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Success Roadblock #4 Bad Copy

Copywriting is another roadblock to success. If your copy stinks, you can't sell yourself out of a paper bag.

First of all, hiring a copywriters is darned expensive.
Secondly, it can be a really hard skill to learn.

Well, one of my clients happens to be one of the top copywriters in the WORLD. (See? Hanging around me has some benefits.) 😉

Anyway, I found out that she had some copywriting critique videos and I asked her if she'd be willing to make them available so that more people could learn how awesome she is.

Being the generous person (and smart business woman) that she is… she agreed.

So, without further ado, here is copy critique #1.

There will be a new video released each week for 5 weeks, so, if you don't want to miss any, be sure to get on her newsletter list.

Have a wonderful week.

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