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Day 18: Got So Busy Today that…

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I got so busy today that I now have to decide whether to write a long, witty blog post or go on a walk with my mom.

Since she reads my blog…  here’s a free ebook by Scott that you’ll enjoy! 🙂

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Please post your workout progress below.

((hugs)) to all and thank you!

Nicole Dean

Here’s where you can check out Scott & Angie’s Workouts:

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  • Scott Tousignant

    Smart move Nik! I’m impressed. Looks like you’re getting your priorities in order 😉

  • The Mom

    Too funny! Nicole was hitting the publish button on this post and I was knocking at the door. Ha!

  • Angela Wills

    Ug! I did really, really well while on vacation.

    I walked for an HOUR every day with my boyfriend’s step-mom who is a fitness finatic so that was easy because she came to get me every day (so I couldn’t say no, lol).

    And I also used my iphone app Lose It! to count calories too and almost every day I was under calories.

    Get home to see the scale 7 POUNDS HIGHER!

    I was sooo dissapointed. I’m guessing it’s muscle? Or I didn’t do as good as I thought? I can tell you it sucked that’s for sure. I thought I’d have lost at least 6 pounds in the two weeks.

    So this week has sucked for working out or eating right. I WILL get this train back on track. I’d just love to see some loss after all that hard work next time.

    Oh and I even did a Zumba class while away – it was HARD!

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