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Day 10: Home Office Fitness Challenge

Today is Day 10 of the Getting Rid of Belly Fat & Computer Butt Challenge. (<– If you’re just joining us, click here to check it out. It’s not too late to join us in the fun. We’ll be repeating the same exercises every week this month, so you aren’t behind.)

Quote from Home Office Quickie Workout Scott:

It’s amazing what happens when you step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself a little bit harder. You will surprise yourself at what you are capable of achieving. I dare you to raise your expectations and remove the limitations that you have imposed on yourself.

We’re tired of seeing people just going through the motions and hoping for success. It’s time to raise the bar and expect success.

We’re tired of seeing people settle for a mediocre life in a mediocre body. Just because the majority of people around you are 20-40 pounds overweight does not mean that you have to settle for that.

Wow. Thems fightin' words. Go Scott!

As you guys know, I wimped out yesterday, but am ready to jump back in today, so watch out. Nik's back! lol.

If you're not signed up yet, join us by clicking on this graphic. Heck, it's $20 and you'll have access to your quickie workouts, a personal trainer who you can ask questions here, plus my community cheering you on.

And, to all those who have accepted the challenge and jumped in, post your updates below.

Let's find 10 minutes every day to get healthier so we can enjoy the LIFESTYLE that we're working towards.

((hugs)) to all.

PS. If you haven’t listened to my interview with Scott Tousignant yet, here it is: Fat Loss Quickie: What is Work at Home Success and How to Acheive It?

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  • Erica Cosminsky

    I got a late start this morning. I had to drag myself out of bed. My family is passing something around and I’m scared I’ve caught it. I did my workout anyway. While I’m kind of sluggish, I found myself wanting to do it anyway.
    I got through all of the non-cardio but I did 15 squats and thought I was going to die! I went back and did the alternate leg exercises instead and then tried again and I was able to do 15 more squats. I was only 70 short so I applaud all of you that were actually able to do them.
    So if I understand this, I’ve done the Day 5 workout and I go back to the beginning now. Right?
    I’ve done good this week. I have taken all of my supplements everyday this week.
    Wow I am sore.
    Hope you guys have a great day.

    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      Way to go Erica!

      Yep, you will be repeating the first week of workouts for the next 3 weeks.

      If you have just done 5 days in a row please take 1-2 days of rest. It sounds like your body can use it right now too.

      If you took a day off during the first 5 days, you can get right back at Monday’s workout and cardio routine.

      This week you can improve upon your 30 squats 😉

      I totally love to hear that you were “Wanting” to do the workouts anyway even though you weren’t feeling the greatest.

      You are creating new healthy habits and it started the moment that you decided to take action.

      You ROCK!

      • Erica Cosminsky

        Cool. I can’t wait to see the printouts you are working on. I think that is a great idea.
        I did take Saturday off but that was only my 3rd day and I doubled up on Sunday so I probably will rest tomorrow. Riley goes to Mother’s Day Out during the school year and tomorrow is their Open House and First Day so it’s a good day to take off. 🙂

  • Angela Wills

    I did my cardio so far today and got 1/4 of the way through the workout but it kept slowing to load. I think it might be my cable but I’ll keep trying.

    Feeling good and I looked at the pic of me in my goal as Scott suggested on twitter!

    Great call last night Nicole!

    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      Awesome Angela! Love your goal, so looking at your photo in the leather jacket every day will be a great incentive.

      Somethings up with Amazon S3 and my blog i360 site. I’m trying to get you a download option so you don’t have to deal with any pausing during live video streaming.

      I have just uploaded one of the videos to a different hosting account so I will have a solution for you very soon.

    • Nicole

      I had video troubles, too, today, so thanks for explaining, Scott.

      Thanks, re: the call last night. It was a fun one! 🙂

  • Nell Taliercio

    It’s alright to wimp out from time to time, Nik. Getting back into the game is what matters. You go girl.


  • The Mom

    Alrighty then… finished my cardio and am off to Nicole’s house to do the workout (still no sign of the floor ball and weights I ordered).

    The cardio was interesting… I’m glad I’m not being video taped. The jumping jacks were rather hilarious to watch. I have mirrors in my office (to help with light and the illusion of space) and now sort of wish I didn’t have them. 😮

    I’m going to go get some additional “support” tomorrow, and I don’t mean moral support… ladies, ahem. At least for the stepping-up exercise my hands were free… TMI!

    Hope everyone else is enjoying the Computer Butt challenge as much as I am!

    L8R all! Thanks again Scott, Nicole, and everyone!

  • Nicole

    Well, I had difficulties with the videos today, so instead I challenged my hubby and my 12 year old son to a “Squat-off”.

    We each did 100 and called it good. 😀 Friday is gonna HURT now doing those squats again! Or maybe I’ll do Wednesday’s on Friday when the video issues are resolved.

    Haven’t done cardio today – again, video issues, but will grab the dog in a bit and take him on a walk instead. 🙂

  • Arika Lewis

    Just wanted to let everyone know I finally got that McLinky set up on my blog. If you want some link love and don’t mind me stopping by and cheering you on on your own blog during the FLQ Journey – head over and add your links. You can also add the linky to your own blog since I’ve set it up as a Blog Hop type thingee! LOL

    Here’s the link:

    I don’t know why the links aren’t lining up to the left but am hoping it will look right once more people add their links. 😉

  • Danielle

    Hey Gang:

    Sorry I’ve been AWOL the last few days from here. Busy holiday weekend. Ran Friday, Sunday and yesterday. Actually yesterday was the first time I ran 3 miles straight thru since my surgery (apparently running in the rain is a motivator!) Today is resistance training…legs and abs. Keep up the great work everyone…you are all doing awesome!

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