The Power of Communication. (ie. How to keep your customers & clients happy.)

Hey Awesome! It's Nicole from and and and I hope you're having a great day! This has been the summer of home maintenance for me. Pool liner replaced. Check. Roof fixed. Check. Trees trimmed and cut prior to hurricane season. Check. A/c breaks in car and…
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Fear is Just an Unruly Child. Tell it to Simmer Down So You Can Grow Your Business!

I just heard a really cool analogy about fear. It inspired me and here's my version of it with a Nicole twist. Picture this... You're driving down the road in a car and you're headed towards an idea, a goal, or something awesome that you want. Maybe you want to do a webinar, or…
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How to Become a Virtual Assistant (and Get a Solid Base Income so You Can Pursue Your Dreams).

I wanted to introduce you to my friend, Tawnya Sutherland. A lot of you over the years have asked about starting up a service business to grow income while waiting for your passion project to become profitable. Well, she's doing her annual VA Virtuoso Training and it's all about how to be…
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