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Productivity Week: Day 3

Welcome back to Productivity Week. This is kicking my butt. Every time I want to be lazy, I remember that I have to confess over here and it gets me going again. I hope you feel the same way!

Here’s my day so far…

1. Got up. 🙂 Always a good start to the day.

2. Got the kiddos off to school.

3. Remembered today is Wednesday, which is the day of the week that the house-keepers come, so started to panic and clean the house – fast.

4. Connected with Ronnie Nijmeh on Instant Messenger about his latest affiliate contest. Got a link for it. Here it is: Win cool stuff from Ronnie.

5. Connected with David Perdew in Email about his latest affiliate contest. Got a link for that. Here it is: Win cool stuff from David.

6. Sent an email to my affiliates about both affiliate contests. Hoping some of them jump on the opportunity and win lots of fun stuff for themselves.

7. Sent an email to about both affiliate contests.

8. Contacted my Virtual Assistant to ask her to please post all emails that I send to my affiliates over to this page on my affiliate center. Nicole Dean Affiliate News.

9. Got an email from one of my coaching clients who would like to connect at noon today on the phone. Plugged in my cell phone so it'll be charged.

10. Got a password to my tech gal so she can help me streamline and optimize some things on one of my sites. (I'll share details if it works well.) 🙂

To do next…

1. Write first draft of this month's lesson. It'll be on one of my FAVORITE topics. Really excited.

2. Send an email to my list about Ronnie's Brandable Reports.

3. Fold laundry. Yes, all the laundry that I washed yesterday is currently laying on the couch. Will probably watch something on Netflix while I do.

4. When my son gets home from school, I'd like to train him how to brand brandable reports so he can help me with a project.

5. See if my VA can post some of my content, including my podcasts to the NAMS Membership area and NAMS blog.

6. Check with Melissa Ingold about the next package that we were planning to release tomorrow and make sure I can help with the remaining pieces.

7. Go to spinning class tonight to make up for not exercising yesterday.

 How’s your day going? What’s on your agenda?

Please post your to do list for today as well as your progress. Looking forward to it!

Hugs and high fives,

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Aurelia Williams

    I just love getting a sneak peek into the life of Nicole Dean and everything seems super productive and makes sense except for one lil’ thing.

    Why did you clean up for your house-keepers? HEE HEE!!

    BTW – you truly do love your affiliates! Your emails to them are fantastic and I love the contests!

    • Nicole

      lol. My house goes from clean to white trash in the blink of an eye. I’ve gotta clean it or risk them running in fear. I’ve had the same cleaning crew for 4 years. I’m not running them off now. 🙂 I need them too much!

      I’m a “mean” mom. If my kids don’t pick up their rooms before the cleaning team comes – I have them skip cleaning their rooms. I know you were teasin’ in your comment so I hate to get too serious, but I hope that the kids learn respect from it. I also won’t let the kids watch TV or play video games while the crew is here. They can either do chores, schoolwork, or read. (Or Mason can work on his blog in here by me.) That’s it. It makes me uncomfortable to have other people cleaning my house while the kids are laying on the couch. Feels yucky to me so I make them work, too, if they’re home.

      Hugs and thanks for stopping by! Always love to see your pretty face.

      • Kelly

        I love the way you handle the kids about the cleaning crew.

        I resist the urge to clean up before my gal comes – but I don’t take advantage of her by leaving a tornado in my wake either.

      • Aurelia Williams

        WOW Nicole — I love your style lady! THanks so much for expanding on your “Why”! It makes total sense and I love the lessons you are teaching your kids!

  • Aurelia Williams

    WOW, you all are really on a roll. I work part time out of the home and I am able to work on my online business’ while here at the office.

    So far I have:

    1. taken my 11yo to school
    2. Arrived to work on time (always good)
    3. Posted to SoloMasterminds about getting some guest bloggers at my Real Life Solutions blog
    4. plugged in 3 auto responder messages for my newsletter lists.

    Need to do today

    1. Write a post/article for my Real Life Coaching site
    2. Take my son to Tae Kwon Do (He’s a 2nd degree Black bet… HIIIII YA!)
    3. Go into my cpanel and delete the duplicate emails on my webmail (eats up so much space)

  • Val

    Nicole, thank you so much for being so honest and doing these updates. I go back and forth in my funk right now and it’s ticking me off. Like Loretta posted yesterday, I’m not a morning person and adjusting to getting up at 6am with the kids is ROUGH.

    I’ve stayed up 2 mornings now instead of going back to bed. I ran through more emails last night and this morning than I’ve done in a long time. One account is down to just 3 🙂 Today I’m determined to get the last two weeks blog posts mapped out on my cooking blog and the newsletters sent off to my VA. Then I have a book review to get posted.

    Feels like a lot, but I’m motivated today so I know I can do it. Maybe I’ll do a little Dance Dance Revolution, I really do need to move more to get out of this funk.

  • Lain

    Oh goodness… Here’s what I have to do:

    1. Go to CVS (DONE!)
    2. Write blog post on 30minuteMartha for sponsorship opp (DONE!)
    3. Record podcast
    4. Find someone who can troubleshoot my 30MM blog to figure out why post updates are not going through (plug in incompatibility?)
    5. Put out a call for digital designers to donate to digital goodie pack for Spawn of True Scrap
    6. Write Guest Blog Post
    There’s more, but that’s the 6 I’m starting with!

