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Internet Marketing Discount Shopping?

Is this thing for real?! I'm not sure yet, but wanted you to have the chance to check it out for yourself prelaunch — and promote it if you're interested in the two-tier lifetime program.

Here's the scoop:

I buy products online all the time (and you probably do, too) — software, ebooks, information products, PLR packages, etc.

Well, recently two marketers came up with the idea of having a “deal a day” site just for Internet Marketers like us. (Kind of like a Blue light special for tools we need?)

A new deal everyday on great products. You know… the exact same (new or existing) products that you’ve been meaning to buy, but were holding out for a better deal.

365 days, 365 killer bargains!

Sure, everybody loves a great deal. I love a good sale — especially if it's on things I already planned to buy.
But, even better… now you can PAID by simply telling your friends, subscribers, forum buddies and customers to check out this new site.

The doors are closed right now but it is launching on September 18th.

Before everyone else starts talking about it, go grab yourself an account from this link and start spreading the word:


The sooner you get onboard, the better your odds of generating commission checks on 365 different products.

I’ve already signed up, but of course haven't seen the first deal yet.  I am hoping it gives ALL of us a chance to get some great learning materials at a great price.

Here's the link again: CLICK HERE FOR THE DISCOUNTS!

Have a wonderful day!

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