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Day 24 & 25: How to Burn More Calories without More Workouts

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We’re wrapping up our Computer Butt Challenge for the year again. Today I have a treat for you. It’s a note from Scott and he basically explains that, while workouts are great, they’re only a smaller portion of your overall caloric-burning potential for the day. I hope it makes you think! ๐Ÿ™‚


This Calorie Burner is NEAT!

by Scott Tousignant

I’m proud of everyone who has made their health a top priority in their life. After reading through many of your goals for developing a daily routine that includes working out and physical activity, it’s obvious that we all have unique reasons for improving our health and our body. It’s also obvious that we have all experienced the dreaded “Computer Butt/Gutt” weight gain as a result of eating more and moving less, resulting in a calorie surplus.

By incorporating physical activity into your day and reducing your food intake, the outcome is burning more calories than you consume. But here’s the kicker… physical activity is much more than just following a workout program and going for a walk or bike ride on a regular basis. Yes, these activities burn a great amount of calories, and when you are following a strategic program, such as those under the Fat Loss Quickie brand, you will burn more calories even while you sit at your computer.

Although the caloric burn from these workouts are outstanding, the majority of the calories that you burn throughout the day actually come from Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis or N.E.A.T.

The trouble is, that sitting at a desk all day does not burn many calories. Going through the drive-through does not burn many calories. Sitting in front of the television does not burn many calories. If you want to experience great health and develop a sexy physique, you MUST increase your N.E.A.T.

It’s really actually quite simple to accomplish this goal.

  • Preparing a healthy homemade meal increases your N.E.A.T. You could actually burn a couple hundred calories cooking a healthy family dinner.
  • Standing, while you work at your desk and pacing around your office while you plan out your day or brainstorm a blog post is also a great way to increase your N.E.A.T.
  • Strategically placing office supplies around your home office, forcing your to get up out of your chair frequently, is a simple way to increase your N.E.A.T.
  • Listening to phone conferences or watching a video presentation, while pacing around your office, will also increase your N.E.A.T.
  • Getting up to get a glass of water every hour will increase your N.E.A.T.
  • Performing some light stretches every 30-60 minutes will increase your N.E.A.T.
  • Playing with your kids or chasing a family pet will certainly increase your N.E.A.T.

Your goal is simple… move more and eat less. Your body was designed to move and it’s time that you re-discover the joy of a body in motion.

Nik has done an incredible service to the homepreneur community. She’s ignited the spark to get you off your Computer Butt and become the energetic, confident, and beautiful person that you really are. The greatest thing that you could do to show your appreciate for what Nik has just done for you, is to lead by example and become a positive role model yourself. Inspire other homepreneurs to get moving and become the best that they can be. That’s one of the greatest gifts that you could ever give.

Life ROCKS! Enjoy every second of it.

Thanks Scott! ๐Ÿ™‚


Everyone, please post your update for today (and yesterday, too).

((hugs)) to all and thank you!

Nicole Dean

Here’s where you can check out Scott & Angie’s Workouts:

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  • The Mom

    Thanks Scott and Nik for this great post today. I know from experience (on my feet CONSTANTLY, no chair, 6 to 8 hours a day at customer service counter in department store)I lost weight. That was without any other exercise during the day – no walking, no biking, no nothin’! And I was at my ‘fighting weight’ then… and not since.

    Yup, the chair is a powerful demotivator.

    Okay, I did way too many ball-pass-with-feet-and-hands things the other day. I am SORE! I did 30 of them in a row… I’m guessing I never did that many before. Ooops. I am actually too sore to do any weights or floor ball exercises, but sore all over, not like I hurt something. So, it’s okay, just slowed me down today and yesterday. I’m putting on my walking shoes right now and going to see if Nik wants to go on a walk. hmmm???

  • Patti Stafford

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.

    Sun Salutation. Check!
    Light aerobics with Gilad. Check!
    Light weights. Check!
    Two glasses of water before 9am. Check!
    Fixing website that I inadvertently killed. Check!
    High protein breakfast. In the works.
    Getting dressed for the day. In the works.

    Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Patti Stafford

    Had to come back with some more tips, especially for those who work from home.

    *Stand up to eat breakfast, lunch and snacks. I do suggest a sit down dinner with the family in the evenings. That’s how I raised my kids and even though they’ve strayed from the habit in their adult lives (none of them have kids yet) I think it made better people out of them.

    *Shake your butt while you do dishes or fold laundry.

    *Forget what you went into a room to get so you have to go back when you remember. Okay, this one isn’t intentional, but it does work. LOL

    *Admire the areas of your body that are shaping up nicely. Don’t look at the areas that aren’t there yet. For me, it’s right above my knees–they look much leaner than they did 3 weeks ago so I look at that area…A LOT. Weird, I know, but it does help with motivation.

    I’m also starting to see that I still have hip bones (when I lay down anyway) so that may be my next area to “admire.” ๐Ÿ™‚


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