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Day 15: Sabotage?

We're halfway through the Computer Butt Challenge.

The topic today is “Is your Diet Sabotaging your Workouts?”

I've got to admit —  although I don't care for sweets, I do love salty foods. So, I can stay out of the ice cream or cake pretty easily, but I love tortillas and queso dip and jalepeno poppers – and all those greasy, salty foods. ((Sigh))

The good news is that I normally do well, when I have my freezer plugged in – from November to June. It's July-October (while my husband is coaching football in the evenings and my freezer is unplugged for hurricane season) that totally sets me back when I go out to restaurants more than I should.

So, I guess I can either exercise more – or fix my diet during those months. (I know Scott will say “both”. lol.)

I will be working on that this week. Plugging in my freezer and loading it with meals that I make. Then, I can grab a healthy dish out of the freezer and toss into the oven.  I'm a woman with a “mission”. 🙂

As for exercise, please post your update today. If you missed the first two weeks of this challenge, no worries. Jump in at any time!

((hugs)) to all and thank you!

Nicole Dean

PS. Here’s where you can check out Scott & Angie’s Workouts:

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • The Mom

    Yes! My diet is sabotaging my workouts.

    You know I LOVE me some salty foods! (apple didn’t fall too far from that tree…)

    My trick (when I try hard to eat well) is to sort of trick my salt craving with lots and lots of GOOD food… like carb loading on good carbs. I’ll eat a whole bag of spinach or broccoli. Or I’ll make a huge batch of black bean soup or fried cabbage and fish. I find if I eat until I’m stuffed with good food, my cravings for salty snacks eases.

    Thanks Nicole for bringing this important question up for us Computer Butts.

    Exercise today? I think I’m going to walk. It’s nice out and I’d better get off my Computer Butt and enjoy it!

    Love ya!

    p.s. Freezer cooking? Let me know when! 😀

    • Nicole

      Funny that we just discussed this last night and then today I went into my drafts and this video was waiting to be posted.

      Methinks it’s a sign that I need to load up my freezer with good stuff – pronto. 🙂

      Have a nice walk, mom. Maybe come over later for another one?

  • Greg Gilbert

    I found my secret to weight loss a few months ago. I posted it on my blog It is titled “I’m overweight, I put on 1.5 pounds and I’m excited.” Just heard you on Pat Flynn’s podcast. I can relate to what you said. I now have 52 domains but just about to narrow it down to what I am going after. Thanks, gg

  • Nicole

    Today –

    17 minutes on spinner while watching SEO video.
    Then about an hour fast walk with mom. (Stopped when we found ANOTHER stray dog who was following us on our walk to call his owner and reunite them — seriously. Feeling like the Pied Piper for dogs.)

    Will do Angie’s workout tomorrow and get all three of her workouts in again this week. 🙂

  • Mark Mason

    I had a personal trainer once that used to say “You can out-eat any workout program.” I think there are times when people focus on their exercise program and take the focus off of their diet. They think about “rewarding themselves” for a great workout with ice cream (or whatever).

    Gotta watch out for that.


  • Lain Ehmann

    I’ve heard that 80 percent of weight loss is diet. Boo. I’m the type who would gladly exercise three hours a day if I could eat all the chips and salsa I want!

    Any suggestions on how to handle a healthier diet when your family (esp. your hubby) won’t cooperate???? I keep trying to keep the junk out, and he keeps bringing in the chips… ugh.

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