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Little Membership Sites: Those Recurring Payments Add Up.

When coming up with their first membership site, MOST people completely over-complicate it.

“What can I put together so that I can charge every month?” and then it begins. We create something that becomes a drain on us to complete and deliver every single month. You never know how fast time goes by until you've created a membership site that is overwhelming and too much work. “Is it REALLY the 1st again already?” lol.

That's not the way it has to be.  And my friend Kelly McCausey has this “simple little monthly payments” deal nailed.

She creates simple little programs to get monthly recurring payments coming in month after month after month and it's a win-win-win.

  • She wins.
  • Her affiliates win. (Yay me!)
  • And her customers, of course, win, too.

What do these little monthly payment sites look like? You might be surprised.

Case Study #1: Coloring for Adults for Enjoyment, Relaxation & Community. 

One of her little recurring payment sites is for adults like you and me who enjoy coloring to relax. (Shockingly this is a HUGE market.)

You can see her site here:

Grab your free coloring pages AND check out her biz model here.

She's building a list of people who are interested in coloring, PLUS she's earning on the up-front sales for that, as well as affiliate sales on things like marketers and gel pens on the backend. Cool, eh?

Case Study #2: Image Training for Bloggers, Authors, and Online Business Owners. 

We all know that people do judge everything they see online based upon how it looks. Kelly's created another little monthly site around graphics and images in business. You may remember me talking about this one before.

Her “Image Monthly” program includes a little report each month with resources and also where to find relevant images, too.

You can check it out here to see how it works…

Check out Image Monthly

But why create a low cost membership site?

  1. People aren't afraid to join. It's “JUST 10 bucks a month”!
  2. Once they join, a larger number will remain. Again “It's JUUUUST 10 bucks a month”.
  3. It's easy to deliver enough value to have people be happy with their purchase.
  4. It allows you to try a membership site without having to promise too big and get overwhelmed. KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETIE!

Want to learn more? 

Kelly has put together some awesome training about HOW she does this including interviews with others who are doing it, too.

She's including interviews with the following:


Check it out here:

How to start raking in hundreds or thousands of little monthly payments.

Note. There are two options on that page:

* The course material WITH a coaching add-on.
* The option to just buy the course material and do it as a self-study.

Choose whichever is best for your situation today. I know you'll love it.

Nicole Dean

PS. If you want to create a simple Group Coaching using Done-for-You Training… this is what I'd recommend. 

You can easily create a group coaching program around our Teach Your Tribe program at Coach Glue. In fact that's what it's designed for you to do.

Check out our latest Teach Your Tribe package here.

We provide all of the research and product creation. You just deliver the awesome content and VOILA! Your monthly coaching program is easy and profitable.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Obodo Charles

    Hi Nicole,
    I have always looked at membership sites as a source of income but the amount work required to set it up and make it worthwhile for the subscribers is what has been holding me back, but reading through your article has changed my mindset about the whole membership site concept.

    Though I couldn’t watch the video because I had a slight issue with my browsing network. I will certainly check back so that I can watch the video and possibly join the program. Thanks for sharing this info.

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