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Weird Niche Wednesday: Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Hi again. It’s Weird Niche Wednesday time.

If you're new to Weird Niche Wednesday, you're in for a treat. I find weird niches and websites and share them. We'll discuss whether it's a viable niche and also have some fun.

Today's niche is just cute.

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Here. Let me show you. This is my puppy Einstein in the costume my daughter picked out for him. It's not a very good picture of him, but you'll get the idea.

Yes, that's a Gladiator on his back. 🙂

So, obviously my family spent money on a Dog Halloween Costume. But does that mean we're just weird, or could this actually be a decent niche?

I started to look around…

Are dog costumes available in Stores?

I noticed dog halloween costumes at PetSmart and Target while shopping.  So, yes, they are available offline.

Are they being sold online?

Yes. They've got tons of Dog Halloween Costumes at

Here are a few… (Click on the pic to see more.)

At they have a nice selection. This one is my favorite:

Are Other People Making Money in this Niche?

I checked where I found tons of Halloween Costumes for pets. The listings weren't getting many bids, but it is only a few days away from Halloween, so I'm not sure if that's a true indication of shopping habits.

This one is my favorite on eBay…

One last search – Are there paid advertisers?  Oh yeah…

Is this Niche Actively Searched?

I used the Google External Keyword Tool, and yes, it does appear that the terms “dog costume” and “dog halloween costume” both get a decent number of searches. I didn't even look into “Pet costumes” but that's another possibility for more traffic.

Is this Market one that Spends Money?

Oh yeah. Pet people are CRAZY when it comes to dropping cash.

Is there a Way to Monetize this Niche?

There are tons of ways to try to monetize this niche. Here are two quick ideas…

  1. Apply for the & affiliate programs and find products on there to promote.
  2. Adsense Ads – since there are advertisers on Google, this could be another stream of income.
  3. Make patterns for dog costumes and sell them to sewers.
  4. Design your own costumes and sell them in boutiques.

So, is this a viable niche?

As always, Weird Niche Wednesday is just a starting point. I recommend you do more research before deciding whether or not you want to enter a niche.  But, I would certainly say this one is worth looking into — especially if you're already established in the pet market.

Thanks, as always, for hanging out for Weird Niche Wednesday with me. Please leave a comment below – and a picture of your dog in his costume if you have one. 😀

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Sheila Atwood

    This is a great niche….I think just about anything pet or dog would be. I saw a ferret show on TV where thousands of ferret owners go and compete. The ferrets were dressed up in costumes too.

    In fact my neighbor always has her dog dressed up

    This niche looks like a lot of fun.

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    These costumes are so so so funny! I love Einstein’s – it is unique and one I haven’t seen a million times before – or ever! And it might just be one that wouldn’t bother the dog so much – and still let you have your fun! So how does Einstein feel about it?

    Shrek and Yoda are way too funny, as well!

  • Darren

    LOL… these are some funny costumes. My wife actually made some for the dogs a couple years ago. They were a hot dog and a tootsie roll. She made them out some sort of felt material. They also looked pretty funny.

  • DeAnna Troupe

    Those are simply adorable. If I still had a dog, I’d definitely want one of those.

  • Loretta

    Oh, Einstein looks thrilled about that 😉 It’s definitely a crazy obsessive niche, there are even dog costume parades and contests in some places! Sadly, I don’t live in one of those places – Halloween around here is practically nonexistant, we don’t even have decent stuff for the kids to do let alone the dogs.

  • Lisa Wells

    I have two pugs so I’m always on the lookout for an inexpensive “Frank” costume (Men in Black). Love those hot dog costumes – I’m thinking one ketchup and one mustard.

  • The Mom

    I have to chime in here. You know what’s even funnier than dogs in costumes? Cats in costumes! Because cats don’t tolerate nonsense well, they always have a nasty look on their face. Ha!

    Having worked at Drs. Foster & Smith (pet stuff) call center for a short stint, I KNOW pet people are CRAZY people. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our pets and spend huge amounts of money on them, sometimes on very silly stuff.

    Yeah. If you can fit pet supplies of any kind in your niche, it will make $$$$!

    p.s. On the Crazy Scale (based on my experience at the call center) here’s the ranking, in case you want to know…

    4th place – dog people
    3rd place – cat people
    2nd place – fish people
    1st place – bird people

    Based on that info, maybe a bird costume niche would be your best bet. Ha!

  • The Mom

    Thanks for the reminder… Halloween’s coming and we must dress up our pets! Are we nuts? Yup. Is it a marketable niche? Yup. What’s Einstein going as this year? 😀

    Love Weird Niche Wednesdays!

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