  • Loretta

    Lots of things I want to do today! I’m in that stage of the week where I feel as if I’m behind on things even though I’m really not. (I guess it’s just a Wednesday thing LOL)

    1. Finish up two transcripts.
    2. Edit feature area on new blog that I’m almost ready to launch (YAY!)
    3. Get out the markers and paper and have a brainstorming session the old fashioned way.
    4. Open up for new transcription clients – need to edit my page with the details.
    5. Put a little time in on the project I’m working for during Susanne’s PLR Challenge.

    Okay, I’m off to go finish up task number one and get these other things scratched off the list. I am really enjoying seeing what everyone is doing during the day!

  • Nicole

    Congrats to everyone who’s checked in so far. PROUD OF YOU!

    1. Connected on the phone with coaching client. Brainstormed some ideas with him that I’m REALLY excited to see develop. Did a little research after we got off the phone and mailed it to him.

    2. Melissa said we’re ready to roll on PLR package tomorrow, so prepped my side of things so we can release it.

    3. Made eggs with verde sauce and swiss cheese today for lunch.

    4. Finished picking up the house before the cleaning crew got here. (Naughty puppy Luke chewed up another toy and it’s ALL over the living room. oops!)

    Doing a final push now…. wish me luck!

  • Nicole

    Got Ronnie’s brandable reports on the site and just sent this email…

    Hi again. It’s Nicole Dean from

    My friend, Ronnie, just put together 4 new brandable reports
    that I think you’ll like.

    You can read them and/or customize them all here:

    The topics are different types of Niche Marketing & How to Rewrite PLR.

    I hope that you enjoy the free reports and have a fantastic week!

    Nicole Dean

    PS. Speaking of Niche Marketing, one of my favorite shortcuts is:

  • Nicole

    Loaded up one of Ronnie’s freebies to site and sent this email to leads list:

    Hi. It’s Nicole Dean from

    I just heard about a cool new PLR set that includes comparison
    charts of all of the following…

    73 Social Media Tools and Sites Compared Over 110 Criteria…
    in 15 Individual Ready-to-Monetize Comparison Charts,
    Complete with PLR Rights

    If you’re interested, check it out here:

    Coupon Code: smcharts
    Discount: An additional $10 off

    The charts include:
    1. Social Networking Comparison Chart
    2. Social Bookmarking Comparison Chart
    3. Location-Based Social Network Comparison Chart
    4. Online Blogging Platform Comparison Chart
    5. Local Event Website Comparison Chart
    6. Fundraising and Advocacy Through Social Media Comparison Chart
    7. Photo Sharing Website Comparison Chart
    8. Video Sharing Website Comparison Chart
    9. Microblogging Comparison Chart
    10. Document Sharing and Collaboration Comparison Chart
    11. Customer Review Website Comparison Chart
    12. Social Online Gaming Comparison Chart
    13. Social Media IntegrationTool Comparison Chart
    14. Social Q&A Website Comparison Chart
    15. Social Search Comparison Chart

    Check it out here:

    Use Coupon Code: smcharts
    Discount: An additional $10 off

    I also wanted to quickly tell you about a cool new freebie
    that you can grab with no obligation.

    PLR Rewriting Checklist:

    That’s all from me. Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

    Nicole Dean

    PS. Be sure to swing by and check in to my Productivity Week
    with how you’re doing today.

    Now will tweak so that the freebie is featured rather than the offer and send to customers.

    Then, I’m off for the day to help with homework, dinner, and to tackle that laundry. Hope everyone is super productive!

  • Grandma Marilyn

    Ok, I started out the day reading my emails and then got to Nicole’s email about Ronnie and then went to his site and thought I would brand his 101 Ways to Use PLR Content. Well, that, of course, sent me through a lot of signing up for affiliate accounts so that I could brand the report. That took me most of the afternoon. My daughter and grandkids came over so I made Pork Vegetable Barley soup and cornbread and had them stay over for supper. Kept working thoughout this because I wanted this up for tonight. Doesn’t look like it is going to happen. I am trying to find a nice double opt in form for my PLR blog so that I can have them get this report that I created. Don’t like any of the WordPress plug ins so far. Can’t afford Aweber right now or I would be using them. So I will finish up the tabs that I have open and then probably head to bed early. Sue wish I had been able to get that site up and running.

    • Susanne


      you can get started w/ aweber right now for $1, that’ll give you some time to build your list and sell them some of Nicole’s awesome PLR before the first regular bill comes in (30 days later I believe).

      • Lain Ehmann

        I would cancel our family’s cable TV before I’d go without my Aweber!

      • Grandma Marilyn

        Yes, I know. But, I had Aweber and since my husband lost his job and I couldn’t afford the monthly payments, I wouldn’t be able to get Aweber for $1 again. I will have to wait until I have some income coming in to get to that point again.

        I had it for quite a while but did not know what I was doing so did not have enough income.

        Thank you for responding to my message.

  • greg

    Yeesh, I sure could use a little bit of your intense powers of productivity! I’m languishing here this week.

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