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You can Host an Online Event, too!

Yesterday, I sent you a quick note about the free Business and Learning Expo next week. Be sure to sign up so you can access all the goodies!
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After I sent the message yesterday, I received several emails from Moms asking how they can host an online expo like this. I immediately went to my friend, Marie, who is an expert in hosting online events. Here is an article she wrote about the topic. Enjoy!

3 Types of Online Events You Can Host

There are a few different types of online events one can host and it will depend on the online event host’s purpose for hosting the event. Below are 3 of the more common types of online events.

1. Online Event showcasing exhibitors – This type on online event is where exhibitors showcase products that they are offering.  They can offer discounts during the online event.  The online event host has exhibitor booths available during this event. The FOCUS of this kind of events is EXHIBITORS.

2. Online Event showcasing guest speakers and exhibitors – In this type of online event, all participants benefit from learning some information from guest speakers. Exhibitors are also there to offer products and specials. There is a schedule of events as far as seminars/workshops being offered and there are exhibitor booths available during the event. The FOCUS on this kind of events is providing information via GUEST SPEAKERS and EXHIBITORS.

3. Online Event showcasing the host’s expertise. – For this type of online event, the host can look for sponsors for the event to help cover the costs of holding the event. There is a schedule of events
for the workshops being offered by the host but there are NO exhibitor booths available during the event.  Exposure is offered to sponsors of the event via text link on the online event site. The online event host is giving sponsors exposure to the audience that she is marketing the online event to.

Before you decide to host an online event, decide on what type of online event you would like to have. Once you figure that out, you will have an easier time planning out your event. You will know what your online event focuses on and you will have an idea on how much to charge your sponsors or exhibitors.

Marie Ynami has been hosting successful interactive online events since 2004.
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