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Here's a question I received today about Christian articles in reference to my EasyArticleMarketing ecourse …

Hey Ladies… I wanted to let you know I sure like what I read.Can you tell me…well…I noticed that Kelly has this mentorship for Moms…
and what I would like to know is this…Do you know of a website that might
have mentorships for men?  I would feel out of place on the mom's website.

Since my market niche' is the christian market…do you have any suggestions
about whether christian webmasters accept christian articles?

Thanx for your help…and keep up the beautiful work.


Hi and thank you so much for the kind words. 🙂

There are definitely mentorships for both men and women available online.
I'm not sure of any that are just for men, but there are some great ones for the mixed crowds.

Definitely — Christians accept Christian articles. The Christian sites need content just like any others. You can contact site owners directly and offer to write a column for them (if that fits into your business plan) or just send the articles to the regular directories and then search google a few months later to find those who are already publishing your articles and contact them directly about giving them more content. 😉

If you'd like another great learning opportunity (not a mentorship, but a very affordable learning opportunity) — I'm a paid member at List and Traffic and have been for a year. It's $10/month and he offers recorded audios each month to listen to. I've been pleased with it — and Jimmy is a preacher so you won't EVER find anything manipulative or creepy in his teaching. He is just one of the nicest men on the planet — and very successful also.

I hope that helps!


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

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