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Free Content for your Blog: Affiliate Marketing Report

Hi I’m back with another “FREE Money-Making Content for You”Friday!

Friday is the day where I give you free content that you can use on your blog – with your affiliate link, to make money with affiliate marketing. Hurray!

Not only that, but it’s copy/paste ready for you to profit.

So, yep. You can make money by publishing free stuff. Pretty cool eh? :)

So what do I have this week?

I have a new 30 page brandable report all about How to Get Started Making Money with Affiliate Marketing.

The report is actually the transcript of a presentation that my good friend, Lynn Terry taught at NAMS.

If you don't know about NAMS yet, be sure to check out this blog post/review:
Learn about the NAMS Conference in Atlanta

ok. Back to that free brandable report.

You can read it, and get details for branding it here:
Click here to Access the Free Report and get Branding Info

I hope that you have a fantastic week!

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Moira

    I found this report very useful and gave me loads of tips to get my affiliate marketing business started. I want to make use of the brandable functions of your reports but when I clicked through, I could not find out how to do this – in the past I have found some reports with software attached which enables me to edit it with my affiliate links. Do you have a system like this for your Special Reports? Thank you Moira

  • Tomas Jochmann

    Hi Nicole, PLR is great thing, but there is one problem if you use it as a blog content = duplicates! How do you solve this? If many people use the same PLR product as a blog content, it doesn’t improve their and others SEO…

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