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Day 26: Challenge Wrapup – What I Learned

Well, guys and gals, it looks like we've come to the end of our Computer Butt challenge. Thank you so much for following along, cheering each other on, and basically making this thing fun for me. 🙂

I'd like to share what I learned this month.

Honestly, I was not looking forward to this challenge, but I had to do it out of necessity. I hurt my back, and then totally stopped exercising – which is not good when you're in your late 30s and sit at a desk. eek! So, I knew the public accountability would help to kick me into gear – and was hoping I could kick a few other butts along the way. (Which I did. My mom will probably pipe in and attest to that. lol!)

I had 4 big forehead-slapping moments this month which were huge benefits to me.

Here are the lessons I learned…

1. The importance of stretching for fat burning.
I am now stretching at night before bed and have already started noticing that I'm more flexible. Plus, it really does feel good. I do, however, still need to get the Fuzzy Slippers in order to really get results.

2. One Workout Isn't Enough if You're On Your Butt All Day.
I really liked how Scott explained The N.E.A.T. principle. Hearing in no uncertain terms that one workout a day is not enough to reverse computer butt — was difficult. But, I loved his list of all the additional little things we could do throughout the day to help.

3.  Cardio vs. Weights for Busy People.
The blog post about 30 Minutes of Cardio vs. 30 Minutes of Resistance: How to Lose More Fat if You're too Busy to Spend an Hour at the Gym. That's the day that Lain started lifting weights – and I did more, too.

4. Sabotage.
Mark Mason's quote on the Sabotage blog post hit home. “I had a personal trainer once that used to say ‘You can out-eat any workout program.'” OUCH.

How about you?

Please post your final update today. Also, let me know if you had any forehead-slapping moments this month, too, and let me know what you plan to do to stay active now that the challenge is over.

((hugs)) to all and thank you for helping to keep my computer butt moving all month long!

Nicole Dean

Here’s where you can check out Scott & Angie’s Workouts one last time:

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Patti Stafford

    Oops! I think this posted a week early. Proof that Nicole is a real person and the “mostly” sane part IS debatable. LOL

  • The Mom

    This butt has been kicked by Nik. Hey, that sounds like a t-shirt idea…


    Yes, she was after me every dang day… “Mom, did you exercise yet?” “Mom, are you coming over to walk?” “Mom, are you bringing wine?” ooops… didn’t mean to let that one slip out. 😀

    It was fun and, yes, I am exercising now again. Thanks Nicole Dean!

  • asset management

    Somehow, what you did really benefits you a lot. In fact it is really hard to attest everyone to join this kind of challenge. But you made it.

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