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Day 10: 10 Minutes is Nothing.

The Computer Butt Challenge continues. How's your week going? I've managed to exercise at least 10 minutes every day for the last 13 days. I know that's not much, but I'll take it.

Heck, 10 minutes is nothing, right?

I find that, if I say “It's only 10 minutes”, I can start – and then I normally do more than 10 minutes anyway. Whereas, if I say “It's only 45 minutes”, I never even start.

Can you commit to at least 10 minutes today?

Make it your mission to do at least 10 minutes of exercise today. We've all got to start somewhere. 🙂

Interview with Scott.

Oh, while I have your attention – Did you know that I interviewed Scott? It is one of my favorite podcasts.


I'll keep it short and sweet so you can go listen to or read the interview.

Please check in.

Be sure to check in with the exercise that you did today along with any questions you have for Scott and Angie.

If you missed the first week of this challenge, no worries. Jump in at any time!

((hugs)) to all and thank you!

Nicole Dean

Here’s where you can check out Scott & Angie’s Workouts:

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • The Mom

    I LOVE the 10 minute mission. It’s the only way I can convince myself to exercise… even though I LOVE to exercise! Isn’t that a bizarre thing?!

    I’ve memorized a few routines of Scott’s now so I usually put Anthony Bourdain, No Reservation, on TV and grab my floor ball and weights and shoot for 10 minutes. Well, I’ll finish the whole program doing my exercise. It works!

    Today, I have to go check out my broken toe with my doctor and see if I can do anything to make it heal faster. 🙁 I’ll exercise when I get home.

    BTW… good job Nicole!

  • The Mom

    Okay! 10 minutes of floor ball and weight exercises watching Anthony Bourdain and THEN 100 squats (90 of which I did with 6 lbs!) Whew!

    Off to make celery soup and have a cold glass of Pinot Grigio… or two. 😉 See you soon, N!

    • Nicole

      Thanks mom for the soup. Yummy!

      I had to crack up when you got out of your car and were wobbly and just looked at me and said “Did you see my comment? 100 Squats!” lol.

      Proud of you!

  • Loretta

    10 minutes is the perfect amount of time ~ I can live with 10 minutes for sure.

    I scored a total fail on Wednesday unless sweeping the floor, sorting fabric, and lightning fast typing count as exercise. I did do my morning stretches while the kids were waiting for the bus (even though it was downright cold outside)

    Thursday’s 10 minutes will not evade me, and I might aim for two sets of 10 minutes.

  • Scott Tousignant

    I loved doing that interview with you Nik. It’s definitely one of my all time favorites.

    You podcast totally ROCKS!

    And yes, if you can’t spare 10 minutes for your health you really need to give your head a shake and get your priorities straight.

  • Nicole

    20 Minute Wednesday workout with Angie completed. 🙂

  • Diana

    I cannot get organized! My Mom has dementia and I cherish the time she’s asleep to do some work and once she’s up, everything is about her for the rest of the day.

    I’ll just have to fit in 10 minutes of something into my day and get inspired by the rest of you.

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