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Outsource Your Help Desk: Setting up your Customer Support

Is your customer support a disaster? That's certainly one area that I've personally struggled with over the years.

My friend, Melissa Ingold, has put together several amazing pieces of PLR that you can use to set up your own customer support – or to hire someone to handle it for you.

These PLR docs are PERFECT for getting your inbox cleaned out and getting back your life.

You'll find the following either to use for personal use or to create courses to sell:

  • How To Train Your Customer Service Staff – PLR Report
  • Customer Service with Gmail & Gmail Labs – PLR Report
  • Customer Service Support Pack – PLR FAQs & Comparison Charts

Check it out here:
Get Stuff Done with this PLR

Part of having passive income is being able to ESCAPE your inbox. Are you “on-call” 24/7 or can you disappear for a weekend without worry?

If not – these kits are perfect to get you going.

Get Stuff Done with this PLR

Also on that page, you can grab a package of 5 free PLR articles.

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Nicole Dean


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