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Productivity Week: Day 1

Welcome back to Productivity Week. Let's kick ourselves in the butts!

ok. This is my  morning so far. Not off to a great start, but I want to show you that I don't sit in my swivel chair for 12 hours/ day. I have a real life, too.

1. Got up.  Gathered up my daughter so she and hubby could head off to school. Hubby reminded me that his car was in the shop so I'd have to drive them. I reminded hubby that our son had a doctor's appointment at 8:30 and it would have been nice to have been reminded before we needed to leave. Threw son in the shower, headed out to drop off daughter and hubby. Of course we were late dropping of my daughter so I had to go into the school to sign her in. And, also of course, I hadn't planned on being seen by the general public so my attire was not exactly appropriate, nor fetching in any way, shape, or form. ((SIGH))

2. Swung by the house, grabbed my son and drove him across town to his doctor's appt. Got that handled. Made sure to get a Doctor's note so I wouldn't get chastised again by the Deans at the school.

3. Drove son back to school, jumped through hoops to get him checked in…

4. Headed home. Made eggs with smoked salmon and watched one episode of a show on Netflix while eating and decompressing.

5. Sat my butt down in this chair. 🙂

6. Sent out the mailing for for the week.

7. Chatted on IM with Susanne for a few to brainstorm.

8. Got sent a sexy picture on IM from my friend, Tracy Roberts. It's from an awesome movie called “Lost in Austen”. She sends me fun stuff during the day to keep up my spirits. 🙂

9. It is now 11am. Time for real work to begin.

My priorities for the day are…

1.  Quickly post a pic on here for Marketing Monday. Hopefully it will spur on some conversation.

2. Plan my mailings for this week around the promos that I have scheduled.

3. Finish last 3 lessons for so that I can write this month's lesson for

4. Be done by the time my daughter gets off the bus.

5. Run daughter to after school activities.

6. Hopefully do some form of exercise and get in a shower at some point today.

How about you? How's your day going? What's on your agenda?

Please post your to-do list for today as well as your progress. Looking forward to it!

Hugs and high fives,

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Susanne

    Sounds like you had quite the busy morning already.

    My favorite thing on your list for today is the planning of your mailings / promos. That’s something I definitely need to work on more. I do a pretty good job on my bigger niche sites, but at ATC, I’m just winging it.

  • Nicole

    Got my blog post done. Now I’m going to take my laptop outside to write for awhile away from the distractions at my desk. Wish me luck. 🙂

  • Susanne

    Got to ask… what exactly are you going to be writing?

  • Susanne

    Quick update … moving quickly through my list for today. Taking a quick afternoon break to spend some time w/ my little girl then it’s article marketing. Might even add another task to my to-do list.

    Hope your day is just as productive!

    P.S. Heading to the grocery store now to buy smoked salmon… completely your fault that I’m craving it.

    • Nicole

      ok. Since I wrote this post, I managed to do the following…

      1. Connected with a coaching client who wanted to do some brainstorming.

      2. Planned an upcoming promo and a separate project with Melissa Ingold.

      3. Wrote the next lesson for and uploaded it to the members area.

      4. Ronnie Nijmeh grabbed me on IM to tell me about a new promo he has going.

      WOO HOO! Now my wild child is home so that may be the end of my productivity since we have to run off to after-school activities.

      How’d everyone else do?

  • Grandma Marilyn

    For some reason, I did not get notification today of this blog post. Weird.

    I spent the morning and afternoon with my husband and his mother. While I was in town with hubby read part of Connie Green’s Affiliate Marketing book. Then this evening, I have been reading emails and going to the blogs of my favorite people….Debra Conrad, Tiffany Dow, Susanne Myers and others and reading and commenting and following links. Wrote on a blog post about my new Kindle book and how Debra Conrad helped me. Oh, yes, made a casserole during the middle of this. Now I plan to finish my emails and checking blogs. Then I hope to work on my new PLR site or bead patterns.

  • Loretta

    I’m adjusting to this new school schedule that is requiring us to get up at 6:00 AM, I am not a morning person at all. But, I did manage to get some work done this morning – even if it did require a third cup of coffee.

  • Christina Dodson

    I always love reading everything from you, Nicole (I’m one of your secret fans – lol). Your morning sounds like so many of my mornings!

    Today I got up at 6, as usual, and made my hubby’s “healthy” lunch, which is not too exciting since he has cancer–i’t s the same thing every single day: 2 protein drinks made with almond milk, vitamin supplements, and 6 jars of green juice. We drank our morning smoothy together, ate our bowl of flax and chia, had prayer, and he was out the door. After talking with him on the phone and making a quick call to my sister, I read a portion of my new book, “Good Families Don’t Just Happen.” After checking email and deleting 95% of my messages, I quickly read through only the articles I felt important (always Nicole’s, of course) and now I’m up for the day, so here’s my to-do list:

    1)Update 2 pages on my site
    2) Rewrite some PLR & add to my site.
    3) Follow up with 2 leads from my home business
    4) Design a page for health testimonials that are coming in for my business.
    5) Clear all the messages off my answering machine. 😉

    And then, my hubby will be home from work, so it’s supper time! 🙂
    Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

  • Patti

    Great challenge. You two should keep this up for at least two weeks. 🙂

    Monday wasn’t overly productive for me work-wise. I did get my aerobics session in and my weight lifting/strength training session done last night. Since I’ve decided to put health first, that’s been my main focus. And, since I’ve let myself get in pitiful shape, it’s made me more tired, so I haven’t planned a huge work load.
    However, I’ve enjoyed reading the challenges, and even posted on Susanne’s on Saturday (or Friday) after using some PLR.
    Tomorrow I host Wednesday writing sprints on my personal blog, so I plan to get several new articles written then.

    As for today, which is actually Tuesday now, I’ve done aerobics, brewed fresh tea, made eggs with sausage and cheese (that low carb, caveman thing) and I’m dressed. Hair and face will be next. 🙂 Then, I should check my dayplanner and see what I’m “supposed” to be doing. 😉

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Paul B. Taubman, II

    Wow! Sounds like your son was in the shower A LONG TIME (from #1: Threw son in the shower, headed out to drop off daughter and hubby to #2: Swung by the house, grabbed my son)! Was he like a prune when you took him out?!?!?! 🙂

    Monday was the first day of a class I was teaching (at college). I have taught the class before, but there is always a nervous excitement for me on Day 1 of a new semester! I find that I am anticipating that evening class all day long, regardless of how much I prep! Same is true when I am speaking. Once I am on stage, things go fine! But up to that moment I am in anticipation mode!

    Thanks for sharing!

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