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How to Handle Two Totally Separate Projects? Two Affiliate Programs or One?

Members at my site (no longer active) get a monthly lesson about making more money with their infoproducts. And, they also get to ask questions about the monthly lesson.

The topic of running an affiliate program comes up often – probably because I'm so experienced as an affiliate manager.

Here's an excerpt from the Q&A report for this month. I hope you enjoy it!

“Nicole, With the first lesson on Affiliates I have a question.

I am starting an internet marketing site and will be creating a business PLR site as well as a tutorial type site for businesses. Should an affiliate program be set up each separately?

I would also like to have an affiliate website but I don't want one for each site (i think that would be too much to handle). What would be the best way to organize these?

My Response:

I have separate affiliate programs for versus my other courses for two reasons.

  1. I may decide to sell in the future. If so, I don't want it tangled up with the rest of my business. I want a clean and clear sale. And, I want to be able to show that the profits from were exactly $X/month to a potential customer. That would be hard to do if it were inter-meshed.
  2. I don't want confusion on the part of my customers as to their rights. I tend to attract a lot of newbies to So, if they buy one of my “non-PLR” reports, I don't want any misunderstanding. Like to find someone taking a report like this one and copying pieces on their blog. This way, it's very clear which stuff of mine HAS PLR rights versus which only has personal rights.

As to how to organize it?

That's a really good question. Take a look at my affiliate center It's not a perfect solution, but you will notice that each page has a “signup” and “login” section.

Depending on what you're using to run the two programs, you could keep all of the tools in the affiliate management program and just send people directly to that section. You'll see that I do that for my stuff – I just send them to my affiliate center that's built at rather than trying to list everything in the general area.

I hope this helps if you're facing a similar decision.

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Troy Duncan

    As an affiliate, I always wondered why people would have separate affiliate programs for each product and not one central location for all of their products. I thought it was very inconvenient.

    After reading this post, I now understand the rationale behinds multiple independent affiliate programs.

  • Jeri

    You sent me an email today re: affilliate marketing business (Susanne, $7.00).
    I’m interested, but I’m a novice and don’t know how to get started. All I have is a blog about getting/staying fit, and don’t really know how to to that properly either.
    Any ideas? Just kidding.


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