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NAMS Conference in Atlanta: Review & Wrap-up

I just got home from the NAMS Conference in Atlanta. NAMS stands for Niche Affiliate Marketing System and it's all about how to get started with Affiliate Marketing and then grow your business out from there. I'm totally hooked on this event. (You won't see me promoting many live events – and you'll see why in a sec.).

I always have a hard time promoting NAMS, simply because I can't seem to express in words what I feel about how special this event is.

NAMS is family. Plain and simple.

There's no other event that I look forward to as much.

My NAMS Timeline

  • NAMS 2 (August 2009): I first discovered NAMS in August 2009. I bought a ticket and went as an attendee to meet the instructors (and, of course, learn a thing or two). I hung out and learned lots and had a great time. I was asked during that event to come back as faculty. (The man in charge, who started NAMS, David Perdew, knew that I worked with Jimmy D. Brown as his Affiliate Manager. David was also familiar with my work here on my blog and my site – as well as knowing that I'm a fun person with integrity. So, I was in.)

Here's a pic of me and David taken in 2010:

  • NAMS 3 (Jan. 2010): I went again in January 2010 to NAMS 3 as a presenter (and was so impressed that I brought my mom with me) – and had a fabulous time once again.
  • NAMS 4 (August 2010): I went to NAMS 4 (my 3rd time) and made tons of memories. In fact, I laughed so hard on a number of occasions that I gave myself a headache. 😉
  • NAMS 5 (January 2011): NAMS 5 was virtual. (Pout pout.) I did a presentation as a webinar, but, unfortunately wasn't able to hang with my friends since there was no live event.
  • NAMS 6 (August 2011): And, now I just got home from NAMS 6. I brought my mom again, as well as my 14 year old son. There are not many events that I would bring my family to, unfortunately. But this is DIFFERENT.
  • NAMS 7 (January 2012):  I can't WAIT for NAMS 7 in February!

What Makes NAMS Different from other Conferences?

As someone who’s been to bunches of seminars and conferences about Internet Marketing & How to Make Money Online – NAMS is unique and stands apart in many ways.

1. This is a Workshop as opposed to a Seminar.

The difference is that there are presenters, but the attendees are encouraged to accomplish goals during the day. Prizes are even awarded for those who take initiative and make progress.

2. Meet a Variety of Rockstar Faculty Members.

There is a huge faculty so you have the opportunity to hear things from different perspectives which is something that I love. Usually there are about 20 presenters, plus normally at least 8 aides (helpers) who are also knowledgeable marketers who are on hand to help the attendees.

3. Choose the right level for you. (Not one size fits all.)

The workshop is broken up into four rooms where newbies, beginners, intermediates, and advanced level marketers are challenged. There's the 100 (beginners), 200 (have a blog and need to make more aff sales), 300 (setting up more streams of income, including product creation), 400 (assets, outsourcing, systems, etc). Beginners never feel ‘dumb’ and Advanced students aren’t allowed to get bored.

4. There is no “pitching” allowed by the presenters.

Several seminars that I’ve attended were laughable because every single speaker ended his/her presentation with a sales pitch for a $2000-$5000 product that was “essential” and “breakthrough” and would change your life forever. I take that back. It would have been laughable if it hadn’t been so sad. It doesn’t sit well with me to see beginners writing check after check for materials that they do NOT need. It would be such a better investment for them to spend that money outsourcing and getting things DONE. (Stepping off the soapbox.)

Anyway, at NAMS, the presenters are there to help, not to sell, although we are able to have a “where you can learn more” slide at the end of our presentation with a special offer or just a link to our blog. If we meet at NAMS and you ask me about my products, I’ll gladly tell you where you can learn more about them, but I will not be up at the front of the room, telling you that you must spend your money on my stuff or be doomed to fail. In fact, I may recommend that you do not purchase my products if it's not a good fit for any reason.

5. AWESOME presenters. Big Hearts & Big Smarts!

Seriously. One thing that I love about David is that he doesn’t just look for smart people, but he finds positive, energetic, warm people who truly care. And, I’m absolutely honored to be included in that lineup for this event. As I mentioned, the presenters are great people and they are all highly approachable. You will not feel intimidated to talk with them, nor is it “cliquey”. The whole point is that the faculty is expected to be approachable during the weekend.

