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Day 3: Belly Fat be Gone!

Welcome to Day 3 of the Fat Loss Quickie/Computer Butt Be Gone Challenge. (Yes, it changes names daily. I get bored easily! lol.)

It looks to me like we've got at least 20 participants. Most of us are doing Scott's program, and we've got a few others who are doing other forms of exercise and checking in here for the accountability. You are welcome to join us either way!

The only criteria is that you do some form of exercise daily (more than you've been doing) and check in here. We'd love to cheer you on!

If you're not signed up yet, join us by clicking here:

As for me, OUCH. lol. Actually, I'm not as sore as I really should be, since I don't have my weights yet, but my muscles actually feel like I've used them, which is good.

I'm planning on doing the 10 minute resistance in the morning and then the 10 minutes of cardio once my daughter gets off the school bus. If I do the cardio in the afternoon, I can see her doing her homework at the kitchen table while I work out – plus I'm setting a better example that mommy's not a computer potato. <- uh, oh. Did I coin a new phrase? lol.

I think this will work best. Since I work from home anyway, and sit around in a t-shirt and shorts and my running shoes all day, it should help me to avoid too many obstacles. The HARDEST thing for me is pulling myself away from my work when I know how much I want to accomplish in a day.

But — if I can't take 10 minutes to improve my quality of life then my priorities are really out of whack big-time. When I measured myself with the tape measure the other day, it was a huge eye opener. (Pun intended.)  I know what those numbers were 2 years ago, and … not good.

So, another day of no wine, and another day of seeing Scott's smiley face on my computer screen encouraging me to live the livestyle that I dream of in a body that allows me to do so.

PLUS, of course, let's be honest. I want to look better on the cruise in January AND have some nice new clothes that are a size (or two) smaller at NAMS.

Quote from Home Office Quickie Workout Scott:

My weight and appearance were the least of my concerns. It was my quality of life that upset me the most. I was miserable in my body and I felt like crap. But it’s amazing how you simply adapt and become ‘comfortable’ with living in an overweight body and constantly being in a state of discomfort.

For example, bending over to tie my shoes or ice skates and having to hold my breath while I laced’em up. The feeling of my jeans squeezing tightly against my waist. That constant full and bloated feeling after I ate. And avoiding the mirror at all costs.

Let's find 10 minutes every day to get healthier so we can enjoy the LIFESTYLE that we're working towards.

((hugs)) to all.

PS. Post your progress, concerns, videos, audios, and cross-blog posts in the comments below.

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Oh, one last thing. You can get some Linkie Love at Arika's blog, too. Click here to add the link to your daily check in if you're following along. 🙂

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Arika Lewis

    Rut Roh Scott looks like Mom told you! 🙂 Look at that and sis Nik didn’t even have to tell on you! 😉

    I haven’t done Day 3 yet, but will…I’m anxious to see this “stunt” Scott’s gonna get grounded for now!

  • Arika Lewis

    Just finished up my Day 3 – those quick steps did me in! LOL I’m uncoordinated enough but throw a 3yo and a 1yo jumping around with me and well I’m actually quite surprised I didn’t fall on my Computer Butt!

  • Nicole

    Went on a bike ride with mom instead of doing cardio today.

    Now off to do the weights/resistance. Wish me luck!

  • The Mom

    Tell me I was hallucinating… tell me it ain’t so… just tell me that I did NOT just see Scott climb up on two folding chairs to do his stationary lunges! OMG Holy Mackerel Holy Crap

    I’m still astounded, and, yes, I did the exercise with both feet firmly planted on the floor, like a good girl.

    Oh boy… I feel a home safety tip coming your way everybody: Never ever never climb up on a folding chair for any purpose please please please. One false move backwards and the chair could and would fold up on you, landing you and your weights on the floor.

    This is so very important to note… I really hope you reconsider this little move and tweak this particular exercise. I LOVE the rest of the video, did most of it and I felt the burn, for sure.

    Thanks Scott and Nicole and all for keeping me on track. Nicole called this morning and we took a bike ride for our cardio. I might just watch the cardio for today just to check it out.

    Again, thanks all!

    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      OK, I’m in trouble… I appreciate the scolding 😉

      I’ll make a disclaimer… don’t use folding chairs, use stable chairs. It was convenient for me and I’ve been doing the exercise for years, but for beginners, regular chairs are recommended.

      You can do them on the floor, but the chairs offer the extra stretch that really works your legs.

      It’s been great getting to know everyone in the support community and hearing everyone’s goals.

      Can’t wait to talk with many of you live tomorrow. I’ll be sending an email tonight with the call in details for tomorrow’s accountability call.

      The download option for the videos should be ready by the end of the night as well.

      I appreciate all the feedback and am implementing it all now.

      I’ll be posting a video on my blog today about alternative exercises for people with ‘bad’ knees.

      I listen and take action, but I would not be the man that I am today or about to become without the input from all of you and the impact that you have on my life.

      Thanks a million. I sincerely value your friendship.

