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Weird Wednesday: My Obit List

Hi again. It’s Weird Wednesday time.

This week's Weird Wednesday Website was suggested by my mom, Patti Winker, of in this post: If I Should Die Before I Wake – Having The Last Word

If you’re new to Weird Niche Wednesday, you’re in for a treat. I find weird niches and websites and we get to discuss whether it may be a viable niche and also have some fun.

Today’s Weird Niche Wednesday is about a morbid topic, with a clever solution. And, of course, there are lessons to be learned, as always. 🙂

The site is – and it's one duty is to deliver, upon your passing,  a notification to your contacts. The emails are written by you and can be either sent via bulk to your distant friends, or they can be customized (with a personal note of love) and sent individually to your dearest friends and family.

Yeah, I told you that it was morbid. However, it's oddly comforting, as well.

Here's a video about their service:

What I like about this from both a business and a person aspect:

1. There's a story behind the business.

The owner of the site – Steve Naremore, lost his father-in-law unexpectedly and was given the task of contacting all of the 60 people who would want or need to know. It was not only an incredibly time-consuming and arduous task, but it was also emotionally draining for him, too. He sought a solution to help others who end up in that position so they can avoid some of the pain during such a difficult time.

Lesson: Always look at problems that you face in your daily life. Problems = Potential for Profit.

Lesson: From a business and a person perspective, stories sell. My best-selling products always have a story behind them. People can relate and connect to you as human and you have more credibility, as well, when you share a story that explains why you're doing something.

2. Not everything has to be a continuity program.

Another aspect of this website that I really like is that it's a one-time fee. I would be uncomfortable charging people from today until their passing in order to maintain their contacts.

Lesson: Consider the feelings of your customer when designing your pricing structure.

3. Video can help to break the ice.

You notice that the video is made from cartoon drawings? You don't always have to push emotional buttons to get people to take action. And, in fact, I would have been VERY turned off had they had crying people in the video.

Lesson: Video marketing works.

4. Turning a negative into a positive.

The people who sign up for this service can send personal notes to certain contacts. I love how they emphasize that this is a way to tell those you love that they're important to you – one last time, when they might need to hear it the most.

Lesson: Yes, I'm a big sap.

So, let me have it. What are your thoughts on this website and on this niche?

  • Would you use it?
  • Would you tell others about it?
  • What do you think of their marketing?

Nicole Dean

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I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Ramiro Rodriguez

    Hi Nicole,

    This is a really good weird niche Wednesday! I think it will be a big hit and I’m kicking myself in the butt for not thinking of it. I’ve found my niche but I still read your posts every Wednesday 🙂

    Hope you’re well.

  • Angela Wills

    I think this idea is AWESOME.

    You know, on occasion I’ve wondered if my online friends would ever find out if something happened to me. I’m not married (yet) and I’m a single mom. My boyfriend doesn’t even have my email logins and so if I passed I’ve wondered how my customers and my coaches (like you Nicole), clients would know I’m no longer here.

    So I guess from an emotional point it’s good, but you could also weave business into this and make a plan for what to say to your clients and what happens to their projects when the end has come.

    Something to think about!

    ps. Have you ever seen the movie P.S. I Love You??? It’s the same concept but it’s in the form of handwritten letters delivered by this guy to his fiance (or wife/gf). It’s such a sweet movie, I loved it. (Doesn’t hurt that the Irish accent is sexy and reminds me of home).

    • The Mom

      Geez, Angela… you got me thinking. I’d hate to have my clients try to figure out where my templates/docs/logins, etc. etc. etc. are stored. {{sigh}} Good point.

      I don’t know exactly how I’d word that email… “So, I’m dead so you probably want to know where those documents are, eh?”

      It’s weird no matter what. 😉

  • The Mom

    Thanks Nicole my dear! I’m so glad you liked (?) this enough to post it. Yes, I was less offended than I thought I would be when I clicked on the video. The cartoon characters helped. Nobody needs to be told how to feel with a bunch of sad faces and tears. I think we get the point, so I appreciate this business being smart enough to figure that out.

    Fact is, once you get over the “huh?” effect, it makes sense. I like to hang onto my old fashioned, preconceived notions as much as I can, but then again… like I said there was that blogger lady that I never found again – and she was older.

    And then there is the whole “if I get hit by a beer truck” issue. It would be a good place to “store” instructions.

    And then there is the whole “having the last word” thing. That could just be fun, or evil. Either way, it could be fun. 😉

    Thanks again, Nik, for using my example… and link! kiss kiss

  • Rick Wilson

    Actually, this is pretty slick!

    Hopefully the owners don’t “croak” before the users do, tho. heh heh

    Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel 😎

  • Jeanie

    I have no words actually… It sounds very strange and unpleasant… I don’t think that this video with cartoon characters will be suitable in such situation

  • Laurie Gaudino

    “Hello,  I’m dead.  Could someone please jump over to Wise Women and Wine and try the new Wine of the Month for me?  Thanks!”

  • Debi J

    I come from a family that uses humor to deal with ALL things….including death so I think this is a great way to market. I am definitely signing up for the service! Right now I’ve been keeping a Control Journal for my son that contains all my sites, logins, emails, passwords & such, as well as contact info for friends, family, mentors, business people I do things with and more, so he has them if anything would happen to me.

    But this would keep him from having to handle all of that at (what SHOULD be) a very devastating time in his life (although hey, I make sure to carry enough life insurance that he can throw a party should the mood so strike him!) 🙂

    And…God forbid he and I should die together in an accident (we spend a LOT of time together)? THEN who’s going to notify everyone?! This gives me more options without one of my friends having to step in. Things like shutting down my Facebook, G+ and such. I could put up an “In Memory” of page or something so people wouldn’t have to Unfriend me. I mean really, who wants to “Un-friend” a friend who just died! LOL

    Anyway, I’m really glad I ran across this one. Don’t know if it’s profitable as a niche, but he should do fine with it as a unique service if/when those Boomers stop avoiding the whole topic of dying! 🙂

    Debi J
    PS: My apologies if my humor towards the whole topic of dying has offended anyone. That is NOT the intent!

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