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Day 2: Lose Belly Fat Challenge

Day Two of the Computer Butt Challenge has begun. We're at more than 15 people who’ve signed up for Scott’s program so far, and several more who will be doing other exercises along with us.

I slept in this morning – until 10:30 – so I think my poor muscles needed a little extra recovery. Either that or I was just cozy and hiding from today's exercise already! 🙂

Quote from Home Office Quickie Workout Scott:

I can’t wait to look in the mirror when I get out of the shower.

WOW! That one cracked me up. 😉 I try to run past the mirror as fast as I can these days, slip-sliding like crazy, ESPECIALLY if I have a small towel – or NO towel!

Thanks all for being there. I've successfully gone 3 nights with not a drop of wine (or beer or anything) – and it has actually been easy because I said I'd do it here! So, keep dropping in and checking in daily so we see your progress AND your setbacks. (If you have a setback, it's ok. Like Scott says, we're not perfect, so just get back up and keep going.)

If you're not signed up yet, join us by clicking here:

Let's find 10 minutes every day to get healthier so we can enjoy the LIFESTYLE that we're working towards.

((hugs)) to all.

PS. Post your progress, concerns, videos, audios, and cross-blog posts in the comments below and I will too, as soon as I do my exercises.

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I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Mark Mason

    Yikes — I am already a day behind — but I did get the new blog theme up and made a first brief post. So, I will post again tonight after I do my exercises.

  • Arika Lewis

    Woo Hoo for Day 2! I still have mine to do but after this morning’s cardio I’m ready to go!

    Just to let everyone know: I’ve posted my Day 1 thoughts and want to cheer everyone on on their own posts too!

    Let’s Get This!!

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    Don’t worry, Mark – I’m behind, too.

    Nicole – the clouds came back to AL and brought my migraine back with them – so it’s a no go for me today. To get on track with you, though – I’m going to go ahead and log into Spark People and track my food. That will at least get my ‘head in the game’.

    Hopefully soon …. the butt will follow!


  • Gail J Richardson

    Nicole what kind of challenge is this. No beer or wine. I will have to think about this a little more.

    • Nicole

      lol. That was my choice due to realizing drinking *several* glasses of wine every night was probably adding some calories … and pounds.

  • Nicole

    Workout/Resistance Update:

    Loved the overhead beans exercise (uhhh… I mean weights).

    The side crunches – no matter how I tried to do them, I fell off the ball. Finally put my feel against the couch with my top foot back instead of forward and was able to get through them. Awesome exercise, though, for when I’m stronger. I felt it!

    I cracked up when Scott’s little one came into the video and started commenting on his sweat and how stinky he was. hee!

    I also really liked the lower back exercises. They felt really good, and help stretch out the muscles from yesterday that were sore. (I’m sure Scott planned it that way.)

    I still had streaming issues with the videos, so it took 5 minutes longer than it should have because the video kept hanging, so, hopefully I’m the only one with that issue. Unless we’re all putting too much strain on his server with all of our exercise. lol!

    Keep checking in. I’ll let you know how the cardio portion went when I grab my 12 year old and do it.

    Good luck all!

  • Judi

    I am with you Nicole! Those over the head weights (or beans) really have my arms feeling it this afternoon! I even now am a proud owner of a Mickey Mouse skipping rope I got from the dollar store. I have to admit I tripped a few times. Been a long time there!

  • Nicole

    Finished the cardio portion for day 2 and I have to again say that I love the simplicity of this workout. Two different moves. That’s it. I can do that… well, I kind of did it.

    I started with the jump roping and I didn’t have a jump rope so I did the invisible jump rope, which got me sweaty.

    Then, we did the mountain climbers which I managed to get through the first time.

    After a few more rounds, I was substituting a bit. I have a shoulder injury so the mountain climbers only lasted two rounds before I replaced them with dancing. (I played the Go-Go’s in my head.)

    All in all, this 10 minute thing twice a day isn’t bad. I can DO 10 minutes.

    Anyone else? Updates?

  • Erica C

    I have been walking several weeks with my best friend and I had put off signing up for Scott’s program because I knew we were walking yesterday and today. But we had family pictures taken today and I had some “promo” pics done for my website. The photographer had me sitting on the floor of the studio trying to get a good close shot of my two year old daughter and I. The pictures of me standing look pretty good but OMG I cannot belive how frumpy I look sitting down like that! I’m on my way over to sign up for the program now.
    I wanted to see if anyone had any suggests for an injury. I shattered my knee in a car wreck three years ago and I have a really hard time getting down on the floor, climbing stairs, standing on one foot type thing. I had a blood clot after my reconstruction surgery and I have terrible circumlation as well. I used to do pilates daily but I have a lot of trouble doing some of the moves now. I had great luck with Tai Chi but found I wasn’t loosing any of the weight I’ve put on.
    My best friend and I are both diabetic and we have been trying to loose weight together. He lowered his carb intake and has lost probably 30 lbs. I have started watching my carbs more closely and I’ve not really lost any weight but I’ve firmed up a little.
    This post turned out longer than I meant for it too but any suggestions would be really appreciated.

