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Tawra of Living On a Dime

I like to feature a successful work at home mom at least once a month. Goodness, I've fallen behind once again.

Thankfully, I called upon my friend Tawra, publisher of the Living On A Dime series, and she graciously offered to do a quick interview. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Welcome, Tawra! Tell us about you.

I'm a SAHM with 3 kids 9,8 and 4. My husband is a video producer but quit his job in Jan. 2006 to work full time for our publishing business. We live in Kansas.

What are your favorite kinds of income streams?
The best income we have right now is adsense and sales from our books.

What’s the #1 mistake you’ve made and overcome with your online business?
We ordered too many books. We were told that the big companies would be more inclined to buy in bulk if we had them in stock. Wrong! We lived with a LOT of books in our garage for 5 years trying to get rid of them because a publisher took over and changed everything so the “old” edition was obsolete.

Do you have any recent news, products, a new launch, freebies, etc.
Yes, we are bringing out 3 new books in the next few months.

  • Dig out of Debt, 1,000 of the best tips and ideas from Living On A Dime
  • Penny Pinchin Mama, 401 Ways I survived on $500 a month (my mom's story)
  • Winning the War on Credit Cards or how we saved $67,000 in 30 minutes. (our story on how we got out of debt using 0% credit cards)

What are your absolute favorite products or resources you can’t live without in your business?
Good quality packing tape and a Mac computer! 🙂 Really, it makes all the difference when you're packing a lot of books and my computer doesn't crash anymore!

What’s the #1 tip you’d give for your success?
Never giving up. We averaged $1,000 a year for the first 8 years of the business. Only last year did we finally start seeing some profits. Even then it was about $20,000 so hubby is working a 2nd job until we can get things moving.

Thanks so much, Tawra, for your time!

And, if you love saving money, check out Living On A Dime! 🙂

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