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Successful WAHMs — what does it take?

So often moms struggle at their online business. They may make a few bucks here and there, but they are working hours for pennies. It's just not worth the time. Oftentimes, they give up, thinking that it's not possible to make money online or that they're a failure for struggling at it. Neither is true. Why do so few meet their income goals? What's missing?

I interviewed 16 moms who are all making full time money online and asked them a few very direct questions. “What was your #1 mistake?” and “What was your tipping point?” for instance. They were not shy in answering at all.

The funny thing was that I kept hearing a lot of the same answers. So, maybe being an online success isn't such a mystery after all.

I found it fascinating and I think you will, too.

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PS. I would love to hear what YOUR tipping point was, as well. Please post it below.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Melissa Ingold

    What a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. And what awesome and amazing ladies you interviewed.

  • Merlyn Sanchez

    I love your questions! Here are my answers:

    “What was your #1 mistake?” Trying to be all things, to all people. I didn’t have a clear niche so I was scattering my money and efforts. (of course, I made more than one mistake!)

    “What was your tipping point?” When I finally decided that I wanted to work with small business owners and entrepeneurs and use my sales & marketing experience to help them grow their businesses. It should have been obvious to me, but it wasn’t.

  • Gaida

    I believe it’s important to find a mentor for support & guidance.

    Quite often we are spreading ourselves too thinly and flitting from one thing to another and it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

    Focus on your goal and take action. It’s no good reading all the info if you aren’t putting it to use.

    Of course as women we’re possibly working & caring for our families as well. Nothing like being multi-talented.

  • Yvette Mason

    Thanks so much for sharing that.

    It does take alot of hard work and dedication to be a successful WAHM, but it is so worth it!

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