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Success Roadblock #2 Time

Nicole here, on a Saturday morning. (Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet and just have to write!) πŸ˜‰

The #2 most common roadblock in this discussion – seems to be TIME. The one thing that we can not make more of.

Now, I am certainly NOT an expert in time management. In fact, some days, I run around like a crazy woman, myself. However, here are a few things I have learned that have saved me oodles of time.

1. Freezer cooking. (Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it?)
If you've never tried freezer cooking or once a month cooking, you must. My rationale is that it takes me about the same time to make 8 lasagnas as it does 1, so why not make 8 and put 7 of them into the

Here's an article I wrote on the topic: Freezer Cooking: Save Time and Money

Unfortunately, I subscribe to Once a Month Cleaning, too, but… we don't need to get into THAT! eek!

2. The other thing I'm really trying to do is create a list of 6 things every morning that I want to accomplish. And, three of them have to be directly connected to money-making activities. (Not answering emails or learning, but actual money time.) So far it's working. I know that, if I start my day by doing ONE thing that will make me money, then I can relax and go through anything else that needs to be done.

3. The third thing I've been doing more of is Outsourcing. As much as I'd like to do it all myself, I know it's not possible anymore with the size of my business. So, I have helpers (who are amazing!) and help me from going from the “mostly-sane” mom that I am to a “totally-nuts mom”. πŸ˜‰

I'd also like to point you to my resident Time Management expert, Janice Ferrante, The Queen of KAOS. You can read several of her articles at – Time Management Tips

I also have a quick favor to ask. If you could, please share your favorite Time Tips below. I'm sure we have much to learn from each other.

Have a wonderful weekend!

PS. I also wanted to remind everyone who signed up for that Jimmy changes the monthly course on the first of the month. So, if you're a member, get in there and grab the goodies now before they are replaced with new goodies. πŸ˜‰

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Nayana

    I am not very fond of freezer cooking. I like cooking. Planning meals(at least a day earlier)helps me.

    Your idea of list of 6 things to do appeals to me. I am going to try that.

  • K.C. Gagne

    How about a time management tool instead? If you have Microsoft Outlook on your PC, use it to its fullest capability! It actually took me awhile to discover that the program has a calendar, a task list, a place for “sticky” notes, etc. I put everything in there and set the alarms to notify me of events and to-do items. It’s priceless! πŸ˜‰

    ~ K.C.

  • Tara Kelly

    I use backpack ( to keep to-do lists. That might work nicely with your list of 6 things to do, and it’s free. I couldn’t get on without it.

    Another memory helper is a password manager – you store all of your logins, codes, pins and things in an online vault, then just look them up when you need them. It’s a good memory dump and saves brain clutter. Again, a free product, and my personal favorite considering I’m the owner, is PassPack (


  • Amanda

    I use a time management tool. It have helped me get more done in less time.


  • Arika

    I love the 6 things idea, but what do you do when you have more than 6 things that HAVE to be done every day? πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah, you answered that one too…you OUTSOURCE. I’ve just started outsourcing within the last month or so and even though it’s very little minor tasks, I’ve found that it’s making a difference.

    I also make sure to do the tasks that take me the longest and require the most brain power first…makes the rest of the day (and week and month) go by faster! πŸ™‚

  • Kristine

    My best time management tip is to create processes for tasks that I do over and over again. Basically, I write out the steps, print them out, and keep them handy for when I have to do that task again.

    Works great for those big projects because it breaks them down into manageable tasks and you don’t have to spend time remembering how to do something.


  • Administrator

    Great tips! Keep them coming. πŸ™‚

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