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158+ Blog Content Brainstorming Ideas for June *Updated 2019*

My good friend, Ronnie, just sent a great brainstorming list of ideas for what to blog about during June – and, because he's a done-for-you content provider like me, he's also linked a bunch of ideas that you can use to spark your content creation.

Of course, I've also added a bit to this to give you some more ideas. So if you're planning your content for next month, I hope this is helpful. If it is, then I could be talked into making this a regular feature. #justsayin

General Things Going on in June

Halfway point of the year:

June is the halfway point. It's time to step up and make the rest of the year a success. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about creating content to motivate others to do just that.

  1. HABITS: Tiny Tweaks for Big Results
  2. Self Motivation Guidebook
  3. Self Motivation Workbook
  4. How To Write Your Own Success Story
  5. How To Write Your Own Success Story Worksheet
  6. How To Write Your Own Success Story Checklist
  7. You 2.0: A Guide to Reinventing Your Life
  8. You 2.0 A Guide To Reinventing Your Life Worksheet
  9. Unproductive Why We Get Stuck
  10. Creating Power Goals: How to Create a Roadmap to Achieve the Greatness You Deserve
  11. Are Limited Beliefs Holding You Back?
  12. Why It's Never Too Late To Go After Your Dreams
  13. Having Less Than I Need Drives Me To Work Harder
  14. 8 Ways To Fuel Your Motivation
  15. I Stay Positive When Circumstances Seem Grim
  16. Five Ways To Increase Your Motivation
  17. Embracing The Power of Failure
  18. Uncertainty Does Not Sway Me From My Plan Of Action

End of the school year:

Activities for the kids, improving their grades, reading together. Family time. And what about keeping their brains active during the summer?

  1. 25 Ideas For Family Night
  2. 25 Unique Activities To Do With Your Family
  3. 5 Ways to Save Money on Summer Fun For The Kids
  4. Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Save Money on Family Activities This Summer
  5. 5 Ways To Create Money For Summer Outings
  6. Introduce Your Kids to Art With 12 Activities They'll Love
  7. The Importance of Playing Outdoors With Your Children
  8. Motivating Your Children to Get Things Done
  9. How to Promote Healthy Behaviors In Your Children
  10. Nine Summer Activities to Enjoy With Your Children
  11. 6 Unique Activities To Do With Your Grandkids on the Weekend
  12. A Thrifty Parent's Guide to Electronic-Free Activities for Kids
  13. 9 Family Activities for the End of the Summer
  14. Family Matters: Promoting Family Harmony
  15. 8 Tips to Help Your Children Transition from Summertime to School Time
  16. Enjoy Family Fun for Free with a Summer Staycation
  17. A Parent's Guide to Helping Your Teen Enjoy Meaningful Activities


Teens need to discover their passions and next step in their life. I definitely know this stage as I've got one out of the house, one in college and one who is graduating in 2 years. The empty nest is real, ya'll.  And this is a HUGE niche.

  1. Finding Your True Passion
  2. What Do You Want? Designing A Plan For Your Life
  3. 25 Ways To Find Your Passion and Lead a Fulfilling Life
  4. Make Life More Fulfilling Discover Your Life Purpose
  5. 25 Ways To Discover Your Passions
  6. Create A Vision For Your Life Today
  7. Design The Life You Desire With A Life Plan
  8. How To Discover Purpose In Your Life And Avoid Boredom
  9. 15 Questions To Ask Yourself To Discover Your True Passions
  10. Defining Your Life Purpose Statement Worksheet
  11. New Ideas For Discovering Your Life's Purpose
  12. Setting Your Life Priorities
  13. The Essential Guide To Job Offers
  14. How To Make Your Dream Job A Reality
  15. Boosting Your Value Without Traditional Education


Summer is a time of fun and adventure. It's filled with summer road trips and vacations and memories.

