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Quick Toy Site with Year-Round Possibility (LEARN while you EARN)

There are countless niches online. But, if you're planning on creating a new website around a niche, there are two criteria to consider first.

Those are two important things that I feel are essential.

  1. It's growing at least some.  For instance, you probably don't want to start a website about the Apple 4s. It's past its time and is not a growing niche.
  2. It's a niche where people spend money. You want people who have their wallets open, sitting right next to them as they sit down at the computer and they're searching to buy, not just people just looking for lots of free information.

Let's talk about one niche that meets both criteria (and may be a niche that you want to start a blog around.)

This is one that is both GROWING and also is one where people are spending more.

What is it? TOYS for kids.

My friend, Tiffany Lambert is a PLR seller and is actually involved as an affiliate marketer in this niche so she put together some sexy content that she knows your readers will eat up that you can create a quick profitable blog with.

You can check it out here -> PLR Article Bundle Toys

Hint: If you aren't interested in this niche, you might consider it as a starter blog for one of the kiddos in your life. Got an entrepreneurial niece or grandson? Help set them up with their own toy blog.

So what do you need to do to make money in this niche?

  1. Find a domain. Tiffany has a video with tips here:

2. Install a simple WordPress blog using the theme Twenty Ten (unless you prefer another one). Don't get all stuck trying to make the site fancy as you'll have pictures of the toys and possibly some videos. To be totally honest, toy buyers are on a mission – and they want information, not aesthetics.

3. Don't worry about going through and uploading all of the content that you bought all at once. Depending on how much time you devote, just go through a bit at a time, uploading each article to your WP blog and scheduling it. That video above also shows you how to add your affiliate links to the blog posts.

4. Once you upload it, do the following socialization once:

  • Tweet it on Twitter,
  • Pin it to Pinterest (create a hot toys for 2015 board),
  • Post it to Google Plus,
  • and if you want to, start a FB group for best toys for kids and post it there.

5. If you want to, look for Amazon plug ins that help add to sales. Fresh Bundle Master is one that people like because it creates a bundle right on your site and the parent can add all items to their cart. There are all kinds of plugins that add to the commissions.

6. Throughout the year, put your site on a schedule for adding new content. You could add 1 review daily, 5 a week, etc. Look for toy PLR content to add because all you have to do is either use it as is or add a short intro to it.

7. Consider making some unboxing videos as your toy site takes off. This is where you buy a toy and unbox it, discussing the features right on camera. Did you know the HIGHEST earner on YouTube for ad revenue last year was a lady who did nothing but unbox Disney toys? She earned almost $5 million on ads alone.

Don't worry about building a list with this niche or cross promoting. It's all fun and easy peasy.

Every month – every year – that you add more content to your toy site, you'll see more commissions growing. TRY to do it year round, not just at Christmas – because people buy toys for birthdays every day of the year.

If you're ready, check out the PLR here.

What about how to make the PLR unique so that your site is totally different than the other ones using it.

Here are some tips for Giving Your Toy PLR a Fresh Twist. 🙂 

1. Take a snippet from each review and compile it into a “top” or “best” list. For example, if you buy a pack of Star Wars Toy PLR, take a quick summary from the article and make a “top 10 Star Wars Toys for 2015” list.

2. Pit one toy against another, making one long review. Let’s say you buy a pack of electronic toy PLR – you can do a comparison of one against the other, with a title that reflects the battle between the two.

3. Use the PLR as something you’re against, and offer something better. So let’s say you get a PLR review for an RC car and you happen to know there’s one that sells better. Go through it, quoting it as curated content, and offer your own opinions (and recommendations) between the paragraphs that were written for you. So if they say, “This is the best RC car for ages 5 and up,” you might say, “While it may be possible for a few 5 year olds to control it, I feel this other RC car is more suitable for all kids in that age range.”

4. Infuse some personality. Try to create a theme or slant for the review series, too. You can even use humor, and make it a series of, “Top 10 Toys Parents Will Fight You for in the Toy Aisle This Christmas.” We all see the news – the horror stories – so you could be a little tongue-in-cheek about it all.

Here's your shortcut:  Grab this Toy  PLR and get started.

Nicole Dean

PS. Thank you so much for reading. 🙂

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • sara

    Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for this. It’s like a blueprint for an online business. Coming from you I know that will some “elbow grease” this will work.

    I like the idea of setting it up for a child. What a great way to teach business, budgeting, marketing, and a bunch of other life lessons.

    Have a lovely day,

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