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Get Past Your Stuff: 19 Inspiring Stories of Imperfect Women Who Continue to Show Up Powerfully!

Heads up. If you don't like the word “sh*t” this isn't for you. Because it's about getting past the sh(poop) that holds you back. Come back next time. 🙂

If you do want to be inspired to face the hard stuff and do it anyway, keep reading.

My friend, Kelly McCausey, wants you to get over the things that are holding you back. And, for just $2.99 purchase (Kindle) or paperback version of her new book, you can get into her $497 coaching program that will guide you to do just that.

It all starts with 19 stories of women — including me — who share the stuff that TRIES to hold us back. And how we get past our sh(poop).

You'll hear from me and my friends how we do the hard stuff, even when battling things like anxiety or addiction or horrible events from the past that try to define us. The stories are raw and honest and inspiring.

In mine, I shared how I've dealt with anxiety and depression for over 30 years — and still get on my computer to do the hard/scary things (most days… except when I don't).

Kel and I hopped on a Zoom call to talk about the book. It was supposed to be audio-only but we had so much fun we decided to publish the video. I apologize for looking like I just crawled out of bed, but I did. lol!

I couldn't talk about getting past the stuff holding you back and then say “but don't publish the video because I look goofy…”  So I said “Oh hell, go ahead.​”

As I mentioned, if you buy the book (either Kindle or paperback), you'll get a $497 coaching program for free. 

In the coaching program, you'll discover…

  • Session One: Why Your Sh*t Isn't Special
  • Session Two: What is Ego & Essence
  • Session Three: How to Prioritize Your Stoppers
  • Session Four: How to Create A Hit List & A Sh*t List
  • Session Five: What are the First Steps to Get Past Your Sh*t Behind You Every Single Day

Here's what to do next if you're interested in the book and want the coaching program, too…

Step One:

Click here to grab your copy of either the print or the Kindle version of the book.

Step Two:

After you buy a copy of the book, go here to claim the bonus coaching program.

If you already have a story about getting over your stuff, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

Much love,

Nicole Dean


Is this book just for women? Hell no.

Is this just a bunch of sob stories? Ummm… no. It's stories of overcoming some big stuff.

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