  1. Summertime Fun For You And Your Kids
  2. Summer Memories Keeping A Travel Journal Of Your Summer Vacation
  3. Bask In The Glorious Outdoors Exercise Options That Make The Most Of A Beautiful Summer
  4. Rev Up For a Fantastic Summer
  5. Rejuvenate Your Life With A Low Stress Summer Vacation
  6. I Am Comfortable Wearing A Swimsuit
  7. Reinvigorate Your Life With A Summer Of Discovery
  8. Simple Strategies To Sneak More Nutritious Foods Into Your Kids Meals (can be tweaked to be about eating healthy while on summer vacation)
  9. Take Advantage of Warm Summer Nights for Meditation
  10. How to Survive the Hottest Summer Months and Still Have a Blast
  11. Summer Fun Can Mean Spiritual Growth
  12. Use Those Long Summer Days for Personal Improvement
  13. Developing Your Summertime Action Plan
  14. I Improve Myself Through Summer Activities
  15. Planning An Inspiring Summer
  16. Road Trip Rules For Healthy Eating
  17. Budgeting For Your Road Trip
  18. 8 Ways To Save Money On Family Road Trips
  19. Grow your Own Salad Indoors


I don't know about you, but summer is my main fitness time. I love being outside (and I'm in a swimsuit a lot by our pool) so I'm motivated to exercise and be more active.

  1. I Am Empowered To Exercise During Summer Days
  2. Ten Ways To Improve Your Appearance This Summer
  3. 12 Creative Ways To Add 100 Steps A Day
  4. 11 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym
  5. 8 Surprising Ways To Burn Calories At Home
  6. 17 Ways To Lose Weight Faster
  7. Free! Walking for Fitness

People move houses more during the summer:

You can blog about the stress of moving, conflict in families, minimalism, clear the clutter, kids move out to college, empty nest, renovations, etc.

  1. Should You Sell Your Property Or Turn It Into A Rental
  2. Moving? Relocate For Less With These Money Saving Strategies
  3. Tips for Buying or Selling Your Home
  4. Tips For Buying Or Selling Your Home Cheat Sheet
  5. Budget Room Makeovers Weekend Projects For Under $1000
  6. Home Improvements That Increase The Value Of Your Home
  7. Selling Your Home Get The Best Price
  8. Selling Your Home Get The Best Price – Worksheet
  9. 6 Steps To A Successful Open House
  10. Home Organization Tips For The Unorganized
  11. Avoid These Home Buyer Turnoffs And Sell Your Home Faster
  12. Eliminate All But The Essentials: A Guide To De-Cluttering Your Life
  13. My Home Is Free From Clutter
  14. Unclutter Your Home To Unclutter Your Life
  15. Eight Ideas For Getting Rid Of Unwanted Household Items
  16. Is Minimalism For You?
  17. 10 Amazing Advantages Of Minimalism

And, in the business world?

Blog about productivity so you can get more done in less time and spend more time by the pool (like me).

Motivation when you don't want to do all of the things you need to do.

What are some things to discuss about that? Outsourcing, leverage, productivity, being more efficient, tools and services that can help you to get more done. So many wonderful things.

How about Marketing and Planning to prepare for the End of Year business rush?


Fun and Wacky Holidays During June

June 5 – National Veggie Burger Day

  1. Ease Your Way Into Going Vegetarian
  2. The Whys And Hows Of Vegetarianism
  3. The Whys And Hows Of Vegetarianism – Cheat Sheet
  4. Ancient Superfoods
  5. Ancient Superfoods – Worksheet
  6. Feel Healthier In 30 Days With This Vegetarian Experiment
  7. A 5 Minute Guide To Weight Loss For Vegetarians
  8. How To Save Money On Groceries As A Vegetarian
  9. 6 Easy Ways To Use More Healthy Green Vegetables In Your Cooking
  10. Top 5 Healthiest Dark Green Vegetables
  11. Healthy Foods Shopping List
  12. Making Healthy Food Choices In Our Busy Lives

