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Productivity Week: Day 4

Welcome back to Productivity Week. I hope you're getting a ton done. 🙂

Here’s my day so far…

1. Got up. UG. Not a morning person. Started IV drip with coffee.

2. Got the kiddos off to school.

3. Got on IM with Melissa Ingold about the next package that we planned to release today. Published the sales page and then wrote the email for that and sent to customers.

4. Started brainstorming with Susanne Myers about an idea for a new niche marketing course.

To do next…

1. Finish this blog post. 🙂

2. Mail lists about the new PLR. Invite them to come check in there.

3. Finish writing this month’s Income CPR lesson today. Top priority for today. Planning on writing it while sitting out by the pool with the puppies and enjoying the day.

4. I'd normally publish my Expert Briefs for this week since it's Thursday, but I thought I only had one response. Just checked and found another one in my spam folder. So, I may do that and send my peeps their next question.

5. Get some exercise.

6. Help daughter with homework and then go to son's football game tonight.

I'm noticing that this week I haven't focused as much as I usually would on traffic-generating activities. I may make that a priority tomorrow since I try to focus on traffic more than I have this week. Actually, my VA is posting my content on the NAMS Membership area and NAMS blog today, so I may give her some other pieces to post up there, too, for exposure.

I may also make it a priority to answer the interview requests that I got to promote today rather than holding them until tomorrow. We'll see how far I get on that report first.

How’s your day going? What’s on your agenda?

Please post your to-do list for today as well as your progress. Looking forward to it!

Hugs and high fives,

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Patti

    Woke up breathing, which is always a good sign.
    Rolled out of bed.
    Found the coffee. I love programmable coffee makers. 🙂
    Wrote in my journal to convince myself to do something productive.
    Edited, zipped, uploaded and announced a new pack of health PLR.

    Other exciting news:
    Picked at the kitchen.
    Started laundry.
    Uncovered the bird. Still need to give her fresh seed.
    Lots of texting with my hubby.
    Found this in email, came immediately to post this. Now I’m off to Susanne’s.

  • Edie Dykeman

    1. Got up early (after yesterdays oops of oversleeping and not being ready for grandson).
    2. Reading a great book about how telling my story will lead to success online and offline. Underline and jot notes a lot!!! Also wrote in my stream of consciousness journal for three pages.
    3. Planning on adding a couple of articles to one of my oldest sites.
    4. Responded to comments on my personal blog – at least got that done so far today.
    5. Spending way too much time on FB and Twitter today.
    6. Reading and commenting on emails and sites such as this. But I think it is worth it as I want to feel like I am part of the community. Usually I just read posts, take notes when I come across something important to me, but rarely respond.
    7. Will spend the rest of the day with Dad (88) and David (4).
    8. Back to work this evening after Dad goes to bed and David goes home, I hope!
    9. Work on my to-do list that I probably haven’t gotten to all day because of all the above. LOL!

  • Nicole

    One item done. Yay!

    Sent this email to leads:

    Hi. It’s Nicole Dean from

    I’ve got some cool new PLR for you today.

    “Getting Started with Outsourcing – The Right Way”

    This package comes with…

    * 60 page report with Screenshots
    * Collection of the 74 screenshots used in the report
    * 62 PowerPoint Slides

    Of course, since we always like to reward our best customers who
    take action fast – we have a coupon code for $10 off. Just enter
    “outsource” as your coupon during checkout to save.

    You can check it out here:

    This PLR includes the following:

    * What is Outsourcing?

    * Creating Your Outsourcing Plan

    * Questions to ask yourself Before you Begin Outsourcing

    * Creating your Outsourcing Budget

    * Where to Find your Team

    * 6 of the Best Places Online to Hire Workers and How to Get
    Started with Each Site

    * How to Interview Prospective Contractors so You’ll Choose the
    Right Ones

    * How to Manage your Outsourced Projects Including Project
    Management Software Options and How to Use Them

    * 10 Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

    If you want to help people to work less and earn more –
    be sure to check it out:

    Limited Time Coupon Code for $10 Off: outsource

    Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

    Nicole Dean

    PS. Be sure to swing by and check in during my Productivity Week
    with how you’re doing today.

    • Nicole


      1. Wrote 15 more pages for my next report. Really excited about it.
      2. Posted Expert Briefs for the week.
      3. Emailed the Expert Briefs group the next question.

  • Lain

    Lots to do today-
    -Take small one to doctor for strep test (Negative! Hurray!) DONE
    -Drop kidlet at school DONE
    -Process email DONE
    -Upload new theme to blog
    -make massage appt. (yippee!)
    -Edit PLR pack
    -Contact instructors for upcoming webinar
    -Work on cleaning office and unpacking
    -Lynn Terry’s mastermind call at 12. 🙂

  • Grandma Marilyn

    Got up after about 3 hours sleep and fielded problems in the house. Read emails and talked bead pattern business with my daughter. Fed husband lunch. Waited on customer to come by and look at proofs for flyers I had created for him (never showed up). Finally feeling sick, I went to bed at about 3pm and got up at 6pm. Made supper for hubby and business partner. Worked on emails and got tabs up for all of my online blogs. Oh, yeah, little one came over at 8:30pm for me to babysit. He is in the bed with hubby right now either asleep or watching Sponge Bob. Hope to get all of online friend’s blogs done tonight and get another bead pattern uploaded to bead shop. Not sure how long will be able to stay up. Wish I would have gotten more done today.

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