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Sometimes You Gotta Laugh

My good friend, Carol, and I went to lunch together today. She's looking for a business idea and so we chatted more about what I do and what she does and just had some good girlfriend time. It also reminded me of what an OPPORTUNITY there is in Internet Marketing when so many people still don't have any idea what it is we do, and more importantly, how we make money doing it.

So, anyway… we pull back in at my house, and Carol says “Could I some water for my car?”

I said “Sure” and walked behind the bushes and grabbed the hose and started to hand it to her.

She looked at me like I'd lost my mind, but.. she's used to my weirdness (thank God) … so she says “I'll just run inside to the kitchen and get some with some ice.”

At this point I notice she's holding a cup. I think “Odd… must be a Florida thing to put cold water into a engine. Maybe it's the heat.”

I say “Ok”. I'll get the door.

She's still looking at me funny.

She fills up her cup. Grabs some ice.

Of course, being the gracious hostess I am, I say “Would you like a funnel for that?”

She says “Uhh… maybe a straw…”

At that point, I almost peed my pants.

She means “Water to DRINK in the car.”

I'd thought she meant “Water to ADD to her Engine.”

So, this dear friend, asked me for a glass of water. I handed her a dirty old rubber hose (it's OLD), then offer her a funnel to drink it through.

Thank God for all of my patient, wonderful friends! (If you're reading this… you just might be one of them.)


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