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Get Busy Blogging!

We all know blogs can be an important component of an online business.

They can:

* Help you to establish yourself as a “real person”
* Help you build relationships with current readers and customers
* Allow you to gain new readers that eventually turn into customers
* Help create new and important connections with other like-minded bloggers.

But what happens when you can’t think of anything interesting to write about on your blog?

This happens to me ALL the time! (Hence the feast or famine flow of posts here.) 😉

Blogs are started with the greatest of intentions, but then life gets busy. Or even when we’re good at keeping up with our blogs most of the time, we can find ourselves in an idea slump now and then.

If you’ve faced this challenge before, here’s a cool freebie that will help you generate more ideas than you can possibly write about. Plus, these are ideas that people will talk about, generating more BUZZ and word of mouth for your blog.

I’m talking about Lynette Chandler’s “12 Buzz Topics You Should Blog About Right Now”. If you don’t know Lynette, she is a good friend of mine, a great teacher and a wealth of knowledge on the topic of blogs. Whether it’s technology or blogging ideas, she knows her stuff.

The downloadable report is comes at no charge or any kind of obligation whatsoever. You don’t even have to opt-in to get it.

Just go to:

12 Buzz Topics You Should Blog About Right Now

…and click on “Download Now”.

At a super easy-to-digest 5 pages, Lynette has given you 12 sure-fire starter ideas that are applicable to ANY market. Take a few minutes to read it and get blogging!

Again, the link to grab yours is:

12 Buzz Topics You Should Blog About Right Now

By the way, while you're there, I do recommend that you sign up for her additional freebies. I'm on her notifications list and I'm getting some really fun stuff. If you don't, though, I think I might still be able to get some of the goodies for you — but I can't guarantee they'll give me permission to share all of them.

Have a great week!

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