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Fear is Just an Unruly Child. Tell it to Simmer Down So You Can Grow Your Business!

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I just heard a really cool analogy about fear. It inspired me and here’s my version of it with a Nicole twist.

Picture this…

You’re driving down the road in a car and you’re headed towards an idea, a goal, or something awesome that you want.

Maybe you want to do a webinar, or write a book, or attend an event.

You’re excited about it!

But then — you hear the voice of fear in your head and it can stop you in your tracks.

What if…

What if fear (that voice) was just an unruly, overly tired child sitting in the backseat? He (or she) is kicking and whining a little bit, trying to get your attention.

Maybe he’s trying to manipulate you and he is definitely trying to get control of the situation. To do what HE wants.

But you know he’s not in control.

You are.

So you tell him to simmer down and you keep driving.

What you don’t do is pull over and give him the freaking keys to the car, right?

Don’t give fear power over you. Over your success. Over your future. Over your happiness.

Trust me. I’ve done it enough for both of us. And I want more for both of us.

Fear is a good thing… if we’re being chased by a bear. But when we’re trying to get sh*t done, then we’ve got to realize we are not in harms way when we are following our dreams and we can (and should) proceed.

So the next time that little stinker in the back seat tries to take control, remember where you’re headed and why. And who is in control.

Take a deep breath and keep driving.

You’re worth it.

Stay tuned for more awesome stuff.

Hugs and high fives,

Nicole Dean

PS. Talk to me. What do you want to accomplish and what’s holding you back?

Is picturing your fears as a child helping you to ignore them? Or what do you do when fear stops you?


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Harry Warrick

    I like your thoughts on fear. As a business owner, we all experience fear that relates to concerns over the availability and abundance of opportunity. Earlier in my life, I trained as a Martial Artist and it was in Martial Arts that I learned to use fear as a motivational tool.

    The old fight or flight mentality model can help move us from inaction to massive action if we learn to use it well. They key is to learn how to turn that feeling that most of us get in the pit of our stomach when the bank account is low, or the time between new clients is longer than the last. If you use that feeling to fuel your efforts instead of paralyzing you it turns the fear from a flight from the reality of it all impairment to a tool that helps you fight on.

    Also one of the top fears people do not realize that they have is the fear of success. It seems almost irrational to fear something that alludes so many people. But most of us at least at some time in our life fear success. It may keep you from trying new things or starting that next business venture. Do not let it.

    To your great success in 2019!

  • James Kerry

    Correct, “fear of success” has been my biggest weak point all along. In 2019, I choose to face my fears. To our success! Thanks Nicole for sharing this.

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