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Make $100/Day

I was chatting with Willie Crawford the other day, and remembered an ebook of his that I wanted to get my hands on. So, I bought it and I'm digging in. It's a very interesting read so far. It's compiled by Willie, but has many contributors.

It's called “20 Ways to Make $100/Day Online” and I'm actually really enjoying it.

The first part is written by Dr. Mani (if you haven't heard of him, yes, he's a big-shot.) 😉 He talks about how you have to turn your mindset around before you can even think of making $100/day and I agree.

I've talked on this blog on many occasions about how your expectations affect your reality. Now, I'm not into the whole “think about it and it will happen” jazz. I believe you do have to work your butt off and build a strong, solid business, but… I do believe that your expectations will affect your experience.

For instance, if I made it my goal to earn $50/month, then, obviously, I'd do certain things to make that happen, and I may or may not reach that goal.

If, however, I set my goal at $500/day, then I'd be basing my decisions upon reaching THAT goal, and I think that would affect my bottom line (and ensure I'd get waaaaay past that other $50/month goal). I'd base my actions upon the hope of reaching $500/day, and wouldn't that make me more focused and make me more determined?

So, why not set your goals higher? If your goal is $200/month, raise it to $500/month. See what happens. Do you work harder? Do you stay more focused?

It comes down to making goals that challenge you. Yes, there is something to be said for making your goals achievable, but I do believe that $100/day is achievable for everyone. Heck, if I can do it, so can you!

I do recommend this ebook. Not every idea in it will interest you, but, if you have a measly $27 to spare, then I would highly recommend you grab a copy of 20 Ways to Make $100/Day Online. It's over 200 pages of information. I've been around the Internet Marketing block a few times, and, of course, there is ALWAYS more to learn and I have to say I'm enjoying it so far. Just the info about upsells and downsells reminded me that I still need to add that to my business model… oops! 😉

If you've read the ebook, please post your thoughts below. Would love to hear your opinion!


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Home Fitness for Women

    While I’m not quite ready for $100 a day goal, I’m in total agreement that you have to set your expectations. When I was working last year, I needed $200 a month to pay for preschool costs. Know what? That’s just about exactly what I made every month. I’ve doubled that goal this year, and so far… I’m averaging pretty close. Time to up the ante.

  • Administrator

    You GO girl!!! I can’t wait to see your goal shoot up again soon.


  • Annette

    Great post Nicole!

  • Mary

    This is a great reminder about goal setting and the power of focus. I really appreciate that you acknowledge the importance of hard work (so many of the gurus seem to leave that out!) Setting expectations and goals gives us something to strive for and really helps to chart a course to achieving them.

    Great stuff!!!

  • Administrator

    Thanks, Mary & Annette.

    And, yes, I’m *all* about being honest about the effort that working from home entails. It has not been a cakewalk for me or for my friends, either. It’s work, plain and simple, but it’s a heck of a lot more fun than any job I’ve ever had — and it can certainly pay better once you get rolling. 😉

    I appreciate the comments. Keep them coming!

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