a ready-made presentation.

In your presentation, offer a free download to the attendees for some affirmations that encourage them to forgive.

Post an inspirational graphic about forgiveness on your blog or social media pages, with an article such as “Give Yourself the Gift of Forgiveness.”

Here is some ready-made, brandable content you can use for your Global Forgiveness Day projects…

AUG 31 – International Overdose Awareness Day

August 31 is International Overdose Awareness Day, a day to advocate for the survivors of a loved one’s overdose and to support and help those with addictions.

You can connect deeply with your audience today by offering to enrich their lives with help for addictions or helping them to overcome their grief of losing a loved one because of their addiction.

These done-for-you resources will help you build your program for International Overdose Awareness Day..

Where to Publish the Articles

  • Your blog. Ronnie recommends using the Content Auto Loader.
  • Medium
  • Email newsletter
  • Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Tip: use the Content Summarizer to automatically select highlights from the article, then link to the full article on your blog
  • Publish in a weekly or monthly magazine template
  • Tip: Use this free coaching magazine template.
  • Print it and hand it out in your office

How and Where to Publish the Slide Deck Presentations

  • Present as a live webinar
  • Post the PDF to SlideShare
  • Create a video slideshow and published on YouTube and Facebook. Use Ronnie’s relaxation background audio as the music.

How and Where to Publish the Reports and Ebooks

  • Give it away as a lead magnet in exchange for name & email
  • Sell it as a low-ticket tripwire ($7 – $27)
  • Transform it into a slide deck presentation and deliver it as a webinar
  • Tip: Use the Auto Slide Deck tool to create presentations automatically
  • Extract the key highlights and present it as a Facebook or YouTube Live
  • Tip: use our Content Summarizer to automatically extract the key highlights from the book
  • Create a coaching program or course by combining a few reports, articles, worksheets, etc.
  • Tip: Watch the free video training series: How To Build a Course Using Content

How and Where to Publish the Affirmations & Reflections

  • Record several affirmations and sell it as a meditative audio course
  • Create a relaxation video and publish it on YouTube. Use the Inspirational Wallpapers as the background images.
  • Tip: Recite the affirmations, display the affirmations on the screen and add some relaxation background music that you can download from the Content Library.
  • Post the affirmation to Twitter and Facebook
  • Add an affirmation to your magazine or newsletter
  • Tip: Use this free coaching magazine template.
  • Email your list the “Affirmation of the Week”

Need Pictures to Spice up Your Content and Make Social Media Posts?

My favorite places to get images are:

Got questions? Just let me know in the comments. I do read them all.

Much love,

Nicole Dean (with lots of help from Ronnie Nijmeh)

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

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