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Weird Niche: Public Restroom Rater

Today's Weird Niche Wednesday has to do with America's Best Restrooms.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. “That Nicole can't go more than a few weeks without returning to bodily functions.”

It's true, but, come ON. This is cool.

The Niche? Public Restrooms! Check it out here: Best Public Restrooms in America.

According to their website:

The reality is that public restrooms matter to the public. The way a business or building treats its facilities is a reflection of its operating standards.

In one recent survey, more than 75% of respondents said they would not return to a restaurant if the restrooms were not well kept.

I agree. In fact, there's a certain restaurant in town (initials GC) that my kids love but I won't go there because the bathrooms are so nasty and it's a buffet-style chain. So, everyone leaving that restroom has access to my food. GAG!

Anyway, at the website above, they hosted a contest to find the best public restrooms in America — by nomination. And, it's an ongoing thing, so if you have a favorite restroom, you can nominate it. 🙂

Who's Eligible? Any restroom in the United States that is open to the public is eligible.

It appears that Cintas, which is a uniform and bathroom supply company, sponsored this website and contest. Pretty clever PR if you ask me.

They're even marketing on – pretty darned smart.

But, as always, I want to hear your thoughts first before I come back and pipe in with the rest of mine.

And, of course, thanks for reading. I hope that I made you smile.

Nicole Dean


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  • The Mom

    Nicole, where do you find these things?! This “best restrooms” thing is very cool. I hear ya about the GC… anything like that has me gaggin’ a bit. Keep these fun niches coming! 🙂

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