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Marketing Monday: Business Card Design Winners

Hey my friends! 🙂  I've been in Atlanta teaching all weekend at the NAMS Conference and had a BLAST as usual!  (Pictures are coming soon….)

The last few months, I've been thinking about doing  a fun series called Marketing Monday. One thing that happened to me after starting a business is that I became totally interested in the psychology of advertising and marketing.

When I get a magazine, I find that I read the ads and skip most of the articles.

When I watch TV, I am oftentimes more interested in the commercials than in the show — especially when hubby is watching the beginning of a NASCAR race and there aren't enough crashes. 😉

So, I see cool marketing all the time and want to share it. But, as usual, this is going to be more about YOU than me.

Here's how it'll work.

1. I find an interesting piece of marketing.

2. I post it here.

3. You tell me what you think.

Sound fun?

The first item is a business card design that was a winner to me.

Yes, that is dental floss. This business card is plastic and contains enough dental floss for several emergencies. It's one you'll want to keep in your purse or wallet, in my opinion. You never know when the chicken is going to be tough or you'll get spinach stuck in your teeth. Better safe than sorry.

Obviously the purpose of this card is to get the recipient to keep it for a long time because it's useful.

So, what do you think is an essential part of marking your business card “stick”? Have you seen any really business card designs lately?

Talk to me. 🙂 Otherwise, I get lonely here.

Appreciate you!

Nicole Dean

PS. Thanks mom, for letting me borrow the card so I could scan it. I hope you didn't eat any popcorn last night since I had your floss. 😉

PS again. If you find some cool marketing, please share it with me. If I use it, I'll link to you.

PS one last time. Of course, I have to include an affiliate link since I just taught about including a call to action in your blog posts. So, here it is. lol. If you need some business cards, these are pretty cool:  “Skinny” & “Chubby” sized cards.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Down Or Just Me

    If I was picking a winner, I’d definitely pick this one too… Just because I love that the card has actual dental floss in it!! It’s amazing how much difference a small gimmick like that can make.


  • The Mom

    I’m so tickled that you chose this for your first “Marketing Monday.”

    This is definitely one of my all time favorite cards. Thanks to my Sister Barb for supplying me with these great business cards to USE. Yeah, USE, and that is exactly the point. I LOVE business cards that actually have a purpose and this one is tops with me. Great thinking, Delta Dental!

    And, yeah, actually I was scrounging around for my “floss card” in my purse today until I remembered I gave it to you, Nik! tee hee 😀

  • Susanne Myers

    Gotta chime in now so you don’t feel lonely 🙂

    I was listening to some Maverick Business Insider CDs on the drive home from NAMS and in one of the Interviews (can’t remember which one), they suggested adding 4 or 5 words on your business card that describe you. For example mine might say

    Bookworm – German – Sci-Fi fan and Mom

    The idea is to have a few things on their that describe you as a person (outside of whatever business you are in ) that the people you meet can connect and identify with.

    If another avid reader looks at that card, they may ask what book I’m reading right now … instant conversation starter.


    P.S. I’ll have to try using that little guilt trip technique to get my readers to take action since it’s obviously working on me this morning.

    • Nicole

      My last batch of cards, I put a picture on them.

      I find that I get home with a bunch of cards and don’t remember who goes with what. So that’s another idea, too.

      Guilt trip? What guilt trip? lol!

  • William

    wow, I thought that the edge of a business card was for using in the place of dental floss. Neat card, great idea. The card is from Wisconsin, so I’m off to get one asap.
    I enjoy watching the adds on TV to see the creative minds behind the adds. They are always thinking “outside the box” in order to grab our attention over other adds. That’s much the same as we need to think when blogging, and your a master at that. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Nicole

      lol, Bill! “wow, I thought that the edge of a business card was for using in the place of dental floss” – Touche. I have certainly used the edge of a business card in a pinch, too. 🙂

      It was great meeting you at NAMS!

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    I love this card – that is very cool! I’ve collected bagoombles of biz cards that just wind up sitting there, being saved….. you know? One that I would use or something like that would definitely keep your business front of mind. Shawn Collins (Affiliate Summit) got some cool ones one time – they were actually metal. Very interesting!

    Susanne – I love that idea! And I noticed that Loretta had done just that with her cards this time – I thought it was ingenious!

  • Shawn

    Cool card! I am conflicted about my business cards. I am a vendor at many craft & trade shows in my area and we pass out alot of business cards. I have been known to be upset if anyone who stops at my booth is not handed a business card. These cards are the free ones from Vista. I know these cards work because I get calls & orders from people who have seen me and kept my card. But then when I’m at an event and pass out my cheap card to another marketer and they hand me their fancy expensive card I feel pretty silly. I have thought of getting different cards but I really doubt my ability to have the right cards on me at the correct time. I can’t be the only one with this problem…can I?

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