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I’m in a Giving Mood Lately! Free PLR

Just wanted to pass along some new and FREE PLR!

I’ve had so many people ask why I’ve been giving away free PLR lately. Here’s the method behind my madness! 😉

In each of the documents I am giving away there are places to make recommendations for affiliate programs. I hope those who grab these will promote the products that I’ve already included. Heck, I do my best to make it easier for YOU!

I’m also looking for some great affiliates! (you know, the kick-butt kind like you) You make money, I make money, and we pass stuff along so others can make money too!

Not just Win-Win, but Win-Win-Win!

Ok, now that you know WHY I’m doing it, you’re probably thinking “Just give me the freebies Nicole!” 😉

Here they are. Just grab the ones that you're interested in, read the enclosed PDF file to find out which affiliate programs are included and the rules. Yeah there are a few of those! Then open the Word document and check it out!

Infoproduct Checklist: How to Start your Own eBook Business

(This could easily make a nice outline for a product or become a viral free report.)

Get Your Piece of the Pie when you Tap into the Biggest Market on the Planet… People who EAT!

Keep an eye on this page for MORE Free PLR to be added soon!



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