      Scott Tousignant

  • Angela Wills

    Finished my day 3 and I gotta tell ya I’m really craving a blizzard from Dairy Queen! lol – way to be specific Angela. We had one last week after Karate and we’re heading out to Karate soon. I’ll be good though I promise.

    My biggest issue is sweets! I’m especially a chocoholic.

    I posted a little video update on my blog but it got all messed up.

    Standing on the chairs I was not going to attempt, I could see myself in the ER after that one, lol. I just did that on the floor. And balancing my feet while holding my body up just didn’t get co-ordinated but overall I loved the workouts and energy is still high almost two hours later!

  • Judi

    I have done day 3. That quickstep really had me not only exercising but stopping and thinking where I was putting my feet. Geez, I didn’t use to be this uncoordinated! And Nicole I am seeing more productivity. It’s amazing the spillover!

    • Nicole

      Woo hoo! Go Judi!

      I noticed my coordinating was, well, non-existent, too.

      I’m so proud of you. 🙂

      • Arika Lewis

        Great job Judi!

        Yes, that makes 3 of us with coordination issues! For me, well I’ve always been clumsy and last night (I was working out as he was going to work) hubby said “Please be careful Arika…don’t hurt yourself and fall down.”

        Keep it up!

        • Judi

          I am so glad to hear I am not the only one with coordination issues. Kept thinking to myself, it can’t be THAT hard! Helps keep the motivation going checking in and keeping up with everyone!

  • Nicole

    Pshew! Just got done with the resistance portion and am guzzling some white tea (on ice).

    Thoughts? I had to laugh once the train started blowing in the background. First video, baby coughing. Second video, little one calling daddy names. Third one, train whistle.

    When does the cat make her entrance? lol!

    I did NOT climb on the folding chairs. (Geez, mom would whoop me if I did!) 🙂

    Loved everything in this one. I still can’t believe how darned efficient these workouts are.

    Normally we isolate muscles so much that it’s just not real life when we do exercises. However, if I reach into the back seat of my car to get my purse, that’s using a whole lotta muscles, so I feel that this workout is much better overall to prevent me from getting injured in real life.

    Of course, I’ll let Scott chip in, but I can’t believe how all of these exercises are hitting so many muscles in so little time.

    And, as you guys know — I’m all about the shortcuts!

    Rock on, Scott. I’m lovin’ it!

    Oh, quick. Mom had a hard time with the exercise with her shins on the ball – jackknife? It hurt her lower back. Do you have an alternative for that one?


    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      Plenty of alternative exercises coming your way.

      It sounds to me like we need to strengthen mom’s lower back. I’ve provided some great exercises and stretches throughout my 30 Day Home Office Fitness Challenge.

      Mom, I would check out some of those lower back exercises and perform them a few times per week. That combined with consistency with your workouts will improve your back strength so that you will be able to do the jackknife.

      Just because an exercise bothers you now doesn’t mean it will always bother you. We need to strengthen those muscles so it doesn’t bother you.

  • Nicole

    PS. I seem to be getting more accomplished this week, since implementing this workout. Actually getting more money-making activities done. Anyone else noticing this? Maybe more oxygen is getting to my brain? Scott said he’ll share some facts about productivity and exercise, and I personally can’t wait!

    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      You bet I’ll be sharing some facts about productivity and exercise. To me, that’s one of the most important reasons why I exercise. I actually prefer to take the focus off of weight loss and put more of it on productivity and having the energy to play with my kids.

      PS You’ll see the cat soon 😉 I told you that I like to keep it real

      • Arika Lewis

        Ahhh yes – besides Sexy Mama Abs I want productivity and focus more than anything! So, I’ll be patiently waiting for those facts.

        Scott & Nik (and everyone else participating) I just want to tell you “I LOVE YOU”

        Mom – Keep ’em coming lady – you crack me up! What have we got if we don’t have humor and you are supplying it so THANK YOU! Oh…love you too!

  • Mark Mason

    Checking in — I am doing my workouts at night and will be caught up with day three by tonight.


  • The Mom

    Oh my… you can probably all hear the shrill… “Scott Tousignant! What are you doing up on those chairs!” “You come down from there, right now!” Comes with the ‘mother’ territory I guess. Sorry! 😉

    Thanks, Scott, for the lower back heads-up. I wondered how much that would improve, if at all. I’ll check out your info and I won’t lose the faith. Just the biking alone has improved my lower back by leaps and bounds! So, it’s all good! 🙂

    Yup, Arika, you’re right. A little humor goes a long way, especially when I see myself in the mirror trying to do those “burpies.” That was probably the weirdest thing yet. 🙂

    Later all and keep it up… (Nicole is dragging me along so I can’t give up.) Thanks Nicole, Scott, and all!

    The Mom

  • Danielle Miller

    OK Sister I’m here:-)

    Ran/walked 5 miles this evening. I’m sort of a hard core fitness nut (I like to torture myself). Having been through 4 surgeries in the last 10 months, I definitely need to get moving:-)

    Just got “officially” cleared by my dr. from the last surgery, so I’m good to go!

    Looking forward to getting to know all of you and adding some value here. If you need some help with setting goals, focusing and mindset…I’m happy to help!

