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FAQ: How do I Get More Clients?

If you're a Virtual Assistant, Writer, Consultant, Web Designer, or Techie, you know that the one thing that is your lifeblood, the one thing that keeps your income steady, is a finding clients. Luckily, there are several ways to keep a steady stream of clients coming in through your door.

Here are just a few:

Advertise in Ezines.

There are online newsletters everywhere that accept advertising. The key thought is to purchase advertising in publications that reach your target market and to create your ad to showcase your expertise. Don't try to be everything to everyone or you won't attract clients. Assuming you offer business-to-business service, it only makes sense to advertise in ezines that reach… businesses. And, I hope you'll narrow down your target market even more than that.

Bad Ad Example: Hire me to lighten your workload. I can do everything that you don't want to do. Let's talk!

Better Ad Example: Are you ready to get more leads to your online store? I will handle your ezine advertising campaign for you. No more searching for targeted ezines, no more writing and tracking your ads. I'll handle it all it all. My clients experience a boost in subscribers, and customers, after I complete my ezine advertising campaigns that will pay for my services. Check out my website for testimonials and free tips.

Write and Submit Articles.

The key with writing and submitting articles for your service-based business is to stay on topic. Don't write and submit articles about health or pet care. Present a problem in your article and solve it. Make sure your author bio is very compelling to attract potential clients.

Recommended Resources: – a full course that will teach you step-by-step, in detail, how to effectively market with articles. – a short report with advanced tactics to take your article marketing to the next level.

Network where *successful* people hang out.

A huge mistake that VA's and Ghostwriters make is to hang out on forums where there are other people struggling to make money. Instead, join a membership site for your target market and you'll find yourself in the “inner circle”.

Recommended Resource: – the place where I have met all of my Virtual Assistants and some of my writers.

Advertise at

One of the easiest ways to get your name in front of business owners looking for help is to advertise on Again, it is crucial that you list your specialty in order to stand out from the other providers. But, if you can find a problem that business owners face, and offer to handle it for them, you'll attract loyal clients who will continue to work with you for years to come.

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Of course, there are ways to get more clients through your existing ones, like referrals, improving your current website to attract more people, building your own list, posting special offers on forums — all of which I will get into more in future posts.

What are YOUR favorite ways to attract clients? Would love to hear your thoughts. And, do check out Shelancers soon. The special on advertising is ending after the introductory period ends.


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  • Tishia Lee

    Seems how I’m looking for more clients, this post came at the perfect time. You’ve given me some great ideas and I really need to jump on the article marketing bandwagon!

  • Mary

    I am a new VA,”doors” just opened and I am certainly looking for my first clients! These are some great ideas, and it’s good to know I’m on the right track. I’m already a member of Mom Masterminds and Shelancers. Now I’m going to look into advertising on ezines. Thanks!

  • Authors Assistant

    I wish more folks provided information like this!


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