6. The networking simply rocks.

I haven't been able to figure out why this is the case, but the attendees are fabulous. The participants are smart, funny, good people and I always learn just as much by talking with them as I do from listening to the presentations.  In fact, some of the best brainstorming happens after hours.

Here's a pic in my hotel room at about 1 am during NAMS 4 –

Lain Ehmann, me, Kristen Eckstein

Overall, it's a very fun weekend. I'll be posting pics soon, but, in the meantime, wanted to make sure you could be part of this amazing community at whatever level you choose.

Let me quickly give you some options so you can pick what's right for you.

Option #1: My NAMS Membership  with the Benefit of Attending the Live Event in February for Only $97

David Perdew is creating a very cool place where you can learn, network, and grow with other affiliate marketers – and right now you can get in for a discount

All of this is included:

  • Monthly webinars with proven experts.
  • Exclusive eBooks, special reports, and training modules.
  • Special offers on upcoming events like the live NAMS workshop that I'm at that happens twice each year (you can attend for only $97 if you're a member)
  • Access to a private forum where you can ask questions of people who can help you.
  • Monthly Q & A sessions where your specific questions will be answered.
  • Member site reviews, so you can see how your sites can be improved.

Why so cheap? He's in pre-launch mode right  now.

Here's how you can get in before the first price increase.

Go to:  I Wanna Be a NAMster, too! and enter coupon code: MYNAMS85

Option #2: Get the Recordings from Last Weekend ($97 for the next few days)

If you'd like to get access to the recordings to all of the presentations, go here now, and you can save $200 with coupon: IWASTHERE

It's three solid days of awesomeness.

My presentation in the 400 room was “Building Assets on the Web: Multiple Streams of Income without Madness” — Terry Dean actually BLOGGED about my presentation – including mentioning an idea that he's going to copy from me. WOW. I'm still giggling a little about that. 🙂

ok. So, if you want to be a fly on the wall and learn about conversion from Terry Dean, building assets from me,
monetization from Bob “the Teacher” Jenkins – as well as Webinars from Paul Evans and a bunch more — check out this link:

Grab the NAMS 6 Recordings

Use Coupon Code: IWASTHERE to save $200!

Option #3: Buy a Ticket to NAMS 7 in January

The other way to attend is to purchase a ticket for NAMS 7 in February at full price. Here's the link to do that: NAMS 7 February (but again please note, with Option #1 you can get your ticket for a lot less).

I hope that helps tell you a little bit more about where I've been and what NAMS is all about.

I'll be posting more pictures soon!

Nicole Dean


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Kristen Eckstein

    Great write-up! I love NAMS for all the same reasons you list. And we need to do another pic of Lain, you & me in Jammies for Nammies at NAMS7!! 😀

  • RonaldHeadley

    This was the first time I attended NAMS (live) – I did the NAMS 5 (virtual) sort of – you Nicole were one of those Rock Stars that I came there to see and learn from. I am looking forward to NAMS7

  • Angie Newton

    Great post! I’m here to say that NAMS is pretty life changing. It’s amazing what can get accomplished in just 3 days. WOW. I went in with a few objectives and although I didn’t meet all of them really, I came away with a great opportunity. Amazing how things work out.

    It was so great hanging out with you and I adore your momma. I’ll be missing ya’ll at NAMS 7 because my stepdaughter is having her first baby (a girl!). But you can bet I’ll be at NAMS 8 next August.

    Thanks so much for all you do!

    • The Mom

      awww…. Angie, you are too sweet! And I adore you, too, and wish I could have gotten to know you better. Next time, eh? 😉

    • Nicole

      I agree. NAMS is life changing for me, too. Each one has touched me in a different way.

      Will miss you at NAMS 7 Angie. Kiss that brand new baby from me when she arrives in this wonderful world.


  • Felicia Slattery

    Like Ron who commented above, this was my first NAMS too — and I SO totally get you on the pitchfest model being so laughable. I cannot stand those presentations that put their product up to audiences like it is the be-all-end-all-buy-this-or-perish stuff. Pul-eeeaze.

