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Online Success Cast #15: Paul Evans – Nicheology

onlinesuccesscast-smWelcome to another episode of the Online Success Cast.

This week, I have Paul Evans with me. I met Paul in August of this year in Atlanta. He is a dynamic and motivating person and is making a big difference in the lives of people worldwide.

This interview was one of my favorites. Paul got into a lot of personal info, including how he handled becoming a single father with a new baby when his wife passed away unexpectedly. And, how he's built multiple successful online and offline businesses.

Paul's zest for life and his absolute fearless attitude when it comes to going out and getting what he wants was incredibly inspiring to me. I hope it touches you, as well.

The audio recording of our interview is at the end of this blog post. Just look for the “play” button and listen. It’s free!

Here's more about Paul so you can see why I invited him onto the show:

paulevansPaul Evans is the president of Info Market Results, LLC – parent company of

He is a partner in four offline businesses and operates four online businesses.

Paul registered his first website back in 1998 and the site is still making money today!

Paul's expertise is teaching and training. His first presentation was given in 6th grade and he was being paid to speak by age 16. From there he went on build a successful professional speaking business as well as other businesses.

Online he focuses on a variety of niches. While there are plenty of “peddlers” in the Internet marketing space, Paul's authenticity and integrity separate from the clones.

Paul serves as the executive director of A faith based non-profit organization that assists in the building and support of orphanages around the world.


“Must Have” Tools Recommended by Paul:

  • Aweber – Autoresponder & List-Manager. I use this, too.
  • GotoWebinar – Hosting live events online.
  • Instant Teleseminar – Makes hosting teleseminars easy.
  • Camtasia – Recording & editing videos of your screen.
  • WordPress – Blogging Platform.

Takeaway Points

  • Oftentimes it's not the boulders that trip you up, it's the pebbles.
  • Switch off the employee mindset. Switch on the entrepreneur mindset.
  • “It wasn’t ever the one workout that changed my physique, it was the 100th workout.”
  • Celebrate what you're doing right!

Learn More from Paul here:

Nicheology Club Level (I'm in this)
His Private Coaching (I'm also in this.) 🙂 

Please post your comments below. I want to know what Paul said that really resonated with you.


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I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Emily

    Paul is such an inspiration! Thanks for interviewing him–I received a lot of encouragement.

    One of the things that struck me most was how his early business partner kept doubting that Paul’s ideas would make money–and then Paul would turn around and prove him wrong.

    I’ve had a “business partner” in my head telling me similar things–“Why would anyone buy that?” “No one will want to take that online course.”

    Now I know to tell that voice to SHUT UP, and to go for it!

  • Bridgett

    Nicole, This was an AWESOME interview. Paul seems like such a great person. I agree that he needs to put all of his beliefs and actions on his site. It really made a difference to me. Like you said, the “know, like, trust” factor makes a difference.

  • Collette Schultz

    Once again Nicole I enjoyed listening. You are such an inspriation and so was Paul. Sometimes I listen to your podcast twice because I catch something I didn’t hear the first time around.

    Keep them Rockin’ and coming our way.

  • Courtney

    I finally got a chance to listen to Paul’s interview. Loved it! He seems so real and down to earth. And I love all of his little nuggets of wisdom!

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