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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-05


  • Blog World Tour Continues ~ Critical Networking mistake #1: Greedy Gus #
  • What are the biggest networking mistakes one could make? Want to make sure I don't miss any biggies in this series: Thx! #
  • – Kickin' back with my Cousin at a beach house we rented in Port St. Joe – Florida & drinking Mojitos. #
  • eek! Lightening. Adios. Powering down now. Have a great night all. 🙂 #
  • Please share your biggest networking frustrations so I can blog about them at @odinnsorensen's blog this week: #
  • Are you a Fussy Fiona? Find out how it could be costing you money in my guest series about Networking Mistakes: #
  • The “Anti Fussy Fionas” mentioned here are @BobTheTeacher @lynnterry @odinnsorensen @ronplr #
  • Best thing I've done — teach my 7 year old how to make coffee and bring it to Mommy while I'm working. Sweet baby girl, how I love thee! #
  • Hey guys. Don't leave me looking like a no-comment loser in front of @odinnsorensen on my guest blog series, please. 🙂 #
  • Assuming @paulcooley is not at the hospital welcoming the newest member of his family, I get to interview him in 15 min! Yay either way! 😀 #
  • Thought for the moment: I just love @williecrawford for being so accessible and genuine! #
  • You know you're a work at home mom when your daily to-do list is written half in pen and half in crayon. ((sigh)) #
  • RT @CaptnAffiliate: Free Top Traffic Tips Event With Willie Crawford & Doug Champigny <– looks like a good one! #
  • Quoting @PerryBelcher –> “It sticks out like a turd in a punch bowl.” Have you watched this great video yet? #
  • The Blog World Tour continues –> Are you an Unreliable Ursula and how do you deal with one? #
  • My vent turned into a bigger vent:
    Affiliate training. Are you for or against it? #
  • is wishing she was driving through Illinois again this year and could visit @annetteyen and her beautiful, talented daughters. #
  • Thank you @lynnterry @TraciKnoppe @MikePaetzold @SharonMcP @sstraylor @AffiliateBus @redsweb @alyssaavant <– Cool folks to follow! #
  • RT @odinnsorensen: Have you read what my guest blogger @NicoleDean is writing on Check it out! #followfriday <- 🙂 #
  • RT & TY @HelenaRitchie: Awesome women 2 follow & learn from – @NicoleDean @TiffanyDow @lynnterry @FeliciaSlattery @MariaAndros #followfriday #
  • RT & TY @traceym09: #followfriday more for business wealth mindset @ErinBlaskie @FeliciaSlattery @NicoleDean #
  • Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to work where my kids are within hugging distance at all times. #
  • Just realized that Stomper Live 8 and NAMS are back to back weekends. Do I spend 10 days in Atlanta? @lynnterry – you doing both? #
  • Last post in the series about Networking Mistakes:
    – My Blog World Tour #
  • When will I ever learn not to send a mailing on a Friday before a holiday? ((rolling eyes at self)) #
  • Free PLR Recipes and Articles –> Samples to see if you like – Hope you will! #
  • hee!
    <– don't you just want to kiss this little cutie?! #

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