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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-09


  • You think @BobTheTeacher is gonna kick me off as a guest blogger for this? #
  • RT & ((hugs)) @SharonMc: A video shout-out to @nicoledean and @lynnterry (keeping my non-video job). <– LOVE IT. #
  • – While Bob is away… Nik will play at #
  • – That is @bobtheteacher & @nicoledean as Spock and Kirk. #
  • – Yep. She had such good intentions, but it made me look like a totally self-absorbed snot. lol. I still love h … #
  • Who likes to make money? Raise your hand! 🙂 Or just go to to learn about Jimmy's latest project. #
  • – Aye, aye, aye! Having WAY too much fun at @bobtheteacher's blog on my Blog World Tour. #
  • Thx @MaruxaMurphy re: @NicoleDean I was reading Chicken Soup-Power Moms & it was your story that I opened up to! What a powerful WHY u have! #
  • RT & thank you @WillieCrawford: New blog post: Free Report On 6 New Web 2.0 Properties Google Loves – Pulled Soon #
  • These afternoon thunderstorms are *seriously* cramping my ability to contact JV partners for – DM me if interested, pls. #
  • Last post in my “Star Trek Marketing” series: Thanks @bobtheteacher for being a good sport! #
  • RT @ShermanHu – @Nicole Dean & I @ the #StomperNet conference. <– Great fun! #
  • RT my bud @lynnterry: – Lunch with @nicoledean @nicheology @purposeddriven – Most enjoyable company! #

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