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Weird Niche: Human Bread

breadI'm going to post and run on this one, just like when I posted about farting dogs. So, go ahead and comment and I'll reply when I get back on Monday!  I save my weirdest posts for right before I have to run to the airport. (Yes, I'm a big time chicken! Ducking and running… ) 😉

So, what's so weird about bread? Well, uh, you'll have to see this to believe it.

Warning: Don't look if you have little kids around. It's pretty gruesome.

When you go to this page, remember you're looking at BREAD! The bread is made with nuts and raisins and is decorated to look like body parts and dead people. However, it is just bread.

I'll never do this justice with words, so here's the link: Human Bread

Now that you've seen it with your own two raisins… uh, I mean eyes… you can see what made this qualify as a weird niche. 😐

Lessons for your own Business

Here's the deal. When you take something common and make it unique, you can come up with something really cool, or really disturbing. This weird niche is somewhere between the two.

So, what are the lessons here? Look around at the things we all take for granted. Can you make them more unique? More interesting? I mean, this guy has people blogging about him all over the world and is included in a tour of Bangkok — and he's just making bread.

How can you make yourself more unique? Are you an average baker who gets no press or free exposure? Or are you someone who pushes the boundaries a bit and draws attention? I know, at times, we all feel lost in the crowd. So, how can you make yourself stand apart from the masses? What makes YOU unique? While I don't recommend going the gruesome route, I do recommend that you allow yourself to be you and to shine.

Of course, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this weird niche. And, I'll be back soon with more!



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  • Hendry Lee

    Being different is much more important than merely better. The former gets noticed every time, the latter rarely.

    Even more important, I think, is how to be beneficially important. If you ask me, I’ll never enjoy a human bread. It is just not for me.

  • Loretta

    That is both creepy and fascinating at the same time! I think I’ll have to pass on buying any though, it would creep me out too much to slice it!
    .-= Loretta´s last blog ..Top 3 Reasons to Outsource Article Writing =-.

  • Georgann McCrosson

    That is so cool! Creepy for sure. At first the photos were kind of repulsive. Then when I read these are sculptures for his masters degree, I thought “Fantastic!” I would love to be that creative artistically. Instead, I like to think of myself as a creative problem solver. Nicole, thanks for bringing us such interesting material.
    .-= Georgann McCrosson´s last blog ..Online Reputation Management =-.

  • Miracle

    I look at the human bread and I was grossed out. Are they sold to people, b/c I could not buy or even eat them. I do give them credit on their talent of doing that in the first place. They really do look like real body parts.


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