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Give yourself a Raise — Quickly

One of the biggest frustrations in internet marketing is that you have to sell thousands of $10-$20 ebooks each year in order to make a full-time living online. The logistics can be pretty daunting.

If your goal is $20,000/year, you have to sell either 2000 ebooks at $10 each or 1000 ebooks at $20 each, right? And, you have to deduct for affiliates and paypal fees, so you'd actually need to sell quite a few more. Ouch.

There are a few ways to get over this hurdle.
1. Reach more people. (Get more customers.)
2. Write more ebooks. (Offer more low end products.)
3. Offer a higher-end product or service that your existing customers can pay more for. (Charge more for… something.)

Many people flinch at the third option. The thought of putting together a huge course or a big DVD package that they can sell for $100 or more sounds like a ton of work.

However, in Jimmy D. Brown's usual way, he's found a way to help marketers earn more with their EXISTING business. That's the part that I love about this. It doesn't even entail setting up a new website. You can just add this to your current business and multiply your income immediately.

What is it?

Coaching. Personal one-on-one e-coaching.

Jimmy's been doing this for years. And, every time he offers coaching, it sells out.

He's just written a short report on the topic. So, whether you teach people how to get their babies to sleep at night or teach women how to look good in a bikini this summer… people may be willing to pay you (and pay you well) for some hand-holding to reach their goals.

Here's the report. It's only $10 and it comes with resale rights so it's a pretty good deal.

Let me know if you've tried this and what the results were.


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Gaida

    Hi Nicole,
    Jimmy D Brown’s reports are always informative without any fluff and he always makes them affordable.

    We’re all looking for ways to work smarter rather than harder.

  • Carole

    I am in the process of learning about how to reach my goals especially “Give yourself a Raise-quickly” is hard to do that. I know for a fact it takes time for the website to reach other customers and I myself know that I cannot expect quick earning for after setting up the website. I have been told {it takes time}. However, I learn that I must add something to my website such as affiliate, clicks and many more. I still considermyself as a beginner website owner.

  • Administrator

    Hi Carole.

    Yes, my post above was for people who already have an established website. 🙂

    As for you, you may wish to click on some of the Freebies for WAHMs that I have available for some foundational online business learning.

    Hope that helps!

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