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How to Use Your PLR (& Reuse & Repurpose It Too)

Hi! I've got a very special treat for you today, a guest post from Alice Seba about how to actually USE the PLR you invest in and profit from it. Enjoy!

Don't Just Use Your PLR. Reuse & Repurpose Too

by Alice Seba

Nicole talks a lot about PLR around here – she’s always got tons of AWESOME content available (at and plenty of ideas for how to use it. Let's talk about some of those things you can do with PLR:

  • Search engine food – optimize it for your chosen keyword phrase for search engine traffic
  • Email Marketing – articles for your newsletter or ezine
  • Editorial Commentary – make an editorial commentary about the content in your newsletter or ezine and then link to the content on your site
  • Autoresponder Marketing – Preload your autoresponder with a bunch of articles or ready-made PLR autoresponder messages
  • Display Ads – use the content to display relevant ads on your site – whether through affiliate programs, Adsense or to promote your own products
  • Blogging – make it a blog post
  • Promotion – a basis for an in context product promotion. For example, an article on reducing credit card debt becomes the perfect way to introduce your debt reduction info product in the context of the article.
  • FAQ – create a FAQ with “how-to” PLR articles (DIY PLR (How to Bundles) gives you how-tos sure to impress your readers)
  • Subscriber Gift – take a PLR report or bundle up some articles to create a free gift for your newsletter subscribers
  • Membership Site – add the content to a membership site
  • Audio – use it as the basis for an audio recording or podcast
  • Video – consider the content as a rough script for a video
  • Printed Promotion – print up the content into a print newsletter or pamphlet
  • Info Products – use the content as the basis for an ebook or information product
  • Gift with Product – if you ship products, print out a PLR report and give it as a free gift to your customer
  • Feeder Sites – create feeder websites with PLR content that link into your main site
  • Workshops & Webinars – use the content for in person workshops or teleseminars (Nicole & Melissa have their Coaching PLR Content to help you do that)
  • Translation – translate it into another language
  • Publicity – incorporate the content into an informative press release

So many things you can do, but no matter what you do with one piece of content, don't stop there. Content can be used over and over again. If you post it to your blog one day, you might be able to use it again when you're putting together a press release, an information product or creating a website in another language.

Keeping Your PLR Organized for Reusing & Repurposing

If you're an avid PLR buyer, you may find it challenging to keep things organized. Of course, the system that works best for you will vary, but here's how I stay organized. Perhaps, some of these steps will help you create your own organization system too.

Step 1: Set Up Permanent Folders

All PLR is placed into a PLR folder and organized by topic. I also keep reports separate from articles and autoresponder messages. So I have a folder called PLR. I put all my PLR content here and it never gets deleted or moved, even if I use the content. This is my permanent library I can draw on anytime.

Inside that , I have folder of the main topics:

Then, I prefer to separate by the type of content:

Step 2: Browse & Search

Now I can browse through these folders anytime I need something. If I'm working on a report or a lengthy lesson, I will go to the reports and possibly the how-tos. If I'm looking to publish an article, I'd go to the articles, how-tos and reviews to find something suitable.

I can also search. Being on a Windows machine, I use the search function available. On the Start menu, I find the link to “Documents”:

I then select “PLR”, so I only search within the PLR folder.

The search box is in the top right, so I just type in the topic I'm looking for and results will appear:

Voila! I've got options. 🙂

But What About Keeping Track of What You've Used?

Of course, if you are regularly publishing content to your website or blog, you want to keep track of the PLR you've used. Having the permanent folder system might make it difficult to do this. A few approaches you might try:

Option #1: Also Add Content to a Site-Specific Folder

In addition to the permanent folder, keep separate website folders where you copy in the appropriate PLR content for that site. Then when you use the content on that site, you can either delete the article or mark it as used, something like this:

By doing this, there is some duplication of your efforts (ie. the content is in two places), but that way you can unsure you only use it as website content once, but you still have your permanent PLR folder to return to at a later date.

Option #2: Use the Content Right Away

Perhaps the simplest way to ensure you use all your articles on a particular site is to publish the content right away as you purchase it or when you download your content from a monthly membership. I usually specify a specific day of the month where I publish and schedule all my content. If I happen to pick up content at other times of the month, I make sure to set aside time to get those scheduled right away as well.

By the way, if you're looking for easy publishing to WordPress, all monthly members at All Private Label Content get access to the Speedy APLC Publisher which allows you to upload your PLR content, set a category, author and publication interval. It's super easy to use and helps ensure you get all your PLR published.

Here's a screenshot of the WordPress plug-in:

In the above example, you can see that you can set the author, category and interval for all the articles. Or you can go through each article and set up different authors, categories and change the status to “DRAFT” if you prefer to edit the article first.

Think Reuse and Repurpose

Part of being able to reuse and repurpose is getting into that mindset. Work towards automatically thinking about how you can use the content you ALREADY have to create something new. When you start working on a new article, report or any piece of content, search through your PLR folder.

When you find something, you can:

• Republish and distribute the exact same content somewhere new or in a new format (html, pdf, mp3, etc)

• Take an excerpt and paste it into your new content verbatim.

• Review PLR for ideas and then create original wording from there.

• Rework previous PLR by adding examples, more step-by-step advice, etc.

By doing this, you've got a ready-made source to reuse or even recreate. If you've got PLR…you've got options!

