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Does your Ad Stink?

On Tuesday I gave you some advice about advertising and recommended these sites as good choices:

HBWM Ads , Direct Sales Ads , USA WAHM Ads

I received several questions and most of them were similar:

“Nicole, I've tried advertising and it doesn't work! How can I make my advertising more effective?”

There are several aspects in running a successful ad campaign.

The first thing is the ad, of course. It needs to make people want to click. Some people spend more time deciding what to eat for dinner than they do on writing an ad that they are paying money for…

Are you spending time writing a quality ad that shows the benefits of your product or service?

For example…
This ad stinks: “Buy Blue Widgets — on sale until Friday”.
This ad is better: “Sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. Blue Widgets will help you in 2 days guaranteed. On sale until Friday.”

Do you see the difference? The first one is about the product, the second one is more about the benefits. (It's still not great, though.)

Now, I'm not a professional copywriter, so I don't want to teach you too much about this.
If you'd like to learn more about copywriting, I recommend Alice Seba's free tips as a starting point –
FREE Copywriting Tips

Have a wonderful weekend!

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

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