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Weird Website: Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

Hey Guys and welcome to Weird Website Wednesday – yep, I'm renaming it to cover all Weird Websites in all kinds of Weird Niches. There are just too many great opportunities out there to review freaky, funny, scary and weird websites that I have enough fodder for the next year. ((EVIL LAUGHTER!!!))

Actually my entire blog is under major construction behind the scenes. I've been motivated by the latest challenge over at Lynn Terry's Elite Mastermind Group that I belong to. The challenge this month involves getting ranked in the top 3 for a search term of our choosing. This has been really pushing me to reassess my SEO efforts which is something that I haven't looked at in awhile. So, wish me luck! 🙂

If you'd like to learn more about why I consider being in a mastermind group a non-negotiable essential part of my online success, here's a post that I wrote on the topic, with picture:

The Benefits of Online Mastermind Groups for your Internet Business

ok. On to Weird Website Wednesday.

This week, I found this site: Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

Check out this screenshot of the site:


LOVE it? I do! It even gives you tips for looking more like Kenny and includes advice for spotting Kenny. (Be sure to click through and check it out.)

The more I looked through the pictures of Men who looked like Kenny Rogers, the more I kept thinking of one particular Internet Marketer who's on my mind quite a bit these days – the awesome, kind, and generous – Dr. David Perdew who created the NAMS Conference in Atlanta.


David Perdew, NAMS

What do you think? Kenny Rogers-ish? Yes? No? Needs to work on his “Kenny” look more?

David is a GREAT guy and he puts on an even better event. (Hey, he has ME as a speaker. He must be pretty darned smart, if you know what I mean!)  😉

On that note, if you are interested in meeting all of the following people at NAMS in January 2010, I highly encourage you to check out the event. It'll be great fun. Personally, I can't wait!

The list of speakers is on the site, but I'll post it here, too:

  • Willie Crawford
  • Kathleen Gage
  • Jimmy D. Brown
  • Lynn Terry
  • David Preston
  • Jeff Herring
  • Kevin Riley
  • Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins
  • Maritza Parra
  • Aileen Bennett
  • Ellen Britt
  • Nicole Dean
  • Dr. Ron Capps
  • Mary Wilhite
  • Denise Wakeman
  • Sid Hale
  • Joey Smith
  • Scott Tousignant
  • David Perdew
  • Tawnya Sutherland

If you'd like to hang with us, eat meals with us, and have a drink with us – you've gotta come to Atlanta in January. It's worth it. (Heck, I'd be paying for my own ticket again if I wasn't getting in free as a presenter. I guarantee it!)

To join us, go to this link: Learn More About Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop .

Hope to see you there!

Nicole Dean

PS. If you'd like to see pictures and a read my review (both positives and negatives) of the last NAMS, here's my blog post: Review of NAMS Workshop in Atlanta.

Please note that the ticket is 100% refundable if you can not attend. David is a person with integrity and will honor your request if you are ill or can not make it any reason.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

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