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Are your Articles Junk?

I was reading a post the other day about using Article Marketing for Search Engine Optimization.

Now, yes, one of the benefits of article marketing IS an increase in incoming links. I don't debate that.

HOWEVER (Yes, here's my big BUT) …

Here is my reply.

I do think that one of the things that isn't being discussed enough is quality vs. quantity. I'd much rather have my article picked up and published on popular sites and/or in an ezine sent to 50,000 people than to write junk articles to trick the search engines.

Therefore, I think those who spend the extra time to write quality will see more benefits than those who are trying to game the system. Five *really* good articles can get you more leverage on big-time sites and ezines than 50 junk ones sent just to the directories. Really good articles can also get you interviews and open doors to JVs. Junk will not.

I think it comes back to the question whether you're building a business for the long haul or not.

Please share your thoughts. Are you writing for quantity or quality?


PS. is still a great course for learning the benefits of writing QUALITY articles as a method of marketing your website.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Harry Shade


    Well put! If you are ethical in your business practices as I am, it only makes sense to submit quality articles and then those quality articles will get you the “Quality” traffic you deserve. Doing it any other way may work in the short period but will eventually backfire!Karma baby!

    I am just beginning to write articles to promote my business, however I would never dream of doing quantity just to get traffic!


  • Judi

    For articles that have my name on them, I would much rather write for quality. That is after all my name. But even the articles that don’t have my name (I ghost write) I want it to be the best that I can. It is after all my reputation.

    Forget about quantity and always go for quality.

  • wintergreen

    There are several issues. The author, the reader and the internet. Whatever you think of your article writing, the reality is that people are using ‘article’ writing as a marketing tool and to spin money. Perhaps all your readers are writing valuable articles but like websites there are many people who are using the internet as a way to make money in whatever way they can.

    That’s why Google slapped Adwords and will eventually slap blogs, press releases, articles and links.

    This is a free for-all.

    Wintergreen, trustee
    Common Knowledge Trust

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