    • Nicole


      Think about grabbing Scott’s program. (If you do, I’d appreciate it if you’d order it through the graphic in the post above.)

      It’s the most efficient full-body workout that I’ve seen. Great for those of us with little time.

  • Susanne

    My arms were really sore yesterday, but are feeling great today so there’s still hope for my poor legs.. you warned us about today being heavy on the legs Scott.

    Patti, I’m so glad you brought the chair issue up. I thought I was the only one a bit worried about that one and didn’t attempt to stand on my kitchen chairs. I could just seem myself flopping off and breaking an ankle on those.

    My biggest mistake today was trying to do the workouts back to back. There just wasn’t enough energy left in my legs to do all those jumping jacks and quick steps. I’d keep going as long as I could and then just walk in place for a bit.

    Going to split the two up again with a few hours inbetween the exercises.

    • Nicole

      Yeah, we have hardwood floors, so I didn’t really want to see mom bounching off that. 😐 Good call.

    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      Hey Susanne, thanks for your comments here and feedback on your blog. I’ll be implementing all of them.

      Isn’t it amazing how effective a 10 minute workout can be?

      The most common question that I get is… “Come on Scott, how effective can a 10 minute workout be?”

      HA! Then they try it 😉

      I rarely do back to back. I definitely prefer to break it up. Not just because it’s challenging to do the workout and cardio back to back, but because it really boosts my productivity when I break my fitness into chunks.

      The morning cardio increases my energy in the morning hours and gets rid of the grogginess. The early afternoon workout gets me through the typical lull that we experience and increases my productivity for the remainder of the workday and gives me the energy boost to play with my kids when they get home from school.

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    This is just a love-exercise-productivity fest! Super groovy!! I didn’t exercise again today – but, I did do a BUNCH of office cleaning – even moving furniture, too! So hopefully that’ll count for me today.

    I was really good with food habits for the better portion of the day – like I wouldn’t let myself have a diet coke until I finished my big water bottle. And I never did finish all that soda – it’s still sitting there – from hours ago! LOL I keep thinking maybe I’ll drink it…. Nah!

    And I had pita with hummus and sliced tomatoes for lunch. And I just did some ‘better’ habits in that area. Then – the afternoon hit and I got the munchies, something awful. But I grabbed my trail mix, so not all bad.

    My head was good today, so I totally could’ve exercised today, too – what a waste of a ‘feel-good’ day. That’s ok, not gonna beat myself up. Will get it done tomorrow!

    Scott (and all …and anyone) – are all the videos using the ball?

    • Scott Tousignant - Fat Loss Quickie

      Hey Lisa, most of the workouts include the use of a stability ball. The cardio workouts don’t require the ball.

      Either way, a ball is incredibly inexpensive and an incredible asset in your home office.

      Lisa… Way to go girl on the nutrition today. Keep rockin!

    • Nicole


      I’m finding that the exercises with the ball are my favorites. I’m so glad that I have it here because I’m really feeling those deep into my muscles.

      Do you have a Target, Walmart, or KMart nearby? I think they all carry them.

      Good job on the food today! 🙂 That’s awesome!

  • Lexi Rodrigo

    Oh boy, I’m gonna have to get up on chairs?!? I can barely stay on the stability ball (why do they even call it that?).

    I can see the chaos now, when the toddler starts “exercising” just like Mom.

    BTW, Nik, been wanting to tell you that this Computer Butt Challenge came at the perfect time. You see, last weekend, I decided to squeeze in some exercise during my 10-minute breaks (remember, when the kitchen timer goes off?).

    I’m also feeling a bit sore after just my first day… and like you, I don’t even have weights yet. I’ve been using two cans of beans, LOL!

    I love this group. Everybody’s so positive, supportive and motivated. Yo go, ladies!

    PS: Cross-post coming soon 🙂

    • Nicole

      Hey Lexi,

      If you want, Scott can bump you up a few days in the autoresponder so you’ll be on the same day as the rest of us. 🙂

      And, I agree 100% “Stability ball, my butt”. You should see me go flying off that thing during my workouts. I think it hates me. lol!

  • Monica

    Seems like everyone has done a whole lot for today. I feel backtracked and kind of envious you guys are all into exercising. I got my pilates ball though, and I’ve doing some jumping 😉

    I initially though I wasn’t going to get the program because I enjoy the outdoors, but now I think I’m getting it. I’m interested in the productivity part as well. Of course I’d appreciate saying good bye to a couple of extra belly inches 🙂

  • The Mom

    Yup, Susanne, that whole folding chair thing had me wondering… No matter how coordinated a body is, it’s still so scary. Anyway, I’ll keep my feet on the floor and plug along through these exercises.

    The good news is, I’m pleasantly sore all over. The really good news is the backs of my arms are even sore, which, hey, older women like me know what a problem that is. 😉 I’ve done a lot of exercises in my day for these flabby arms and this is one of the best things I’ve found yet. So, cool! Scott’s on to something here, for sure!

    I’ll check in later here, all, after I get my two workouts in. Bye!

  • The Mom

    Thanks Scott, I think… just kidding! Thanks!

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