    • Arika Lewis

      Hi Erica!

      Just thought I’d pop in and let you know Scott is really good about answering questions about making adjustments, etc. to the program.

      Are you on Twitter? If so, I highly suggest following @FatLossQuickie and asking Scott.

      Or, if you’ve already signed up you can always ask in the community too.

      Hope to have you join us!

    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      Hi Erica, it’s great to hear that you and your friend have been walking together. It’s nice when you have a partner to hold you accountable and you know that person is going to be waiting for you to go for a walk.

      Everyone is different when it comes to nutrition. Don’t get discouraged if one person gets results on a certain nutrition program and you do not experience similar results. It’s never good to compare to someone else, especially when the other person is the opposite sex. Men just lose fat faster.

      The key is persistence and progression, not perfection.

      This is a lifelong journey but instead of focusing on the big huge goals I recommend that you focus on something that can be achieved…

      Become better today than you were yesterday and better tomorrow than you are today.

      There’s many ways that you can improve… walk a little farther, walk the same distance but faster, incorporate some resistance training and progress there, reduce the amount of man made food that you eat by just a little bit each day, drink more water, improve your breathing…

      Rather than focus on your problems, focus on what you can do. Your problems can define who you are. You don’t want to be “Erica the woman with knee problems and limitations.”

      There are people with incredible physical ‘limitations’ and they chose to not allow those limitations to actually limit them. They are role models and an inspiration to the world.

      You can be an inspiration as well. You can take that ‘bad knee’ and use it to prove to the world that you are still capable of greatness in health and life.

      I’ve interviewed people with Cerebral Palsy and people who can only walk with the assistance of crutches, as well as people who were over 500 pounds, and people with severe arthritis.

      In fact the 89 year old couple that I train… the wife has severe arthritis all over her body. It’s painful for her to workout, but if she didn’t workout her arthritis would get worse.

      She’s willing to endure the arthritic pain during the workout to ensure that her arthritis doesn’t get worse and she can enjoy the quality of life that she has been experiencing, such as climbing to the top of Japanese temples, walking through the Amazon… and more…

      …and she’s 89!!!! If she can do it along with her incredible husband… why can’t anyone else.

      I just ask you to not define yourself of your limitations. Focus on what you can do and focus on overcoming that limitation.

      So yes, there are times when I encourage you to push through some of the pain… with caution of course. Like I said, just a little bit each day. Just try to get a little bit better each day.

      I remember when I had knee surgery ofter a hockey injury and every 1 degree more that I could bend my knee I would celebrate. It took a while to get it back to full range and I endured a heck of a lot of pain with the doctors forcing my knee beyond my comfort zone, but I got there.

      I had to push myself through squats and lunges even though the pain was excruciating, but eventually the pain went away and I built my legs stronger.

      Angela is right, I’m going to be providing my Fat Loss Quickie friends with alternative exercises, but I encourage you to gradually work on the exercises that may be a bit painful right now.

      Resistance training is definitely key to getting rid of that ‘frumpiness’ and really firming up your body.

      It’s great to see that you are ready and willing to take action. I believe that you are ready for success.

      Scott Tousignant

    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      Hey Erica, I just posted a video with some alternative leg exercises for you to give a try…

      There’s a great audio there for you to listen to as well.

      I hope it helps. Please keep me posted.

      Scott Tousignant

  • Arika Lewis

    Howdy Howdy Everyone! Everybody is doing a WONDERFUL job. Keep it up.

    Day 2 Cardio (remember I’m only doing the cardio portion for now) is DONE! 2 days in 1. That’ll teach me to skip a day. 😉

    I did pretty good with the jumping rope – kept up with Scott for all 5 sets.

    As for those mountain climbers – WOW! I was slow and never made it through the whole time on any of the 5 sets. However, I did ALL 5 sets this time.

    Don’t forget to come over and sign your name and link to your Day 2 post on my blog too. Just click my name up there to get ya there.

    Looking forward to cheering everyone on! See ya tomorrow!

  • The Mom

    Okay, Day 2… I did the weight one, but then went on a walk with the fabulous Nicole Dean for the cardio. I’m so lucky! 😀

    I really liked the over head bean can lift one. Really stretches you out n-i-c-e… feels r-e-a-l good.

    The back stretchy thing on your belly, that was n-i-c-e… too.

    I enjoyed that session a lot, but the best part was Scott’s little one coming in and calling him names and telling everybody that he’s sweaty! I guess I shouldn’t complain when my cat comes sniffin’ around then, huh. 🙂

    It was great fun and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

    p.s. What’s up with that side bendy thing on the ball?! Could anyone actually do that????? EGADS! ;D

    ’til tomorrow!
    The Mom (aka Patti)

    • Nicole

      You crack me up, lady!

      Thanks for dragging my butt out of the house, and for the roasted brussel sprouts – YUMMY!

      Love ya, mom!

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