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Weird Niche: Handerpants

Welcome to another edition of Weird Niche Wednesday. I know, I know. After last week's naked duvet cover, I'll bet you were a little afraid to see what I'd post this week. 🙂

Well, I bet you didn't see this one coming!

It's Handerpants – Underwear for your Hands! Thanks to my best bud, Spider, for sending me the link so that I could feature it here.

Watch the video below to see why you need a pair:

What smart marketers they are to be using YouTube to get the word out about Handerpants!

This is certainly a video that not only informs but also entertains.

They talk about WHO their target market is in the video – although I'm not sure they've quite narrowed it down enough yet!  If you watched the video, you get my drift – Stone Masons, the Elderly, Graphic Designers, and Hobos, are just a few. I sure hope you've narrowed down your target market more than they have! 🙂

On their website, they list the features of Handerpants although, any good copywriter knows that you should list benefits along with the features. 🙂


I love this. Can you tell I'm having fun?!

Then, the coup de gras – the end of the website lists several uses for Handerpants. BRILLIANT! Whenever inventing a new product, sometimes it's essential to train the public why they must have it and what it's used for. Educate them so they consume your product and buy more. I'm sure, although Handerpants are durable, you occasionally need to replace them when they wear out.

Takeaway notes from Handerpants:

– Video is a highly powerful marketing tool.

– Humor is a viral marketing tool. It helps spread your message faster than boring marketing does any old day. 🙂

– Sometimes you have to train your customers why they need your product. For instance, I never would have thought about buying Handerpants for doing Jazz Hands. Thank goodness they told me that. Now, I need at least 2 pair. lol!

Please share what you learned from Handerpants below. And, don't forget Handerpants for your loved ones when shopping this holiday season!

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Nell Taliercio

    So wild all the ways you can make money!


  • Patti

    oh boy… This is one of the weirdest niches yet, Nicole. ;D

    Distracts Enemies? Sort of reminds me of the Steve Martin schtick about peeing on yourself when you’re getting mugged…

    There are all kinds of soft cottony fingerless liners on the market to wear under gloves, but these ‘tidy whities’ really are amazingly appealing. I think it’s the intricate stitching and dedication to detail… or not.

    Love the monkey-man in the video.

    I’m quite puzzled and amused by this wonderful product. I think I’ve completed my Christmas gift list.

    Thank you Spider and Nicole for this bizarre, yet somehow very useful, item.

  • Arika Lewis

    HAHA! This just gets better and better…keep ’em coming!

  • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

    Very cute 😉 I wonder if I can brand them with a Computer Butt logo 😉 They would be great for quickie home office workouts.

    I love it when he says, “you’ll have to hold the ladies back after they get a glimpse of these tightie whities”

    I think that adding humor to the marketing is a great fit… after all, you are wearing underpants on your hands 😉

    I like the use labeled ‘girly things’

    Some of the silly uses are a bit too silly and I find actually down play that this product really is useful.

    When they get too silly it becomes nothing but a gag gift when the product really sounds like it could be useful.

  • Dan Reinhold

    I don’t even bother thinking “I’ve seen everything” anymore, you just keep proving me wrong.

    Scared, but wrong!


  • Loretta

    oh my……. um, I’m speechless on this one.

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