About the Author:

Alice Seba has been a quality PLR provider since 2006. Check out her latest project by clicking here -> How to PLR Bundles to give your reader high-value, step-by-step illustrated content. Add your affiliate links, add it to an info product or make it into blog posts.

It's all up to you. Click here to see the available topics.

Or just want to know how to get your content to make you money?

Sign up for her free upcoming Monetize Your Content course.

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I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Sheila Atwood

    I do like you method of organizing your PLR. I have learned that I usually do best if I get it online immediately. But this will work for those times I have something I am in the middle of and the PLR that I have not used yet.

    Setting up feeder sites with PLR is an excellent idea. No to get organized and use the PLR I have to do that.

    • Alice Seba

      I agree it’s good to get in the habit of using it right away. The filing system is definitely not a “procrastination system”…but a way to always have it on hand when needed. I do the same with my original content as well.

  • Peggy Baron

    Right on Alice!

    People do tend to get in a rut with PLR. They buy it and put it on their blog, thinking that’s the end of it. But there is sooo much more they can do with it, and you’ve laid it out quite nicely.


  • Ruth - Web Career Girl

    Excellent post! This is pretty much how I organize my PLR too and it really does help to make sure I’ve got it right there whenever I need it.

  • Mike Paetzold

    I organize topic folders but do the same with separating different types of PLR like reports from articles etc.

    I am a firm believer of the 24 hour rule although it does not always work I try to start using any PLR purchase in 24 hours so it does not get forgotten and become digital dust collector.

  • LaTara Ham-Ying

    Hey Alice,

    I organize my PLR sorta like you do! I guess I am pretty smart huh 🙂

    Joking aside I love some of the ideas you shared. I never thought about printed material or even translating information.

    Thanks for all you do to help us succeed!

  • Rhonda

    I must admit, I’m a PLR addict. I do take extra care of organizing my content within labeled folders. If I think that I may use the content for another site in the near future, I also abbreviate which site I already used it on so that I can remember.

  • Tony Wilson

    I know this sounds like a strange email.
    I have a PDF of my receipt from Paypal for a purchase I made from you a while back.
    I tried to contact you via the email on the Paypal receipt, but maybe it did not get to you.
    I am happy to send you a copy of the receipt
    I bought a download of some of your PLR and had it sitting on my hard drive. Before I was able to use it, my computer went into melt down.
    Actually I reformatted my hard drive, and even though I had a backup on an external hard drive, somehow I managed to erase that as well.
    So it is 11 years of all my data down the drain.

    A friend recently suggested that I contact you and see if you could send me another download of the PLR that I had bought.
    If you could do that I would be eternally grateful.


    • Nicole

      Hi Tony. 🙂

      Is this note to me or to Alice?
      Both of us have support staff that answer emails within 48 hours on business days, so we’ll be happy to help.


    • Tony Wilson

      Hi Nicole

      I have emailed twice since you replied to my post. The emails include a copy of my invoice for your products. However I have not had a reply.

      Just today I bought the Migraine PLR, so would really appreciate it if you could resend the other products that I bought.


      • Nicole Dean

        Hey Tony,

        It looks like it’s an email issue.

        I checked my support center and I can’t find any contact from you at all. It’s weird, but it happens on rare occasion. 🙁

        Can you please “friend me” on Facebook and then DM me with whatever you need?

        I’ll personally get you the download links you need. I’m so sorry about that.


  • Marya Miller

    That was so detailed and full of great tips, it should have been sold as a Special Report!

    The WordPress plug in was news to me – looks like a great tool.

    Thanks, Nicole and Alice!

  • Louise Fourie

    Nothing beats Google Desktop if you haven’t been organizing from the beginning. I search for topics and move them into the correct folders. Works great. So don’t lose hope if your computer is a mess, you can still fix it.

  • maria gudelis

    THis is a GREAT “how to” and indeed I can tell a lot of time was invested in it to include screenshots, have it run so concise and smooth – really appreciate the golden tips in here for better organization Alice and Nicole!!

    PLug in looks interesting as well so I’m off to that plr site to check it out!

    THanks for the great blog post!!

    ONe more think i use PLR:

    The ad copy of the chapter titles/ report titles for ideas for BOOKS to publish on Amazon, B&N!!

    Cheers, Maria Gudelis

  • Steve Dougherty

    Great tips on using as well as organizing the PLR.

    With the fairly inexpensive costs of hard drives, internal and external, your idea of saving the PLR content in multiple folders in multiple locations – the Used and the Original – is simply brilliant. 🙂 (simple & brilliant)

    Thanks Nicole & Alice

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    Totally printing this out and Alice, you know exactly where it’s going! 😉

    Good stuff!!!

  • Karen McGreevey

    Thanks for the fantastic list of ways to use PLR, Alice. Some I’ve used and some I hadn’t even thought about.

    What I’m particularly thrilled to have, though, is your “system” for categorizing and organizing the PLR once it’s on my computer. While I do already have a bit of folder system, mine is not as detailed as yours. Now I know that once I incorporate yours with mine, I’ll really be super organized.


  • Lisa Wells

    Hi Alice, I’ve been a customer for years, love your stuff! Just the other day I was trying to come up with an organization system for the “used” things and ended up making a big mess. I like your simple system WAY better. Thank you 😉

  • Edie Dykeman

    I’m just in the process of trying to get organized due to a computer crash, then used laptop while waiting for repair, now everything is combined. Since then I have purchased more PLR and everything seems muddled. This article is very timely for me as I don’t perform well when in chaos! Thank you for the great ideas.

  • vernon




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