June 6 – National Gardening Day

  1. How To Find Joy In Summer Nature Exploration
  2. I Take Time For My Hobbies
  3. Frugal Living Tip Of The Month: Starting A Food Garden
  4. Find Peace In Your Spring Garden
  5. A Parent's Guide To Gardening With Kids
  6. Uplifting Meditations With A Garden Theme
  7. My Mind Is A Garden That Needs Careful Tending
  8. I Regularly Search For Weeds In The Garden Of My Mind
  9. The Rose Garden Fable
  10. 11 Ways To Help Your Kids Spend More Time Outdoors
  11. Back To Nature Finding Serenity In The Great Outdoors

June 15 – National Smile Power Day

  1. 15 Ways To Feel Happier In A Hurry – Slide Deck
  2. The Science Of Making A Great First Impression
  3. Each Day I Make Time For Laughter
  4. There Is A Place In My Life For The Things That Make Me Smile
  5. I Surround Myself With People Who Make Me Smile
  6. Inspirational Graphic: A Smile on My Face Draws Others Towards Me
  7. The A To Z Guide To Becoming More Optimistic
  8. My Smile Is Contagious
  9. The Bounce Back Solution For Your Discouraging Days
  10. 4 Simple Steps To Having A Great Day
  11. How To Surround Yourself With Positive People
  12. Everyday Happiness: Unlock The Happiness You Deserve

June 16 – Father's Day

  1. 25 Love Notes (can be easily modified for dads)
  2. 25 Ideas For Family Night
  3. 29 Ways To Show Love (can be easily modified for dads)
  4. 25 Ways To Romance Your Man
  5. How To Be A Great Male Role Model
  6. 13 Ways To Say Thank You
  7. I Teach My Children To Be Thankful

June 23 – National Hydration Day

  1. Simple Foods That Help With Hydration
  2. Managing Liquid Calories Made Easy
  3. The Surprising Truth About What Happens When You Drink One Percent More Water
  4. I Drink Plenty Of Water To Keep My Body Healthy
  5. Safely Detox Your Body Without Cleanses
  6. 7 Strategies That Help You Break Free From Your Soda Addiction
  7. Does Tea Help You Lose Weight And Detoxify Your Body?
  8. Enjoy These Benefits Of Juice Fasting And Strengthen Your Health
  9. Fun And Healthy Drink Garnishes To Liven Up Your Party
  10. What Is Golden Milk And How Can It Strengthen Your Health?

Where to Publish the Articles

  • Your blog. Ronnie recommends using the Content Auto Loader.
  • Medium
  • Email newsletter
  • Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Tip: use the Content Summarizer to automatically select highlights from the article, then link to the full article on your blog
  • Publish in a weekly or monthly magazine template
  • Tip: Use this free coaching magazine template.
  • Print it and hand it out in your office

How and Where to Publish the Slide Deck Presentations

  • Present as a live webinar
  • Post the PDF to SlideShare
  • Create a video slideshow and published on YouTube and Facebook. Use Ronnie's relaxation background audio as the music.

How and Where to Publish the Reports and Ebooks

  • Give it away as a lead magnet in exchange for name & email
  • Sell it as a low-ticket tripwire ($7 – $27)
  • Transform it into a slide deck presentation and deliver it as a webinar
  • Tip: Use the Auto Slide Deck tool to create presentations automatically
  • Extract the key highlights and present it as a Facebook or YouTube Live
  • Tip: use our Content Summarizer to automatically extract the key highlights from the book
  • Create a coaching program or course by combining a few reports, articles, worksheets, etc.
  • Tip: Watch the free video training series: How To Build a Course Using Content

How and Where to Publish the Affirmations & Reflections

  • Record several affirmations and sell it as a meditative audio course
  • Create a relaxation video and publish it on YouTube. Use the Inspirational Wallpapers as the background images.
  • Tip: Recite the affirmations, display the affirmations on the screen and add some relaxation background music that you can download from the Content Library.
  • Post the affirmation to Twitter and Facebook
  • Add an affirmation to your magazine or newsletter
  • Tip: Use this free coaching magazine template.
  • Email your list the “Affirmation of the Week”

Need Pictures to Spice up Your Content and Make Social Media Posts?

My favorite places to get images are:

Here are a few collections you might like:


Nicole Dean (with lots of help from the awesome Ronnie Nijmeh)

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

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