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Freedom from Online Business – No More Being Strapped to Your Chair

When Jimmy D. Brown hired me as his Affiliate Manager, he said

Nicole, I am hiring you because I want more time to play tennis and relax with my wife and son. At the same time, I want to take my business to even higher income levels.

At this point, I'm thinking “Add some MORE zeros to his income –SWEETNESS!”

As we were talking, I asked who I'd be working with, wondering who his staff members were that I'd interact with, never for a second imagining his response.

I found out that he was doing it ALL himself! Now, I was then and am still a HUGE fan of Jimmy's, so I certainly am not criticizing. Heck, he's built an amazing business, and is incredibly focused and manages his time better than anyone that I know. I learn from him each and every day. He's like Superman!

However, at the time I was thinking “He's sooooo gonna LOVE working with me!” 😉 You see I had a few tricks up my sleeve.

As a busy affiliate manager and internet marketer, I believe in automation and delegation. And, we were about to put much of his business on autopilot.After a few weeks of working through Jimmy's wish list, we chatted again.

Me: “What would you like me to start working on next?”

Jimmy: “You're done?! How did you get so much stuff done in so little time?”

Me: “I had my girls do a lot of it.”

Jimmy: “Your girls?”

Me: “I have a team of moms who specialize in different things and I pay them to do a lot of the non-private stuff.”

You see, I have found that the fastest way that I can free up MY time is to delegate to others.

Heck, I REFUSE to be a slave to my business, too. So, it doesn't make sense to take the chains from Jimmy and strap them to myself, now does it? 😉

This is what freedom looks like!

Jimmy is on the road — a lot. Oftentimes, I email him and get this back “Here's the info you asked for. By the way, we're having fun in (insert city of the week — St. Louis, NYC, Destin, etc.). Ever been there?”

As for me, I took a four week holiday this summer to spend time with my family. And, no, I didn't have a Blackberry strapped to my side. I didn't even have internet or cell phone access in the cabin where I stayed. Did my business suffer? Nah! Did Jimmy's? Nope. Not a bit. Business boomed.

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Have a wonderful week!
Nicole 🙂

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