    OH — and like it won’t be for sale somewhere else later… maybe for a few more bucks, for me it’s worth it to wait so I’m not buying on impulse but getting what I really need.

    Sorry– I got on a soapbox for a sec… but after being there, now I get why NAMS is so different. Just about everything about the event caters to helping people move forward from wherever they are now in their businesses. I love that.

    3 cheers for the visionary that is David Perdew.

    Hip hip, hooray!
    HIP HIP Hooray!
    HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!

    If you do business online (or want to) NAMS is a must. Hands down.

    Plus it was great to see you again even though apparently to get quiet girlfriend chit-chat time with you I’d have to be in your same hotel room! lol Maybe next time…
    Felicia Slattery

    • Nicole

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Felicia! Just wished we’d had more time together. It was madness. lol. Next time, we’ll request your room next to ours so we can have jammie time. 🙂

  • The Mom

    What a wonderful time and what wonderful people! This was my second NAMS (first one was NAMS3) and I definitely learned LIFE lessons at both… not just business lessons you’ll notice, but LIFE lessons. Nik, you are so right. Big Hearts and Big Smarts. I, as a humble blogger, felt just as welcome as if I were a Rock Star. Very sweet, warm, and welcoming. I’m here to say that if you feel like “just a blogger” this is the conference/workshop you want to attend.

  • The Mom

    Oh yeah… forgot to mention one of my other favorite things about NAMS. You can float between levels if you want. You don’t have to get ‘stuck’ in the 100 room, 200 room, 300 room, or even the 400 room. If you see something you like at another level, you can just go and enjoy. You never know what you might learn at ANY level. (Plus, even though I’m a beginner, I couldn’t resist going to see Connie Green, Bob Jenkins, and Susanne Myers do the AAA-BBB-CCC dance, and my dear Nik running around being distracted every time she saw a “Squirrel!” Gotta love it!

  • Paul B. Taubman, II

    One of the best things I learned at NAMS 6 was how to take a picture… Oh wait! I TAUGHT that at NAMS 6 🙂

    This was my first NAMS event and I echo everyone else’s sentiments! What a BLAST!

    Between the instructors, the students, the content, the teachings, the prizes, the hotel, the food, the friendships, (get my drift yet?) it was a fantastic weekend!

    It was great to catch-up with people I have not seen in months as well as meeting new people that I can look forward to seeing again at NAMS 7!

    Thanks, Nicole, for being yourself!

    See you next time!

    • Nicole

      lol. Paul. Where ARE those pictures anyway? 😀

      I look forward to seeing you again at NAMS 7! Until then go make money!

  • Ute Goldkuhle

    Nicole, you so superbly captured the essence of NAMS and the fabulous workshop again, NAMS6. I would not know how to better summarize all. I attended NAMS4 for the first time; did not know anybody and was totally bewildered as to where to begin. But I caught the fire, though not going anywhere with it. NAMS5 really turned me to a “full Newbie” and total commitment to learn. For the following months I truly studied and struggled too to focus and crystalize my niche. I was determined to learn the system from the quality instructorsl Virtual connections evolved. Wow, here came NAMS6! I suddenly understood the presentations and realized that I indeed had learned and ‘got it!’ Now, I also felt being part of the NAMSTER family as if we had known each other long ago. I would have never believed in the power of the system, and that indeed one can succeed in building a viable busines while also having fun! David’s vision to build a value-based workshop or ‘school’ and gather top quality business builders, instructors, successful enterpreneurs and fine human beings to pass on their knowledge to us (students) who aspire to realize our ‘silent dreams and passions’ is simply HUGE! This internet is still the Wild West of quick $$ schemes. But NAMS teaches and demonstrates a business building process every one can be proud of; and it assures the support needed to succeed and sustain.
    Thank you Nicole for summarizing NAMS so well and more so, for your commitment to be one of the quality instructors. I also loved meeting your Momr! Be ready, we two grandmas will be around for a while!

  • Tai

    Nicole you put into words what I have been thinking and trying to tell people ever since I got back from NAMS. I think that it’s great instructors like you who are the best part of NAMS. The fact that you get to meet and talk with such knowledgeable people is so important that everyone who want to do business online should take advantage of this conference. I can’t wait until January!

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